Reflection, Part 1
Airdate: August 12, 2005

Kat and Boom are testing the new Battlizer program.
Meanwhile, the Rangers are enjoying their day off in the park.
Their day of rest and relaxation are brought to a hault as an old face appears. It's Rhynix.
The Rangers morph into action to take down the enemy once again.
After a series of other captured monsters appear, Kat checks the containment cards to discover they're still captured.
When Kat tells Sky that a new upgrade would only be available for the Red Ranger, Sky shares with Jack his dream of being a Red Ranger like his father.
Commander Cruger sends Sky on an important mission to gain information from a prisoner named Mirloc.
Sky arrives in a maximum security prison on Gamma Orion to confront Mirloc. He is told to cover all reflective surfaces so Mirloc can't escape.
Mirloc provides information, but at a price. A copycat criminal named Slate is using other criminals' DNA to mimic them.
Back at Delta Base, the Rangers are alerted to the return of Sinuku.
The Rangers show up on the scene to confront the copycat, when Slate reveals his true form.
Slate is aquiring DNA of past criminals from Broodwing, the latest of which is Devastation.
Gruumm watches and isn't happy that Broodwing didn't run this plan by him, but decides to go along with it and sends Morgana to Earth.
The Rangers unite together and are able to defeat Slate with their weapons.
Slate calls forth a giant robot and Rangers assemble the Delta Squad Megazord to stop it.
Just as the Rangers are about to contain Slate, Morgana appears with a trick up her sleeve.
She uses her power to clone Slate into all six of his past monster forms.
The Shadow Ranger arrives on the scene to help the Rangers and try to stop Morgana.
Morgana and her monsters overpower and take down the Power Rangers.
Jack activates the new S.P.D. Battlizer to stand up against Morgana's threat.
Using R.I.C. as his armor, the Red Ranger uses the Battlizer to finish them off in a firey blaze.
Back on Gamma Orion, Sky delivers on his deal with Mirloc who forces him to tell of his most tragic story.
His father was also the Red Ranger who faught to protect those around him.
Until one day, he sacrificed his life for the chance to protect others.
Sky is filled with sadness over the loss of his father and Mirloc simply laughs at his story. Sky is deeply hurt and sheds a tear.
Mirloc uses Sky's tear to reflect through and escape. Sky watches in horror as he realizes what has happened.
  • This is the introduction of the S.P.D. Battlizer. It has two modes - Cyber Mode and Sonic Mode. R.I.C. becomes the armor for the Battlizer.
  • The Battlized Morpher used to activate the Battlizer is a repainted Omega Morpher, which does suggest that Kat used Omega's technology to assist her in developing it.
  • Speaking of the Omega Ranger, Sam was nowhere to be seen this week. The Rangers said that he was on an away mission.
  • Sky's dad once again is seen wearing the Red Time Force Ranger costume. Although the executive producer says this isn't Wes, this does infer that Bio-Labs must have been involved in the creation of S.P.D.
  • The sadness portrayed by Sky about the loss of his father was well done. One of this season's better episodes for sure.
  • Mirloc does a nice portrayal of Hannibal Lecter.