Brother's Keeper
Airdate: May 16, 2009

Scott and Dillon race in their cars in the wasteland. Their race is stopped when Tenaya is spotted and they fight the Grinders. One of the Grinders scratches Scott's car.
He sprays carbon dioxide on two Grinders, freezing them and Ziggy smashes them into pieces. A new bot activates something on Dillon as he fights Tenaya. Tenaya and the bot retreat.
Dillon's eyes glow red as he has something on his neck. Back at the garage at night, Summer is watching a video of Dillon and Scott. Dr. K in fluffy slippers says she understands Summer's dilemma.
That Scott is the good guy and Dillon is the Bad Boy, one is a 9 and one is 10. Summer asks which one she thinks is a '10' (on cuteness factor), Dr. K asks her who she thinks is a 10.
The shields are going down and it is coming from within Dr. K's lab. The gang go in there to find out it is Dillon. The Rangers try to hold him but he fights them. He drops Summer to the wall. Dr. K tries scanning him but he breaks the scanner.
He throws Dr. K and Ziggy grabs her. Dillon seems to shut down, Ziggy thinks it is because of their friendship but Dillon keeps attacking. Scott spots the device on the back of his neck and Summer kicks it off. Dr. K puts the shield back up.
Later, Dr. K says the device has accelerated the virus within him, that he won't be in control of himself soon and forever. He is strapped down to a bed not for his safety but for there's.
Ziggy comes up with a plan to take a circuit board chip from the bot to help Dillon in some way, he says to lower the shield again so the baddies will think it was Dillon and bring in the bot.
Dr. K says Ranger Series Operator Black is not worth it. Flynn says to just call him by his name. Summer says he is Dillon. Dr. K says it's now clear about their last conversation about the number ten.
Summer is steamed. Dillon doesn't want them to risk the city so he decides to leave. Scott says it is not his decision because he is the leader. He is about to 'outrace' Dillon but Dillon has taken out Scott's gas.
Scott then straps handcuffs on Dillon and says he won't let him go. Scott throws away the key. Dillon revs up his car and threatens to drag Scott through the city. They ask for the spare key. Ziggy doesn't have it anymore, so they are stuck together.
Dr. K lowers the shield, the robots are sent. There is a montage of Dillon and Scott playing with the chain and being stuck together. Dillon asks Scott why he did what he did, he says he is saint. Ziggy, Summer and Flynn morph and fight the forces.
Dillon and Scott can't stand just standing around. So they're going to go outside but they fight about which car they are going to go in. They arrive in Ziggy's scooter. They morph and smash the chain off. They then use the Wheel Blasters and defeat the bot.
The Attack bot grows and they destroy it with the Megazord. Summer then gets the chip they need when it is adult size. Back at the garage, Dr. K is trying to decrypt the chip to help Dillon but it is too late, Dillon is being taken over.
Flynn says they need the original code to the Venjix virus. All the Rangers are bummed because they don't have it. Suddenly, the virus is subdued but not out, at least Dillon is back.
The Rangers are wondering how this happened. To their shock and dismay, Dr. K reveals that all the pain they have been through is because of her, it is her fault because she released the virus.
  • Doctor K finally reveals her secret.