• From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1
    Episode 01
  • From Out Of Nowhere, Part 2
    Episode 02
    The four powerless Rangers acquire a NASADA spaceship, and head off to help Zordon. On their way, they are pulled into the Astro Megaship, where they encounter a Red Ranger named Andros, who reluctantly gives them powers and accepts them as his crew as they join forces to search for Zordon and battle evil.
  • Save Our Ship
    Episode 03
    The Power Rangers return to Earth with Andros and an explosive welcome from Ecliptor and Astronema, which threatens to make their stopover permanent.
  • Shell Shocked
    Episode 04
    Astronema uses her powers to make the Ninja Turtles evil, and has them con the Rangers into letting them on the Megaship, so they can take it over for her.
  • Never Stop Searching
    Episode 05
    Andros investigates some energy readings coming from KO-35, believing it to be his lost sister. What he finds is Ecliptor waiting for him instead.
  • Satellite Search
    Episode 06
    A satellite holding valuable information crash lands on the planet Kalderon. The Rangers find it, but Astronema battles the Rangers and steals it from them. She ties the Rangers up to be eaten by a Clawhammer.
  • A Ranger Among Thieves
    Episode 07
    Andros befriends a trio of thieves, who become endangered when a monster who can harness electricity attacks their stolen car hideout.
  • When Push Comes To Shove
    Episode 08
    Cassie is blackmailed into going out with a loser, who she finds out to not be such a bad guy. The date goes awry when one of Astronema's monster tries to knock down the building they are in, which happens to contain a nuclear device.
  • The Craterite Invasion
    Episode 09
    A Simudeck malfunction causes the Craterites to multiply, escape, and attack Angel Grove.
  • The Wasp With A Heart
    Episode 10
    A wasp monster doesn't have it in him to be evil, and he helps and befriends Cassie, who sticks up for him when confronted by the other Rangers.
  • The Delta Discovery
    Episode 11
    The Rangers investigate a planet on their search for Zordon, and find the Phantom Ranger, wounded from an attack by Divatox. He gives Andros a disk which gives him control of the Delta Megaship.
  • The Great Evilyzer
    Episode 12
    Professor Phenomenus develops a ray that can turn objects evil. Astronema decides to use it against the Power Rangers.
  • Grandma Matchmaker
    Episode 13
    Ashley's grandmother visits Angel Grove intent on seeing Ashley engaged before she leaves, and she inadvertently gets caught up in one of the Rangers' battles.
  • The Barillian Sting
    Episode 14
    A sting from a alien insect causes Carlos to mutate. Carlos then stings Cassie, who also mutates. The Rangers manage to defeat the alien insect, turned into one of Astronema's monsters, and cure Cassie and Carlos before they destroy the ship.
  • T.J.'s Identity Crisis
    Episode 15
    A blow to the head causes TJ to lose his memory, just as three Rangers are captured by Darkonda, who has absorbed Ecliptor and become Darkliptor.
  • Flashes Of Darkonda
    Episode 16
    Andros does some undercover work on an alien planet, where Darkonda is hanging out at a casino. Andros manages to beat a group of aliens in a game of cards, and win Zordon's key cards. Andros escapes the planet, and finally remembers that it was Darkonda who had kidnapped his long lost sister.
  • The Rangers' Mega Voyage
    Episode 17
    The Rangers find the location of the Mega Vehicles - five powerful space crafts which combine to form the Mega Voyager, and gain control of them with Zordon's key cards.
  • True Blue To The Rescue
    Episode 18
    The Rangers are captured by Astronema while saving Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster. Storm Blaster escapes and brings back Blue Turbo Ranger Justin, who saves the Rangers.
  • Invasion Of The Body Switcher
    Episode 19
    A monster with the ability to alter appearances changes Astronema into Ashley, who sneaks aboard the Megaship.
  • Survival Of The Silver
    Episode 20
    While on a hostile alien world, the Megaship is attacked, damaging the cryogenic chamber which held Zhane, the Silver Ranger. As the Rangers defend the Megaship, Zhane steps out and lends a hand, much to the surprise of Andros, who had placed him in cryo-stasis due to serious injuries.
  • Red With Envy
    Episode 21
    Andros is infuriated when he notices Zhane try to put the moves on Ashley. This leads to him order that Zhane stay on the ship while the Rangers go down and battle, but it turns out that they really needed him, as Zhane goes down also and helps them out.
  • The Silver Secret
    Episode 22
    A diagnostic reveals that Zhane only has a limited time to stay morphed. Astronema deduces this, and sends down a monster to exploit this weakness.
  • A Date With Danger
    Episode 23
    When Astronema is attacked by one of her own monsters, Zhane comes to her rescue, and the two find that they are strongly attracted to each other.
  • Zhane's Destiny
    Episode 24
    The Rangers investigate readings from a planet, and find that the rebels from KO-35 have set up camp there. Darkonda is among them, in disguise as an officer, who tries to turn the people against the Rangers.
  • Always A Chance
    Episode 25
    During battle, Carlos accidentally injures Cassie, giving him serious doubts about whether he is fit to be a Power Ranger. By undergoing training with former Ranger Adam, he regains his confidence. When a monster attacks a powerless Carlos, Adam must once again morph into the Black Ranger to save him.
  • The Secret Of The Locket
    Episode 26
    While fighting the Rangers, Astronema's locket is torn off. Andros finds it and discovers a picture of himself and his sister as children, meaning that Astronema is his long lost sister Karone.
  • Astronema Thinks Twice
    Episode 27
    Astronema now knows her true past, and wonders whether or not she should be evil. She meets Andros on a desolate planet, and joins his side, leaving with him for the Megaship.
  • The Rangers' Leap of Faith
    Episode 28
    Astronema leads the Rangers to the planet where Zordon is being held captive. It turns out to be a trap, set up by Dark Specter to capture the Rangers.
  • Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 1
    Episode 29
  • Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 2
    Episode 30
    Dark Specter wants Astronema back, and to accomplish this, he sends an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Astronema sneaks aboard the Dark Fortress to divert the asteroid's course, but she is captured and reverted to being evil.
  • Rangers Gone Psycho
    Episode 31
    Five imposters are wreaking havoc throughout Angel Grove as Power Rangers. The real Rangers confront them, and they reveal themselves to be the Psycho Rangers, maniacal machines sent by Astronema. The Psychos read the Rangers' minds, and prove to be difficult to defeat with this knowledge of the Rangers' fighting techniques.
  • Carlos On Call
    Episode 32
    A little girl named Silvy discovers that Carlos is a Ranger when she find pictures of him morphing in a photo booth. She uses this knowledge to blackmail him into spending time with her, which drives Carlos nuts.
  • A Rift In The Rangers
    Episode 33
    Ashley and Cassie have a quarrel over doing chores on the Megaship. Psycho Yellow and Pink manage to capture Ashley.
  • Five Of A Kind
    Episode 34
    TJ comes up with a way to defeat the Psycho Rangers. Since they are designed to fight their respective Ranger color, the Rangers all disguise themselves as the Blue Ranger, and to confuse them even further, Zhane jumps in as Psycho Silver.
  • Silence Is Golden
    Episode 35
    The Psycho Rangers scour the city in search of the civilian Rangers, using voice recognition. Cassie is in town, and must remain quiet to avoid being found.
  • The Enemy Within
    Episode 36
    The Psycho Rangers have stolen the Mega Voyager. To get it back, the Power Rangers launch a surprise attack on the Psychos.
  • Andros And The Stowaway
    Episode 37
    While searching an alien planet, Andros saves a small alien creature which was enslaved by a monster. The monster wants his captive back, and the Rangers must defeat him to defend the small stowaway's freedom.
  • Mission To Secret City
    Episode 38
    Astronema creates secret city, where one of her monsters teleports captives to, including Carlos, Andros and Silvy. With Silvy's help, Andros unleashes the true power of his battlizer, morphing into the Red battlized Ranger.
  • Ghosts In The Machine
    Episode 39
    Astronema develops a machine that transforms matter into data. The ghosts of the Psycho Rangers use it in reverse, restoring them to our physical plane.
  • The Impenetrable Web
    Episode 40
    Ecliptor gains access to the Astro Megaship and creates a web which prevents the Rangers from getting in. Ecliptor increases his powers and battles the Rangers.
  • A Line In The Sand
    Episode 41
    A sinister humvee is tracking down the Rangers and teleporting them to a wasteland in the middle of nowhere.
  • Countdown To Destruction, Part 1
    Episode 42
  • Countdown To Destruction, Part 2
    Episode 43
    Dark Specter sends the order for all villains in the universe to begin their assault on everything in sight. Divatox, Rita, Zedd, Astronema, and the Machine Empire overtake the Alien Rangers, Gold Ranger, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger, and the Space Rangers, in furious battles throughout the universe. Dark Specter is destroyed by Darkonda, and Astronema becomes the new monarch of evil. Andros sneaks aboard the Dark Fortress to try and make her good again, but ends up having to defeat her in battle. He does find Zordon however, and by breaking his tube, releases a wave of energy that destroys the evil forces attacking, even reverting Astronema into Karone.

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