Broken Spell, Part 1 - Power Rangers Mystic Force

Broken Spell, Part 1
Airdate: February 20, 2006

A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic.
But then, darkness came into power and the great battle began. An army of the undead swarmed over the land.
All seemed hopeless when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth.
The undead army set their sights on the human world. The bravest wizard of them all casted a spell which sealed the evil in the depths of the underworld.
The humans were never aware of the sacrifice. Even to this day they live in peace. A newcommer rides in on his bike to the city of Briarwood.
Meanwhile in a music store called the Rock Porium, four employees are lectured by their boss when an earthquake occurs.
During the earthquake, a crack in the gate appears releasing evil.
A mysterious sorceress is alerted to the danger that has awakened.
The four employess - Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander are alerted to some old man asking for help.
The old man tells them that his brother is in danger in the woods and asks for help.
The newcommer - Nick speaks up and tells the old man that he needs a break and he'll help him.
Xander tries to inform Nick of the strange stories about the woods and that once you go in, you don't come out. Nick is less than impressed and is determined to help anyway.
Meanwhile in the depths of the Underworld, Necrolai reports to her master - Morticon that the human world was all they imagined it would be.
The four eventually decide to join Nick and help the old man. The five unknowingly walk into another dimension in the forest.
The five soon find themselves surrounded by evil zombies called Hidiacs.
A strange sorceress dressed in a black robe uses her magic to defeat the Hidiacs and send the five to safety.
At Rootcore, the sorceress reveals herself as Udonna and tells them the story of the great battle. She tells them that legend says that they are to be Power Rangers.
Udonna's apprentice - Clare informs her of a situation and she tells the five to stay put. Clare is less than successful at keeping them there.
The five find their way to Woodland Village, which was just attacked. The magical creatures worship them and identify the five as the Mystic Force.
Their moment of worship is shortlived when a humungous troll appears and begins to attack.
Udonna uses her magic wand to become the White Mystic Ranger.
The five once again find themselves surrounded by Hidiacs. Udonna tells them to believe in magic in order to defeat them.
The White Ranger uses her powers of snow and ice to freeze the troll and destroy it.
Although the others are excited over their victory, Nick was unable to make the magic work and says he's out of there. Disappointed, Udonna sends Clare to guide him out of the woods.
Koragg the Knight Wolf appears to finish the job that the Hidiacs failed to do by destroying them.
Udonna and her new Rangers are taken down with a blast of Koragg's wolf attack. The situation looks hopeless.
  • The prologue was amazing. This series paralels a lot of magical adventures like Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Judging by the prologue, the great battle took place around twenty years ago based on Udonna's age.
  • Ten bucks says that Koragg turns out to be the Red Mystic Wizard from the prologue.
  • When Koragg is released from the Underworld, he says "At last! After so many years I'm free." which is a reference on Rita's dialogue in "Day of the Dumpster".
  • The Rangers' dialogue in Rootcore when Vida says they should hear Udonna out is a reference to the original Rangers' dialogue in the Command Center in "Day of the Dumpster".
  • Xander trying to reason with the Hidiacs was classic.