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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : Season 1

1 Day Of The Dumpster 08/28/1993 After ten thousand years, Rita Repulsa and her goons are free and they plan to conquer Earth. But, Zordon and Alpha learn about the danger and recruit a team of teenagers with attitude -- the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
2 High Five 09/07/1993 As the kids climb to the top of the rope, Trini confronts an old fear of heights. Meanwhile, Rita unleashes a new plot against the Power Rangers. She creates Bones and sends our heroes to another dimension.
3 Teamwork 09/08/1993 The girls lead a drive to clean up the environment, but Rita has other plans when Kimberly and Trini walk into her waste dump. She also sends the mighty Minotaur to defeat our heroes.
4 A Pressing Engagement 09/09/1993 Jason tries to break a fitness record. But, Goldar has a plan to separate Jason from the others. Rita sends down the powerful King Sphinx to squash Jason.
5 Different Drum 09/10/1993 Kimberly's student lives in a silent world of the hearing impaired but that doesn't stop her from saving her friends from Rita's Gnarly Gnome.
6 Food Fight 09/04/1993 Angel Grove is having a food festival which soon turns into a food fight. Meanwhile, Rita is under the weather and sends the ravenous Pudgy Pig to take it out on Earth.
7 Big Sisters 09/11/1993 Kimberly and Trini volunteer to be big sisters to a mischievous little girl, Maria. Meanwhile, Rita hatches a new scheme and sends the Chunky Chicken down to Earth and a herd of putties to kidnap Maria.
8 I, Eye Guy 09/14/1993 Rita sends the evil Eye Guy to kidnap a young friend of Billy's who has been working on a new virtual reality machine for the school science fair.
9 For Whom The Bell Trolls 09/15/1993 It's Hobby Week at Angel Grove High and Trini shows the class her doll collection, including her favorite of them all, Mr.Ticklesneezer. But, Rita has plans for Mr. Ticklesneezer, whose specialty is collecting.
10 Happy Birthday, Zack 09/16/1993 The kids decide to throw Zack a surprise birthday party but their secrecy leaves Zack feeling forgotten. Rita also has a birthday surprise planned for Zack: the Knasty Knight.
11 No Clowning Around 09/17/1993 Trini takes her cousin Sylvia for a fun day with her friends at the carnival. But the fun and frolic soon turns to chaos, when we find out the fair is one of Rita's traps! Rita also creates the Pineoctopus.
12 Power Ranger Punks 09/20/1993 Kimberly and Billy are transformed into bullies by a magic potion slipped into their drinks. Zordon is forced to capture them and find a means to cure them.
13 Peace, Love And Woe 09/21/1993 Billy finds himself a new girlfriend who is mistaken for a Power Ranger and kidnapped along with the other Rangers and Is held hostage in another dimension until Billy devises a means to free everyone.
14 Foul Play In The Sky 09/22/1993 Kimberly's plans to spend the afternoon with her uncle Steve in his small plane are disrupted by Rita who slips her uncle a sleeping potion forcing Kim to learn how to land a plane quickly.
15 Dark Warrior 09/28/1993 Trini's uncle Howard is kidnapped by the Dark Warrior who threatens to kill him unless he reveals the secret of a new invisibility formula he has invented.
16 Switching Places 10/04/1993 Billy and Kimberly's personalities are switched when they test out Billy's new mind reading machine which has been sabotaged by Squatt.
17 Green with Evil, Part 1 10/05/1993 Rita kidnaps Tommy, a new kid in town and turns him into the Green Ranger. She sends the Green Ranger on a mission to destroy the Rangers' Command Center and destroy their link with Zordon.
18 Green with Evil, Part 2 10/06/1993 Billy and Trini set out to repair the damage done by Green Ranger. The Green Ranger is given the Sword of Darkness which places its owner under Rita's control forever. Jason is captured by Rita.
19 Green with Evil, Part 3 10/07/1993 The remaining Power Rangers split up in order to find Jason. They are attacked by Rita's latest ally, Scorpina.
20 Green with Evil, Part 4 10/08/1993 A power surge damages the Morphing Grid preventing the Rangers from morphing and defeating Goldar who is on a rampage. Green Ranger breaks into the Command Center, shuts down Alpha and disrupts communication with Zordon.
21 Green with Evil, Part 5 10/09/1993 With communications with Zordon down and the Megazord destroyed, the Earth is defenseless. Having learned that Tommy is the Green Ranger, the gang sets out to find him and release him from her spell.
22 The Trouble With Shellshock 10/11/1993 Our heroes hit the court for some well-deserved recreation. Meanwhile, Squatt and Baboo create a monster all their own, Shellshock.
23 Itsy Bitsy Spider 10/12/1993 The kids lead a drive to save a statue. But, the statue becomes a part of Rita's latest scheme.
24 The Spit Flower 10/19/1993 Kimberly is working on a special project: designing a float for a parade. But, Rita doesn't take kindly to Kimberly's humor and decides to do something about it by sending putties to destroy the model, much to Kimberly's displeasure. Rita then sends down the Spit Flower to terrorize the town.
25 Life's a Masquerade 10/30/1993 The gang plans to attend a costume party. Even Bulk and Skull get into the spirit. But, when Rita's Frankenstein monster rashes the party, the Power Rangers must swing into action.
26 Gung Ho! 10/25/1993 Jason and Tommy are getting ready for the Teen Ninja Finals, only their teamwork isn't quite what it should be. Meanwhile, Rita is busy making an army of indestructible super putties to attack the earth. Zordon must send Jason and Tommy on a quest to get special weapons to defeat the putties. But, they encounter Titanus, the zord carrier and protector of the weapons.
27 Wheel Of Misfortune 11/01/1993 It's ShowTime at Angel Grove High when Kimberly gets the lead in Rumpelstiltskin. But, Rita takes Kimberly's spinning wheel and turns it into the Wheel of Destruction, a magic wheel that can destroy anything it touches, including the Power Rangers.
29 Island Of Illusion, Part 2 11/03/1993 After the Power Rangers are defeated and resume their human form, Rita transports them to the Island of Illusion where each of them is forced to face his or her self-doubts in order to escape from the island.
30 The Rockstar 11/04/1993 Jason and his cousin Jeremy find a secret map. Rita sends the unscrupulous Scorpina to get the map and find the Mirror of Destruction.
31 Calamity Kimberly 11/05/1993 Kimberly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and the day goes from bad to worse. Meanwhile, Rita sends the sinister Samurai Fan Man to trap Kimberly in another dimension.
32 A Star Is Born 11/15/1993 Tommy decides to try out for a television commercial. Mean while, the other Rangers head for the beach. But, their day of fun turns into terror when Scorpina crashes the party.
33 The Yolk's On You! 11/16/1993 The Rangers gather to rehearse for a talent contest. Meanwhile, Squatt and Baboo send the ferocious Fang after our heroes while the putties keep Tommy tied up.
34 The Green Candle, Part 1 11/17/1993
35 The Green Candle, Part 2 11/18/1993 Tommy is in danger as Rita devises a spell to steal his Morphin powers. When a green candle formed from magic wax burns down, it will steal the Green Ranger's powers. Tommy is taken to Rita's Dark Dimension, where he faces the fight of his life. The only way he can keep his powers is if he serves Rita.
36 Birds Of A Feather 11/22/1993 Zack prepares his young student for an up and coming martial arts tournament but Rita pulls Zack away when she releases the Hatchosaurus on the unsuspecting city.
37 Clean-Up Club 11/23/1993 The kids decide to put together a club to clean up Angel Grove. But, Rita plots a pollution scheme and sends the Polluticorn to do the job.
38 A Bad Reflection On You 11/27/1993 Rita sends a special type of Putty designed to impersonate the Rangers in both of their forms to Angel Grove. Once there the Putties get the Rangers in trouble at school. With the real Rangers in detention, their doubles are free to wreak havoc.
39 Doomsday, Part 1 11/29/1993
40 Doomsday, Part 2 11/30/1993 The city plans a special day to honor our heroes but the celebration is short-libbed as Rita sends the townspeople to another dimension and sends Cyclopsis to destroy the Rangers.
41 Rita's Seed Of Evil 02/07/1994 For a school project, the Rangers spend the afternoon planting trees in the park. But, Rita has some seeds of her own and sends Squatt down to plant her latest monster, the Octoplant.
42 A Pig Surprise 02/08/1994 Our heroes spearhead a drive to find homes for stray animals, including an old lady's pig named Norman. But, Norman is no ordinary pig. At Rita's command, he transforms into the infamous Pudgy Pig.
43 Something Fishy 02/09/1994 A nice picnic and an afternoon of scuba diving turn fishy when Rita sends down the treacherous Goo Fish. Rita then puts a spell on Billy that plays on his worst fears.
44 Lions and Blizzards 02/10/1994 The Rangers and their friends win the grand prize at the annual Oddball Games: the Noble Lion Trophy. Rita and Goldar plot to transform the trophy into a ferocious monster.
45 Crystal Of Nightmares 02/21/1994 The kids head to the mountains for a weekend of studying. Meanwhile, Goldar tries to sabotage the kids by turning their dreams into nightmares. Can the Power Rangers overcome the forces of the Crystal of Nightmares and regain their confidence and powers?
46 To Flea Or Not To Flee 02/16/1994 The Juice Bar is in trouble and the kids rally to help their friend. Meanwhile, Rita makes a fierce-fighting flea monster and plants it on a lost dog.
47 Reign Of The Jellyfish 02/17/1994 The kids of Angel Grove High prepare a time capsule for future citizens. But, Squatt and Baboo try and steal the capsule for Rita. Rita sends the Jellyfish to challenge our heroes.
48 Plague Of The Mantis 02/24/1994 Trini is learning a new style of Kong Fu. Meanwhile, Rita sends down the Mighty Mantis Monster to challenge Trini's new skills.
50 Return Of An Old Friend, Part 2 03/01/1994 It's Parents Day at Angel Grove Youth Center and Rita hatches a plot to kidnap the Rangers' parents with her terrible Drammolemonster. They distract the Power Rangers so that the Drammolemonster can hypnotize their parents and kidnap them.
51 Grumble Bee 04/28/1994 Billy is shocked when he gets his first B ever. This gives Rita an idea: she sends putties to trap some of the Rangers, leaving Billy and Trini to fight the ominous Grumble Bee.
52 Two Heads Are Better Than One 04/29/1994 Jason and Tommy volunteer to teach the moms of Angel Grove self- defense. "Teamwork can be one of your best weapons against an opponent, " Jason tells them. "Remember, ladies. Two heads are better than one, " Tommy says. Rita decides that two heads are exactly what her next monster needs and she creates a two-headed parrot to take on the Rangers.
53 Fowl Play 05/02/1994 Zack helps out by teaching magic to some day camp kids which works a bit of magic on Angela. But, Rita makes magic of her own and creates the Peckster to terrorize the city.
54 Trick Or Treat 05/03/1994 Kimberly is chosen to compete against Skull on the hottest TV game show in Angel Grove. Things go well for Kimberly until Rita starts a new offensive and the Rangers are called into action. This time they face the Pumpkin Rapper, a hip-hoppin' terror who takes our heroes to the end of their rope.
55 Second Chance 05/04/1994 Jason and Zack offer to help a young friend make Ernie's soccer team. But, Rita has games of her own to play and sends down the Soccadillo to roll over the Rangers.
56 On Fins And Needles 05/05/1994 Jason and Tommy volunteer to teach kids the value of team work and martial arts. But, their teamwork is undermined as Rita casts a spell that turns the heroes against each other. Rita sends down the Slippery Shark to split the Rangers for good.
57 Enter... The Lizzinator 05/06/1994 Kimberly helps a young friend named Kelly try to make the junior high cheerleading squad. But, Rita plans to use Kelly to lure the Rangers into a battle with the Lizzinator.
58 Football Season 05/09/1994 It's time for football tryouts at Angel Grove High but Tommy is having a hard time. Rita decides to field her own team and sends down the Rhino Blaster to lead the putties in a grid-iron battle.
59 Mighty Morphin' Mutants 05/16/1994 Ms. Appleby gives the class a special assignment: she wants the students to ask their friends to chose something about them that needs a little work. But, Tommy has a hard time with it. Meanwhile, Rita sends down the Mutant Rangers to make the real Rangers' day memorable.
60 An Oyster Stew 05/23/1994 Zack's in love and plans a big date in order to impress Angela. But, Rita plans to spoil Zack's romance and calls for the dangerous Ecocide Pearl and a monster called the Oysterizer.