Ronny On Empty, Part 1 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Ronny On Empty, Part 1
Airdate: August 20, 2007

Dax and Will are playing billards, when they are startled by Ronnie in a costume. She says Halloween is her favorite holiday, Will is a grumpy gus. She is running the party. Andrew turns the torch open to reveal a golden sarab beetle in amber.
Andrew is working on a new fleet of zords. Meanwhile, Moltor is using one of his brother's Gyros to power a new dragon beast. But it doesn't power it. The Fearcats gave it to him. Mig suggests another way, they laugh and exit.
Norg arrives with anchovies to Flurious' lair. He usually gets penguins. Flurious is alerted to someone using his technology, so he figures it is the Fearcats. The Fearcats terrorize civilians. Back at the mansion, Spencer likes Halloween.
Everyone helps with the decorations and the Sentinel Knight makes a Jack-O-Latern. The Rangers run to stop the Fearcats, joined by the knight. Moltor teleports into the scene. The three combine their powers and blasts at the seven.
The Fearcats grab Ronny while Moltor fights the others. Ronny breaks free and fights the two. They manage to grab her and Will notices. The knight becomes the sword and Will is about to use it, when Moltor grabs him. Moltor teleports Will and the sword away.
Ronnie and Will are held captive on a tree in a forest. Ronnie figures they want their power. Moltor encases the Excelisor sword as well. Benglo says they only needed the Yellow Ranger. Moltor wants to turn the knight evil. Will listens in and hears that Moltor will destroy him.
The others ask Andrew what to do in the base. Andrew wants them to go to Eygpt to find the next jewel. They object but he reassures them Ronnie and Will are fine. Indeed, they escape but are followed by the Fearcats and Lava Lizards. Ronnie asks for the truth and he tells her.
The cats capture Ronnie and Will calls Andrew and tells him that Ronnie sacrificed herself. Andrew tells him to come back, but Will won't leave Ronnie behind. In a new base, Moltor puts the sword in a device to make him evil. Will is met by Flurious, Norg, and the Chillers.
He morphs and fights. Will calls for his cycle. Flurious tells Norg to find the hideout of the Fearcats. Flurious retreats before Will can take care of him. The Fearcats secure ronnie on a draining device to drain her power.
Will bumps into Norg and asks him about Ronnie, but he doesn't know. The others arrive in Eygpt and show a barter the beetle. The man is amazed. Meanwhile, Ronnie is drained and Moltor has enough energy for his robot. The Fearcats fight Moltor and he gets away.
The Knight breaks free and prepares to save Ronnie. He is kicked onto the device by the Fearcats and he turns evil. Moltor busts through the mountain with his robotic dragon. At the same time, the man shows the Rangers a book about the beetles.
They are buried in a desert. Andrew alerts them to go back. Miratrix was spying on them. They drop down from the SHARC and deploy the zords against Moltor. The Knight attacks them. Flashpoint holds him back. Lavadactyls attack the Ultrazord.
Knight goes to sword mode and busts up the Flashpoint Megazord. Moltor gets on top of them and they blow him off. Moltor splits the ten zords up. Dax, Mack and Rose fall in the ocean and are lifted up by the Battlefleet. The Lavadactyls attack them.
The energy goes down in Moltor's robot and he buries it back in the mountain. The four return to the base due to Andrew's orders. They have many questions. Meanwhile, Will is still alone in the forest and Ronny continues being drained.
  • The reason it seems Ronny is being picked on is because in the original source Boukenger, the yellow warrior Natsuki was a powerful princess. She was brainwashed to power a device and it slowly drained her without her knowing.
  • Why is Will freaked out by being destroyed if someone is always out to destroy them?