S.W.A.T., Part 2 - Power Rangers S.P.D.

S.W.A.T., Part 2
Airdate: August 22, 2005

The Power Rangers prepare to face off against the scorpion monster.
The monster turns out to be Silverback perpetrating an illusion. He tells the Rangers that they are the worst bunch Cruger's ever sent him.
Silverback strips them of their Ranger powers and demotes them to D-Squad.
Meanwhile, Doggie, Kat, and Sam watch as Thresher and Stench commit a series of robberies.
Sam spies on Piggy and Broodwing as they make a plan to stop his friends.
Meanwhile on the planet Zentor..
The newly demoted D-Squad cadets must endure intense training and excersise.
The cadets seem to do nothing but complain and Silverback only pushes them harder.
Back on Earth, the Omega Ranger tries to stop Thresher and Stench but is overwhelmed so he retreats.
Silverback is fed up with the cadets and prepares to send them back to Earth with a recommendation to Cruger for dismissal from the Academy.
After the Rangers argue their case, Silverback sends them on a run, when each one of them begin to hear the other's voices crying for help.
The cadets meet back together to find it was one of Silverback's tricks and only to be surrounded by Krybots.
The cadets finally decide they want to work as a team. As Sky creates a forcefield around them, they all plow through the Krybots.
Meanwhile, the Shadow and Omega Rangers face off against Thresher in Stench, but against the stolen technology, they get owned.
The Rangers stand together and admit that it's their strength lies in their team, not as indivisuals.
Silverback says they've passed their training and have granted them S.W.A.T. Command Truck with their new armor and weapons.
But Shadow and Omega Rangers have both been captured and imprisoned inside an energy field.
The B-Squad Power Rangers return with their new Special Weapons and Tactics to take down evil.
The Yellow Ranger rescues Shadow and Omega Rangers from their energy prison.
The Rangers follow Thresher and Stench outside and corner them.
With their new S.W.A.T. Mode, the Rangers use their new Delta Enforcers to finish the job.
Stench and Thresher are both contained for their crimes of S.P.D. technology.
The Rangers celebrate their victory.
Piggy saves himself from being vaporized by delivering Gruumm a copy of the stolen technology.
On the other side of the fence, he also supplies Broodwing with the technology as well.
Later on, Command Cruger is happy to find that the Rangers are finally getting along and have accepted each other as teamates.
  • S.W.A.T. stands for Special Weapons and Tactics.
  • This episode has some great unmorphed action. I liked when Sky creates a forcefield and he and the others plow through a bunch of Krybots.
  • Z's "Z" neckalace is the exact same design as the tip of Lord Zedd's staff.
  • Well it's safe to say that S.W.A.T. technology is developed from Kat's knowledge of the Omega Morpher since this upgrade is clearly an improvement.