When Mesogog, an evil scientist, unleashes Bio Zords on the city, former Power Ranger Tommy Oliver recruits three high school kids to become Power Rangers and tame the beasts.

Wave Goodbye
Episode 3

Conner resigns as a Power Ranger after his super hero duties make him fail an important soccer try-out. After some newly discovered dino eggs hatch, the Rangers are given Raptor Riders to use in their latest battle. After saving a little girl from harm, Conner reconsiders his decision and rejoins the team.

Legacy Of Power
Episode 4

Mesogog kidnaps Tommy to find out how to access a mysterious power source. As Hayley searches a for way to rescue Tommy, the Rangers watch a video diary on the history of Power Rangers.

Back In Black
Episode 5

Rangers rescue Tommy, who uses the power source Mesogog was trying to open to become the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. he calls on the Brachio Zord and the Cephala Zord to defeat Mesogog's latest monster.

Diva In Distress
Episode 6

Kira is reunited with an old friend turned pop star - Kylee Styles. The Donkeyvac monster attacks, stealing everyone's youth, including Kylee's. The monster is defeated and everyone's youth is restored.

Game On
Episode 7

Ethan is transported into a video game, where he battle the Triptoids. Once freed, the Triptoids and a wizard follow him back out. The Rangers destroy the monster responsible and return the wizard to his own world.

Golden Boy
Episode 8

Rangers battle Zeltrax's son Goldenrod and try to halt Anton Mercer's plans of taking down the cyber cafe.


Elsa pulls a bait and switch on the Rangers, and steals the Dimetro Zord egg. The Dimetro Zord is turned good and helps the Rangers defeat Mesogog's monster.

Ocean Alert
Episode 10

Rangers save an actress from a famous television show when Mesogog captures her to use as raw material for his evil schemes.




Trent sneaks into Mesogog's fortress and is taken over by the White Dino Gem. As the White Ranger, he goes on a rampage, battling and defeating both Rangers and monsters. Trent obtains the White Drago Zord, and steals the Stego Zord. He also ambushes Tommy and traps him in amber.


White Ranger continues battling anyone he can, and is captured by Mesogog. He breaks free and destroys Mesogog's monster. Trent leaves the city, deciding that he is too dangerous to stay.

Leader Of The Whack
Episode 15

meteor's energy changes the Rangers' personalities. When a monster attacks, the Rangers defeat it with the help of Trent, who has been turned good by the meteor. The meteor is destroyed, and is used to free Tommy from his amber casing.


As Trent has been completely taken over by the White Dino Gem, he makes a deal with Mesogog to trick the Power Rangers. Trent introduces the Dino ATVs and betrays Mesogog after he gets what he wants. Mesogog is revealed to be Anton Mercer.

The Missing Bone
Episode 17

When an old experiment of Tommy and Anton's is revived, it puts Kira under its control and has her steal the missing bone from the Dino Lab. Now complete, the Fossilador wreaks havoc, and Kira must join the other Rangers in time to stop it.

Bully For Ethan
Episode 18

When Ethan is being bothered in school by Derrick, he gets in over his head. Meanwhile, Tommy must confront Zeltrax and learns his true identity. Also Trent and Zeltrax form an alliance to eliminate their rivals.


When Conner, Ethan, and Kira find a show about Power Rangers in Japan, Conner is appalled at its portrayal of them. Meanwhile, the Japanese Power Rangers must go up against a money hungry monster named Ka-Ching.


When Kira gets accepted for an internship on the Funky Fisherman Show, Elsa gets an idea to kidnap Marty the Mackerel for her evil scheme. Meanwhile, Trent and Zeltrax battle for second in command.

Copy That
Episode 21

When Zeltrax frames Trent for destroying Mesogog's lab, Mesogog tries to destroy Trent. Trent is released from Dino Gem's hold and agrees to use his powers for good. Meanwhile, Zeltrax makes an evil White Ranger clone.

Triassic Triumph
Episode 22

When Zeltrax uses his new Evil White Ranger clone to create the unstoppable Terrorsaurus, Tommy and Trent track down the Shield of Triumph. Conner fulfills his destiny by using it to become the Triassic Ranger.

A Star Is Torn
Episode 23

When Kira lands a record deal with a famous record producer, it might not be exactly what she was hoping for. Meanwhile, can Hayley get the Triassic Megarover online? Who will win in a final

A Ranger Exclusive
Episode 24

After finding Ethan and Cassidy hanging out, Kira tries to get Cassidy a job at the TV station as a reporter. In the meantime, can the Rangers stop Mesogog's plan to destroy Jupiter and all of human life, in an attempt to bring back the reign of the Dinosaurs?

Tutenhawken's Curse
Episode 25

When Ethan uncovers and ancient curse, he is having a series of bad luck. He must use the Hovercraft Cycle to defeat Tutenhawken and break the curse.

Disappearing Act
Episode 26

As Ethan and Cassidy go on their first date, Tommy discovers a mysterious slime that will finally demorph him. Unfortunately it leaves his Dino Gem power of invisibility stuck in overdrive.

Fighting Spirit
Episode 27

Tommy falls into a coma, while trying to return visible and must face his former Ranger forms in a battle for his life. Meanwhile, the other Rangers must fight a new and improved White Terrorsaurus without their powers.


Conner tries to impress Krista, a girl interested in protecting the environment. He finds himself wishing that he had that kind of passion, but soon learn that he already does. With Zeltrax's return and thirst for eternal life, he's going to need it in order to unlock the Battlizer.

Isn't It Lava-ly
Episode 29

Elsa captures Dr. Morton, the world's lead volcanologist to awaken a volcano in Reefside, which has been dormant for over a million years. Meanwhile, will Ethan win a video game competition or will his ego get the best of him?

Strange Relations
Episode 30

Anton Mercer continues to struggle against Mesogog, as he turns one of his projects into the Jade Gladiator. As an imbalance increases in the Morphing Grid, the two White Rangers must finally do battle. Can the Power Rangers stop this new monster? And which White Ranger will win in an ultimate showdown.



When Lothor returns from the Abyss of Evil, he turns the Wind Rangers evil and attacks the Wind Ninja Academy. Can Cam, Hunter, and Blake help the Dino Rangers stop them before Mesogog and Lothor team up to destroy the world?

In Your Dreams
Episode 33

Elsa uses a device to invade the Rangers dreams in an attempt to destroy them in their dreams in hopes they'll never wake up. Do the Power Rangers have what it takes to conquer their nightmares?

Drawn Into Danger
Episode 34

Trent goes to meet Carson Daily a famous comic book artist, when Elsa is inspired to give him a magic pen that brings anything it draws to life. The pen influences Carson to draw the Power Rangers into a battle with an ice queen named Fridgia. Can the Power Rangers stop her before it's too late or is this the last issue of Power Rangers Dino Thunder?

House Of Cards
Episode 35

The other Rangers start to get suspicious as Trent continues to try to keep his father's secret. Meanwhile, Principal Randall and Dr. Oliver battle it out in front of the school in front of everyone. When Elsa brings to life Ethan's Ruby Dragon card, the cards really begin to fall. Can Trent stop the other Rangers from finding out his father's secret and stop the Ruby Dragon?

A Test Of Trust
Episode 36

As Trent must find a way to redeem himself with the other Rangers and faces losing his position as a Power Ranger, the others remember how much they've changed since becoming Power Rangers themselves. Can the Rangers ever trust Trent again or is this the end of the White Ranger?



As Mesogog prepares a weapon to transform the Earth back to the era of the dinosaurs, and Zeltrax unleashes the Zelzord - the Rangers must consider sacrificing their powers in order bring down Mesogog for good.



Tommy talks about his past as a Power Ranger, and discusses some of the highlights of his Ranger years.

Before it Began
Movie 2

Kira and Ethan find the link to the Morphing Grid, which supplies them with visions of the next team of Power Rangers - Space Patrol Delta; as they take on a renegade group of space aliens - the Troobians, who are set on taking over the planet.

The Hidden Episode