Run Ziggy Run - Power Rangers RPM

Run Ziggy Run
Airdate: October 03, 2009

Ziggy is alone and finds a penny, saying it is his lucky day. He spots thugs and starts running from them. They try to fight but he avoids them. Dr. K is working on a new weapon and he teleports as Ranger Green in her chair and she accidentally sits on his lap. Tenaya looks at guards guarding a gate. Back at the evil lair, Venjix meets his new body that looks like Shifter. Venjix uploads into it. Tenaya comes in and says this mission will be difficult and bows to him.
Ziggy explains to the gang that he owes them, saying there is a mix up with numbers and hijacking the truck... $5 million. Summer says ghosting him doesn't make sense. Frenso Bob tells his goons to 'ghost him.' Tenaya comes in, the guards hand her and Bob tells them to let him go. She asks if he controls the truck drivers, she says she has a job for him, giving him Ziggy in return. Ziggy panhandles to the others with a can saying 'save Ziggy,' the twins give him rocks and buttons. Kilobyte attacks the city and is confronted by the 7. Kilobyte grabs Ziggy.
The six morph. Kilobyte drops Ziggy and fights the others. The truck goes up to the gate. It is a pick up for Truman. The driver gives them a paper clipboard, they say its digital now, he says if they want to call Truman an old man and they let him in. The Rangers go down to Kilobyte's finisher. They de-morph. He leaves laughing. Tenaya grabs Ziggy and covers his mouth. The others realize he is gone. 3 Grinders take Ziggy in and he says he is not scared of her or Venjix.
She says she is taking him to Bob. K says Green's signal is out, Scott says he is sending the twins to her. Bob gets the package and it glows and he laughs. The Grinders puts the bombs in place all over the city like light bulbs. Ziggy tries to convince Tenaya against turning him in. A black limo arrives and Bob comes out. The twins and K work on the new weapon. The case is given to a Grinder, Tenaya opens it. Kilobyte faces the four Rangers left. He takes them all down. Bob wants Ziggy, Tenaya brings her gun up, saying he is valuable to them.
Ziggy fights the Grinders and Tenaya and gets his morpher back, he morphs and tells the gangsters to run. The Rail Saber is finished. Dr. K detects Green. She tells Gema to him. The gangsters leave in the limo. Tenaya fights Green. Gold arrives with the Rail Saber to save the four. Gold loads the cells 11 and 12 into the saber and fights Kilobyte. Kilobyte goes down. Green and Tenaya fight. Silver flies in, and they both fight Tenaya. Gold gives the saber to Red, he puts the mamoth cell into his gun and makes the Rail Blaster by combining the two and take down Kilobyte. Kilobyte becomes big.
PaleoMax is formed and the other zords attack Kilobyte. Tenaya picks them both up and drops them down and leaves. ValveMax is formed with Gold zord as an arm and HighOctane fights Kilobyte. K has detected charges around the city. The Grinders are about to detonate it when Mach Megazord arrives with Ziggy's zord as an arm. Road Attack Zord is deployed. The five robots kick Kilobyte down. Kilobyte attacks them and out of the blaze, the Ultrazord defeats him. Back at the evil lair, Kilobyte comes in damaged and moaning. Tenaya brings in the case. Venjix says the final strike is coming up. Back at the garage, Ziggy is packing and moving out, scared. The others try to convince not to leave. Fresno Bob comes in and his men grab Ziggy. He says when he saved his life, he figured he is 'all right' and they are now even. Ziggy is thrilled. He calls him 'bobarino' and Bob tells him not to push his luck.