Katastrophe - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Airdate: September 26, 2005

Kat recieves a call from Supreme Commander Birdie.
Birdie offers Kat a head position at Galaxy Command.
Boom tells the Rangers and they are disappointed, but decide they don't want to hold Kat back.
The Rangers are then called into battle against another giant robot and form the Megazords.
Kat is surprised that Boom seems to have everything under control, which is all part of the plan.
Meanwhile, Mooney controled the last robot and is preparing another. He is working for Broodwing.
Kat has remembers her time on Earth, but decides she is no longer needed and accepts Birdie's offer.
Doggie announces that Kat has left Delta Base and Boom will take over her duties.
At Galaxy Command, Birdie introduces Kat to her new assistant, who explains she an entire staff at her disposal.
Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose as Boom tries to keep up with Kat's duties by himself.
Kat watches the Earth moniter to discover that the newest giant robot is equipped with a Helios Generator, which could explode.
Kat informs Birdie about the weapon and that she went to school with Mooney. Birdie lets her go, but gives her a special Morpher which will only work for an hour.
The Deltamax Megazord is taken down by Mooney's robot.
Kat has returned to Earth and uses her Morpher to locate Mooney's lab.
The Rangers form the S.W.A.T. Megazord to finish the job.
Kat confonts Mooney and Broodwing, but is attacked by Krybots.
Kat agrees that the time for talking is over and now it's time for action. "S.P.D. Emergency!"
Kat morphs and takes on the Krybots - Kat Ranger style.
Kat Ranger is victorious and defeats the Krybots.
However Broodwing is intent on ensuring that the Mooney's robot goes kaboom.
Kat Ranger is given backup from the Shadow and the Omega Rangers.
Getting her hands on the remote, Kat Ranger is able to find a way to deactivate the generator.
"It's judgement time!" Kat calls as she judges her former schoolmate for his crimes and charges him with confinement.
After just completing their victory over Mooney's robot, the B-Squad Rangers show up and meet Kat Ranger.
Shadow Ranger congradulates Kat for being there when they needed her the most.
As Kat prepares to leave again, the Rangers stop her to say goodbye. Boom rushes in and breaks down which convinces her to stay.
  • First and last appearance of the S.P.D. Kat Ranger.
  • If Kat Ranger's cat scatters look like feathers, it is because she was based on a Swan in Dekaranger--DekaSwan.
  • Bridge calls Kat's Morpher a one hour disposable Morpher. Are we supposed to believe that S.P.D. just has random Morphers laying around everywhere?
  • Kat's Morpher has red letters on it like DekaGold, a special ranger in the Dekaranger movie unlike DekaSwan's morpher who had orange letters.
  • Why on Earth did the Rangers use their containment cards on EMPTY robot?
  • Earth is made to appear relatively close to Galaxy Command in this episode. However in Messenger, Birdie said that their forces would never reach them in time.
  • This is the first and only time that we see Galaxy Command. Although we didn't see much, it was still nice to get one look at it.