Ronny On Empty, Part 2 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Ronny On Empty, Part 2
Airdate: August 27, 2007

Rose, Mack, Dax, and Tyzonn walk through a desert in Eygpt and find a cow skeleton head. Meanwhile, Will finds himself at a crossroads of tracks. Norg joins him, telling him what Flurious sent him to do. He turns out to be a good tracker.
And tells them Fearcats don't get along with mountain goats or snow. Will suggests an alliance, in which Will will follow Norg. Back with Ronnie, Moltor is back with the Fearcats and she is almost fully drained. They find out Will and Norg are nearby.
So they send the Lava Lizards. Mack says the jewel readings are increasing and Dax jumps into what he thinks to be a lake and it is a secret passage. They find ruins inside. Norg leads Will to a bunch of boulders. The Lava Lizards bust out of it and start fighting Will.
Will morphs and jumps inside. The others walk through the dark hall and Rose steps on a secret passage and they hear insects. they start running down the long hall and enter a circular room. Mack closes the door with his abilities and they find Kamdor and Miratrix already there.
Kamdor zaps them. Will enters spy-like through the Fearcat base and fights off a lizard. Will hears something and disappears when the other lizards appear. He is above them and his sweat drips on the first lizard.
The first lizard tries telling his brothers but is stopped by Will. Back in the desert, the Rangers morph and tackle the ninjas. They grab the tablet they stole and are attacked by Kamdor. The tablet goes flying and Dax catches it.
Kamdor fights Dax and he tosses the tablet to Mack to tosses it to Tyzonn and tries tossing it to Rose but Miratrix gets it. Rose manages to get it and throws it and it twirls in the air. Mack gets it and the Rangers overpower the ninjas. The ninjas retreat.
Will sends his coordinates through his tracker, when he is confronted by Moltor. Andrew receives the tablet and tells Spencer to send the Rangers to Will. Moltor gets Will's Drive Defender. Will manages to get Moltor's sword.
Moltor makes him think about Ronny. Moltor knocks Will down. The Fearcats watch the fight until they are alerted that the Rangers are outside. Moltor prepares to destroy Will but he slams him with his Drive Slammer. Moltor goes down and Will busts through the door and knocks the knight down.
He powers down and tries to pry Ronny off the device. He sees the energy is almost up. He opens a hatch and sees colored wires. He cuts the black one and the energy is returned. He helps Ronny back up and she is fine. The others are confronted by Fearcats and they morph.
Andrew tells them Battlefleet is operational. The new zords arrive and threatens flattening Mig and he retreats. Benglo arrives and fights them. Moltor puts the Fearcats' egg device in his robot and busts it out again. Will and Ronny arrive and morph.
Rose asks for the knight and mig says he is with them. The Knight arrives and kicks him down. They fight. Tyzonn fights Benglo and the five enter the new zords. Andrew tell them to make the Megazord. Moltor's blasts don't scratch it.
They destroy the robot and Moltor ejects himself. Mig and Benglo retreat. Tyzonn and the knight look up at the Megazord. Norg returns to Flurious' lair. Flurious is not so happy as Norg is. Norg runs to the Trick or Treaters. And back at the mansion...
everyone is enjoying the Halloween party. Ronnie notices Will embracing the spirit of Halloween. Will tells Ronnie if she is willing to sacrafice herself for him, he is willing to dress up. Andrew sort of freaks to see Mack's costume as a robot.
  • We were served a not-so subtle foreshadowing to the next episode.