S.W.A.T., Part 1
Airdate: August 15, 2005

Kat and Doggie watch a distress signal about some unknown attack on Gamma 4.
Meanwhile, Jack and Bridge are trying to outdo each other and Sky is getting irritated.
Syd and Z come in and start arguing about the condition of their living quarters.
Meanwhile, Gruumm has just about had it with Broodwing and his ineffective machinery.
Morgana comes in to tell him that everything is going according to plan.
Meanwhile, Kat fries the quantum enhancer she was using in designing a new upgrade.
Piggy grovels at Gruumm's feet and he informs him that he'll be a special on his own menu if he fails him.
Desperate for help, Piggy asks his friends Stench and Thresher for help.
Z and Kat show up to see if Piggy has another quantum enhancer, and he and his friends see this as an oppurtunity.
Kat gets the new quantum enhancer online and is able to complete the upgrade.
As Cruger and Kat are alerted to a robot attack, Stench uses the pirated quantum enhancer to enter the Base.
The Rangers assemble the Deltamax Megazord to take the robot down.
Thresher pilots the robot as a distraction, but they bring him in with crime scene tape.
The Rangers are bringing Thresher back to the Delta Base, when they are stopped by Stench.
Stench was able to steal the S.P.D. technology and create a powerful armor, that even the Battlizer has trouble against.
The Red Ranger uses the Battlizer to blast Stench, but Thresher gets him out of there just in time.
As the Rangers continue arguing again in the Command Center, Cruger is sick of their petty bickering and sends them to endure training on Zentor in order to recieve an upgrade.
The Rangers pilot a ship to the planet Zentor, but after arguing, Z isn't paying attention and ends up crashing the ship.
The Rangers arrive on Zentor only to be greeted by weapon fire.
The attacker arrives in a heavily armored truck.
Meanwhile, Thresher and Stench turn against Piggy and decide to keep the power for themselves.
Sergent Silverback overlooks the Power Rangers and is not at all impressed by what he sees.
The Rangers are sent to deal with intense Krybot training and are seriously owned.
After getting their butts kicked, the Rangers continue to argue.
Meanwhile, Piggy who is afraid of Gruumm gets talked into allying himself with Broodwing who wants to take down Gruumm.
Back on Zentor, the Rangers must face off against a giant scorpion monster. Do they have what it takes?
  • The installment on Gamma 4 is attacked by an unknown enemy. Could it be the A-Squad?
  • The scorpion monster that the Rangers fight at the end comes Beetleborgs Metallix and is known as El Scorpio.
  • Sergent Silver back has his own model of R.I.C. based on a bulldog.
  • According to the executive producer Bruce Kalish, the complete line said about the attack on Gamma 4 was, "They're not the same." What was the point of cutting off the message again?
  • Why can't the Rangers just use the containment cards? It could've put a hault to the entire conflict. Apparently, they didn't learn their lesson from "Recognition".
  • The planet Zentor is a recolored shot of the planet Onyx seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.