The Venjix virus has taken over and most of the American civilization is in a dome city, protected by the Power Rangers, led by the brilliant Dr. K.

Fade to Black
Episode 2

Dillon and Ziggy are put in jail for sneaking into the city of Corinth. The authority want to find out more about the mysterious Dillon.

Episode 3

Dillon has been asked to join the team, he takes a test and thinks it through.

Go for the Green
Episode 4

Ziggy holds an audition for the new Green Ranger but no one impresses the main three Rangers, except for a new mysterious girl.

Episode 5

Tenaya is to prove her usefulness and plants a surprise for the Rangers when they return to the garage. Dr. K puts Dillon with the charge of testing out his invisibility shield, he has to believe in it but how can he when he has never seen Dr. K face to face?

Ranger Green
Episode 6

Ziggy must prove himself to Dr. K while we learn why the Scorpion Cartel wants to take a hold of him.

Ranger Red
Episode 7

Scott looks back at when he lost his older brother Marcus when the team needs an item Scott had lost that they need for Croc Carrier.



Summer has to get married because of a promise she made to her parents. Tenaya is also in search of a diamond that belongs to Summer's family.

Ranger Blue
Episode 10

Flynn always wanted to be a superhero since he was a wee lad. A flaw in the Ranger Blue technology causes him to freeze in place when in battle.

Doctor K
Episode 11

Dr. K remembers her past when she is unable to finish the Venjix Megazord without a missing part and she harbors a deep dark secret.

Episode 12

Dillon starts to remember his past and the rest is in the hands of an Attack Bot.

Brother's Keeper
Episode 13

Dillon's virus is increased by Tenaya and the gang tries to save him, Scott helps him by cuffing them together.

Episode 14

The team goes on a road trip to find answers to Dillon's past but Venjix has downloaded himself into a new robot to fight the Rangers himself.

Episode 15

The five Rangers arrive to the abandoned city of Kenmore and are saved by the two new Rangers.

In or Out
Episode 16

The Gold and Silver Rangers want to go out and fight the Venjix army when they steal the city's oxygen, Scott is forced to disobey his father once again.

Episode 17

Gem and Gemma want to destroy a factory that has humans held prisoner and they were once in, Dillon wants to go because he may have a sister there.

Belly of the Beast
Episode 18

The Rangers and the military head to the factory to rescue the workers and stop the new doom bot project. Dillon still has hope of finding his sister, but finds something that was standing right in front of him.

Three's a Crowd
Episode 19

The Rangers address their concerns about the trigger-happy twins to Dr. K while Ziggy bumps into old adversaries while shopping.

Heroes Among Us
Episode 20

Gem is given a medal by Colonel Truman, Scott feels the pain and escapes against his father's wishes and encounters prisoners with the help of Gem.

Not So Simple
Episode 21

Flynn's attempt at creating his own Engine Cell fails and hurts his self-esteem. Gemma sees the potential in him and assists him in creating the Road Attack Zord.

The Dome Dolls
Episode 22

The men of Corinth are put to sleep thanks to Tenaya's Attack Bot and it is up to Summer to get Vasquez, Colonel Truman's solider to step up and help against the latest attack. Meanwhile, General Kilobyte arrives and rubs Tenaya the wrong way.

And... Action
Episode 23

Ziggy shows fans the behind-the-scenes action of Power Rangers RPM from filming, stunts and special effects.

Ancient History
Episode 24

When Tenaya and the Generals dig up information on the experimental and abandoned Paleomax and Colonel Truman finds out Dr. K is responsible for Venjix, setting up a witch hunt.

Key to the Past
Episode 25

General Shifter creates his attack bot and is kicked out by Venjix. Dillon inspired by two keys in a ceremony, puts the two keys of his watch together and is reminded of a haunting tune. He tells Tenaya what he has discovered and to her surprise, she bleeds.

Beyond a Doubt
Episode 26

Tenaya takes Dillon to Venjix's base and despite the others' objections, he trusts her. She seemingly betrays him and Paleomax Megazord is turned against the Rangers. Scott goes head to head against General Shifter.

Episode 27

Kilobyte kidnapped Tenaya and reprogrammed her after her betrayal, much to Dillon's dismay. General Shifter has placed a gear into Scott in order to control his actions.

Run Ziggy Run
Episode 28

Ziggy is on the run from Fresno Bob because of a debt. Venjix is given a new body thanks to General Shifter's demise. Tenaya makes a deal with Fresno Bob to get something in exchange. The Rail Saber is developed.

If Venjix Won
Episode 29

Dr. K goes out on the town with Ziggy as it is her birthday but he does not know this. After an attack, he hastily teleports them into a cave where they are trapped. The Rangers race against the clock to figure out her secret password of her computer to let them out.

End Game
Episode 30

Dillon fears the virus will take him over. Venjix brings a new attack bot to beat the Rangers. General Kilobyte activates a hybrid without Venjix knowing or either Colonel Truman for that matter. Dr. K has developed an antidote but it is still experimental.



With hundreds of hybrids activated in the city of Corinth, Dillon fights the control over him. Venjix comes and destroys the lab, taking the Biofield information, able to delete both Gem and Gemma. Dillon is successful at curing himself and his sister, but at the cost of his life. The final countdown to defeat Venjix and save the entire human race begins.