Messenger, Part 1
Airdate: July 10, 2005

Boom rushes in to the Command Center demanding everyone's attention his new invention that collects radio waves from space.
A message from the year 2040 says that S.P.D. fell on 15 years ago on that day. They sent out Omega, but haven't heard word.
Morgana defeats Orangehead Krybots in her new battle suit.
Morgana ensures that she needs no future training. She insists that she will bring down S.P.D.
Z is troubled by the message and when she goes for a walk, she's attacked by Morgana.
The other B-Squad Rangers rush out handle the first attack.
Morgana and the Yellow Ranger battle it out.
Morgana pushes Z up against a tree in a hot moment of passion and says she's done playing with her for now.
Meanwhile, Morgana's friend Shortie takes down the other Power Rangers.
Z rushes in to help the other Rangers.
The Delta Squad Megazord faces off against the Robot of Destruction piloted by Morgana. The Robot defends a mechanical device from the Megazord.
The Shadow Ranger jumps in and stops Shortie from activating the device by remote.
Morgana defeats the Rangers and knocks them down to the pavement below.
All six Power Rangers come together to stop Morgana and Shorie.
Shortie and Morgana back away as Morgana finds the remote and activates the device.
Fireworks are shot out into space as some sort of signal to bring devastation to Earth.
The Yellow Ranger proceeds to call judgement on Morgana and Shortie and they are found guilty.
The Power Rangers fire the Canine Cannon, but something stops the blast.
An even more wanted criminal reveals himself as Devastation.
Shortie, Devastation, and Morgana join forces to defeat the Rangers.
The trio walk away for now and they leave the Rangers to marinate in fear.
Later back at the Delta Base, Supreme Commander Birdie informs them that they're too far away to reach in time and that depleting their forces would only fall into Gruumm's trap.
The Power Rangers return to action when Shorie returns and use the Canine Cannon to take him down.
The blast somehow causes Shortie to grow and he attacks Newtech City.
Shortie blasts the Power Rangers and with his size easily takes them down.
Emperor Gruumm is pleased with the progression of their plan and claims that Earth will soon belong to him.
  • I have a hard time believing that Devastation the Randy Savage wannabe and Shortie are the #1 and #2 most wanted criminals in the galaxy. What about Gruumm? Did they just suddenly forget about him?
  • Birdie's a real jerk just leaving S.P.D. defenseless. What was with the comment about them not being able to make it in time when in Katastrophe, Kat seemed to make it back to Earth within minutes?
  • Fireworks in space, "Marinate in fear", bouncy monsters who can't be hurt by the Shadow Saber one minute but then can the next, and eating solid rock like it's an apple. A lot of weird little quirks.
  • What was with Jack saying that the message coming from the future was impossible? Did he forget that just three episodes ago he met a time travelling Samurai?