Once a Ranger, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Once a Ranger, Part 2
Airdate: July 23, 2007

The alliance without Thrax feel like they are in the same place they were before. Flurious thinks of having his Chillers track Thrax. The new team arrive to a warehouse in Angel Grove and Bridge reads the Chillers behind boxes. Xander tries 'Plan Xander,' which fails and ensues in a fight.
Kira uses her Ptera-yelling technique, Xander uses his vines and Tori uses a gush of water against the creeps. Adam does it 'old-school' with the Chillers. They find a box with the Power lighting symbol on it. Mack is sweeping the floor of the center and gets a pep talk from the Sentinel Knight.
Mack asks what could defeat him, the Knight tells him about the sword Excelsior. Mack offers finding it, but the knight warns him it is dangerous. In Monaco, Ronnie wins another trophy to find nothing inside, unlike in the first episode.
Dax is left alone on strings in New Zealand movie set. Will returns a painting in an art gallery and receives a check, but feels empty. Meanwhile, Tyzonn walks in an empty field. Mack visits to Rose in her university class.
He is directed to the library and rushes off. She makes a phone call. Mack falls in a hole. He climbs his way up with a rope of vie and a bone. He finds a statue of a woman with the sword Excelsior. He is confronted by Thrax, who followed Mack.
He tries striking him and is stopped by Dax. Rose and the others arrive. Back the base, Alpha the robot has been re-activated by Andrew. Back with Thrax, he says his parents were weak and succumbed to goodness and he plans to restore their evil legacy.
He tries touching the sword but is reflected off. He attacks it and it is no use. Thrax teleports away, deciding to trash the planet. Adam and Andrew teleport Alpha inside the Morphin Grid. Vulturus is made big and Adam takes the Flashpoint.
The gang gives up trying to take the sword and Mack refuses to give up, so all six of them try to pry it off and the statue comes to alive, she is the warrior goddess. She grants them the sword and becomes stone once again. In the morphin grid, Alpha wonders what Zordon would do.
The Rangers try using the finisher of the ultrazord but it is no use. Vulturus takes down the zord's arm. Mack arrives with the sword and slices Vulturus in half. Mack gives the sword to Sentinel Knight and it restores him, but in a different form.
The OO team join the operation again. The veterans arrive and Alpha repaired the grid. Everyone hugs and celebrates. Vulturus is found by the alliance. Flurious puts a gyro inside the beast and makes him a more powerful form.
The veterans return the Rangers their morphers. They meet up with the alliance of evil and morph. Adam fights Thrax; Mack and Bridge fight Flurious; Will, Dax, and Xander fight the Fearcats; Kira and Ronnie fight Miratrix and Kamdor;
Rose and Tori avoid hits from Moltor and Lava Lizards; and Tyzonn fights Chillers. Adam dons the Defender Vest against Thrax. The vest falls off and Thrax uses his daddy's staff. Adam counters with the Power Axe. Each sect go down.
Tyzonn fights the new Vulturus and destroys it. Sentinel Knight arrives and destroys Thrax once and for all. The evil sect regroup and are taken down by the heroes. They decide the alliance is over and teleport away. The gang say their goodbyes in the mansion.
Spencer brings Bridge buttery toast, Tori gives Andrew her card. Xander offers them a discount at the Rockporium. Kira tells them she will come over with her new CD. Adam will take Alpha to his dojo. They all put their hands together for old times sake.
  • Adam recieves a more elaborate morphing sequence, while Bridge recieves a new one.
  • 'Go Go' is added to the hands together rountine as a tribute to the original theme song.
  • When Vulturus was made big, a bridge can be seen in front of him with people on it, this is from the original footage.
  • The Warrior Goddess holding the sword is inspired by a smaller statue of a woman holding the same sword in Boukenger.
  • As this two-parter celebrates the 15th anniversary, Super Sentai had its own special celebrating their own 30th anniversary. It also included a team of veteran warriors from the last four teams. Both these teams included the Blue Wind Ranger / Hurricane Blue.
  • In the special, Mack's counterpart also used the weapons of the Red SPD Ranger / DekaRed.
  • Last time we saw Alpha 6, he was on the planet Mirinoi. Why would he be in a warehouse in Angel Grove?