Airdate: July 25, 2005

The Rangers commune together as Syd reads off their horoscopes.
Commander Cruger enlists of Sam's help and asks Sky to take on his list of duties.
Meanwhile, a washed up magician named Mysticon puts on a show with his assistant Al, but his performance is a disaster.
Morgana appears and gives him his own magic wand to improve his performance with the condition that he helps her out should the time arrise.
Commander Cruger informs the Rangers about a series of mysterious robberies and sends them to investigate.
When they arrive on the scene, Bridge is confronted by an invisible Al.
Morgana sends out a squadron of Krybots to keep the Rangers busy.
The Green Ranger joins in and faces off against a Bluehead Krybot.
Meanwhile, the Blue and Omega Rangers put Al under arrest.
Back at Delta Base, the Rangers each interrogate Al about who he was working with.
Bridge keeps rambling on and on until Al gets fed up and spills everything he knows about Morgana and Mysticon's involvement.
Meanwhile, Gruumm orders Mysticon to help him with his plan and when he doesn't have the money to pay for a giant robot, Gruumm orders Broodwing to give him one.
Z finds an advertisement for charity benefit magic show being hosted by Mysticon. Commander Cruger only sends Omega.
The other Rangers try to prove themselves to Cruger by going to the magic show undercover as well.
Sydney applies for the magician's assitant and Mysticon uses his magic wand to place her under his spell.
Sam contacts Kat about a woman named Dr. Helan Tyler Jones and apparently she's one of the world's most respected scientists.
Mysticon calls Dr. Jones from the audience and makes her disappear, but doesn't plan to make her reappear.
The Omega Ranger appears in her place to put Mysticon under arrest.
The Power Rangers rush outside to stop Mysticon from escaping.
They are confronted by Morgana and crew who have Syd and Dr. Helan Tyler Jones.
The Rangers engage in an intense battle to rescue the captives.
The Green Ranger tricks Syd into morphing into the Pink Ranger, which frees her from Mysticon's spell.
Mysticon escapes to Broodwing's robot after his wand is destroyed. The Megazords rush into stop him, but the robot is too fast.
Kat insists to the Rangers to combine the Delta Squad Megazord and the Omegamax Megazord to create the Deltamax Megazord to save the day.
Although the Rangers are victorious, Commander Cruger chews them out for disobeying orders. He informs them that there is no reason for petty jellousy.
Meanwhile, Broodwing is pissed at Gruumm for the destruction of his giant robot that wasn't paid for.
  • It looks like the Omega Ranger doesn't get a morphing sequence.
  • This episode has Commander Cruger gaining valuable knowledge about the future from Sam. Kat must be also using the Omega Morpher technology to design future upgrades. She sure moves fast. Look at how fast she was able to reconfigure the Megazords to combine.
  • I wish we would've been able to see more of mind slave Sydney.
  • Broodwing looks awfully pissed about the loss of his robot.
  • Permamorphed Omega/Ball of Light is going to get annoying pretty quick.
  • The interogation scene was hillarious. We also got to hear a song for Syd called "Me", which was actually sang by Alycia Purrott and written by Matt Austin. For what it was worth, we only got to hear a few seconds of it.