Endings, Part 2
Airdate: November 14, 2005

The A-Squad Rangers bring Doggie before Emperor Gruumm.
The B-Squad Rangers remain upset about being second best again, while Jack tries to explains things to Ally.
The B-Squad is called to the Command Center to discover that the A-Squad has captured Doggie.
A-Squad calls B-Squad out and the two teams prepare to face off against each other.
Morphed, the A-Squad and B-Squad Rangers engage in an intense battle.
Meanwhile, Broodwing prepares an army to attack the Delta Base while Gruumm and the Rangers are occupied.
Broodwing and his Krybots soon invade the entire Delta Base.
Gruumm wants his revenge on Cruger now, but Omni demands that he complete his body first.
The A-Squad give B-Squad the beat down.
That is until the B-Squad activates S.W.A.T. Mode and the tables are soon turned against the A-Squad.
As backup, the A-Squad Rangers summon a Zord that was left for them by Gruumm.
Meanwhile, Broodwing invades the Delta Command Center.
The B-Squad Rangers summon the Delta Squad and Omegamax Megazords to stop the A-Squad.
Broodwing and his subordinates take over the Delta Base and activate the Delta Command Megazord.
To the Rangers' dismay, The Delta Command Megazord attacks the other Megazords.
Gruumm reveals that he has had Isinia as a prisoner aboard the Terror for all these years.
Meanwhile, the Delta Squad Megazord is destroyed by the A-Squad's robot.
The B-Squad Rangers find the flyers in an underground bay and form the S.W.A.T. Megazord to finish the job.
After being judged, the A-Squad Rangers are contained.
The B-Squad Rangers find their way into the Delta Base and begin to slowly take back control.
Boom and Kat who have been imprisoned in the Command Center, call for R.I.C. to free them.
Broodwing finds the power supply has been cut and he is confronted by Jack.
It's judgement time for Broodwing.
The Power Rangers use the Canine Cannon to take him down and contain him for his crimes.
Piggy claims to know the location of where Gruumm's holding Cruger, but instead he leads them into a trap.
The Rangers are imprisoned aboard the Terror with Cruger. Gruumm informs them that the worst is yet to come.
  • For some strange reason, the B-Squad didn't seem surprised at all when they found out that the A-Squad had turned against them.
  • While the B-Squad Rangers battle against the A-Squad Rangers, for some reason the Omega Ranger doesn't help his comrads. These Rangers only seem to think teamwork applies when it comes to the core five.
  • A normal robot of Broodwing's seems to have been transformed into a Zord for the A-Squad Rangers.
  • That was an awesome battle between the A-Squad and the B-Squad.
  • Why do the B-Squad Rangers deactivate S.W.A.T. Mode when they go up against Broodwing?
  • When the A-Squad catch Cruger offguard in the Command Center, there is door wide open right behind him and he never tried to run out or even morph.
  • I find it strange that S.P.D.'s most respected team of Power Rangers sold out to corruption. Beginnings suggests that they never were pure of heart, but Cruger is supposed to be a good judge of character. As we see with him bringing in Jack and Z off the streets and giving them a second chance.
  • Omni is often referred to as the Magnificence, but here orders Gruumm to complete his Magnificence.