• Episodes
    • Ep 1
      When Evil Stirs
      The Rangers have defeated Sledge. But the duplicitous Snide, Sledge's former prisoner, awakens from the ruins of his fallen ship.
    • Ep 2
      Forgive and Forget
      Riley strikes up an athletic competition with a former rival who shows up in town. Meanwhile, Heckyl hatches a plan to steal the Energems.
    • Ep 3
      Nightmare in Amber Beach
      A seemingly ordinary pillow is really the gateway to a nightmare world in which monsters can control anyone in a dream state -- including the Rangers.
    • Ep 4
      A Date with Danger (Dino Super Charge)
      Chase tries to impress his new girlfriend, but finds he has stiff competition from his own alter ego. Meanwhile, a new villain joins Snide’s side.
    • Ep 5
      Roar of the Red Ranger
      After Heckyl corrupts Kendall’s computer, the T-Rex Super Charger goes wild, and Tyler finds himself in need of the mysterious Aqua Ranger’s help.
    • Ep 6
      Forged Under Fire
      Tyler’s plans to spend time with his father are compromised when Singe cracks his Energem, forcing him to dig deep into Earth for hot magma.
    • Ep 7
      Home Run Koda
      Kendall creates a new Dino Charger that requires the five core Energems, but Riley becomes too preoccupied with baseball to pitch in.
    • Ep 8
      Riches and Rags
      Heckyl creates a hybrid monster, Spell Digger, to instill greed in people. Ivan has his own money problems after destroying a valuable suit of armor.
    • Ep 9
      Besties 4Eva
      When Shelby's best friend, Erin, starts taking credit for things she didn't do, she doesn't realize that she's putting herself in real danger.
    • Ep 10
      Gone Fishin
      What starts as a relaxing day of fishing quickly morphs into a dangerous mission to recover a newly discovered Zord.
    • Ep 11
      Love at First Fight
      In an effort to steal Energems, Heckyl tricks the Rangers into falling in love with Beauticruel after she receives a magical makeover.
    • Ep 12
      Catching Some Rays
      When an ancient monster known as Leisure escapes, Koda must team up with Kendall to stop its twin, Loafer, from stealing the Energems.
    • Ep 13
      Recipe for Disaster
      Heckyl wants to unleash Wrench's newest weapon, Fortress. Meanwhile, Chase is on edge when a food critic dines at the Dino Bite Cafe.
    • Ep 14
      Silver Secret
      Shelby is ecstatic when she's asked to audition for the N-Zed Boys. Meanwhile, the team learns that Silver Ranger may be nearby.
    • Ep 15
      Wings of Danger
      When Zenowing turns down the Power Rangers' offer to help in battle, the team worries that he may have forgotten the value of teamwork.
    • Ep 16
      Freaky Fightday
      The museum is struck by a mysterious graffiti artist, whose identity shocks the Rangers. Snide devises a devious plan to switch the Rangers' bodies.
    • Ep 17
      When Worg the robotic caveman comes to the museum, Arcanon unleashes diabolical music that turns its listeners into zombies.
    • Ep 18
      The Rangers Rock
      Sledge tells his minions a story, the Rangers clash with an old enemy, and Poisandra prepares for her big day.
    • Ep 19
      Edge of Extinction
      The Rangers discover a glowing green egg. Meanwhile, Snide and Sledge have something big planned, but can they trust each other?
    • Ep 20
      End of Extinction
      The fate of the world hangs in the balance when the Power Rangers travel back in time to face off against Sledge and Fury.
    • Ep 21
      Trick or Trial
      Just as the Rangers are about to have some Halloween fun, they're summoned to an intergalactic court by the seedy lawyer Scumlaw.
    • Ep 22
      Here Comes Heximas
      It's Christmastime, but not everyone is feeling jolly after strange gifts from a mysterious Secret Santa appear under the tree.
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