Messenger, Part 2 - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Messenger, Part 2
Airdate: July 16, 2005

With the Delta Runners down, the Power Rangers activate the Delta Command Megazord.
The giant Shortie is too fast for the Delta Command Megazord to keep up with and it is overwhelmed.
That is when a mysterious voice under S.P.D. orders the monster to hault. The voice comes from another Zord called the Omegamax Cycle.
The Omegamax Cycle transforms into the Omegamax Megazord and uses its super fast moves and weapons to take down Shortie.
From the Omegamax Cycle appears the mysterious Omega Ranger who has come for Devastation and Morgana.
The Omega Ranger uses his Omega Morpher to speed himself up and catch the laser pellets that are fired at him.
The other Rangers introduce themselves to the Omega Ranger, and he tells them this isn't the first or last time they will meet.
Later at the Delta Base, the Omega Ranger appears before the others as a ball of energy who has been around since the samurai came.
The Omega Ranger reveals that he came from the future to stop Morgana, Devastation, and Shortie.
Bridge uses his psychic powers to detect pure energy. Omega Ranger reveals that he was crystalized when he came through the portal.
As the alarms go off again, the Omega Ranger tells them that stopping Morgana and Devastation is up to him. That their inferior technology would only get in the way.
The Omega Ranger races off on his Uniforce Cycle after the Rangers agree to let him handle it himself.
The Omega Ranger takes on the Krybots.
The Omega Ranger then takes on Morgana.
As Omega Ranger battles Morgana, Devastation takes the oppurtunity to unleash his fury circle on both of them.
The other Rangers are hesitant to help the Omega Ranger, but Commander Cruger reminds them of an S.P.D. code.
The B-Squad Rangers show up to help the Omega Ranger.
Devastation traps them in his fury circle.
The Rangers find use heart and courage to motivate them through the fury circle.
The Omega Ranger calls Judgement Mode on Devastation and finds him guilty.
The Omega Ranger uses his Omega Morpher to defeat Devastation.
As Devastation calls forth the Robot of Destruction, the Rangers use the Delta Squad Megazord and the Omegamax Cycle to finish the job.
Emperor Grumm orders Morgana to rest up while she works on finding the Omega Ranger's weakness.
Later, Commander Cruger congradulates the Omega Ranger on saving them, but Omega Ranger points out that he didn't do all the work.
The Omega Ranger reveals that he grew up at the Delta Base as a boy named Sam. "I told you one day I would be a Ranger." he gloats
Sam trails out of the Command Center as everyone else chases after him and Commander Cruger laughs into the closing credits.
  • The guy who does the voice for the Omega Ranger is Brett Stewart who also played Dwayne Wheeler in "All About Beevil" of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
  • Sam from the easily forgettable episodes "Sam, Parts 1 & 2" turns out to be the Omega Ranger, but is also a ball of light. A combination that can only rival Justin and Cole for the title of worst Ranger ever.
  • There is no actor to play the Omega Ranger. They couldn't afford to hire one, because the budget wasn't thought out. All we get is a voice actor who can be paid relatively cheap.
  • Since when does going through a time portal crystalize someone into light energy. It might have had something to do with being in mid teleportation. A lot of stretching to make this plot work. Wouldn't it have just been easier to make him an alien life force?
  • The heart and courage nonsense was overplayed. This isn't Wild Force.
  • Commander Cruger is such a hypocrite. He gets on the Rangers for the S.P.D. code not to leave another Ranger in trouble (which he did in "Abandoned" by the way), and then he just stays at the Delta Base.