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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

1 Quasar Quest, Part 1 02/06/1999
2 Quasar Quest, Part 2 02/13/1999 Terra Venture, a space station that will carry Earthlings to a new world, is about to be launched. A young man named Leo sneaks on board, determined to see what's out there. On a training mission on the moon, Leo, Kendrix, and Mike are taken to Miranoi by Maya, who has appeared from a rift in space and needs their help fighting Furio and the Sting Wingers. Kai heads back to the station, but later returns in the Astro Megaship, along with Damon and Alpha. Everyone joins forces, and using the power of the legendary Quasar Sabers, they become the new Power Rangers. They escape in the Megaship, as Furio turns the surface of Mirinoi and everything on it into stone.
3 Race To The Rescue 02/20/1999 Maya telepathically senses that someone is in trouble. Along with Leo and Damon, they track the source of the distress call in the Megaship, and find one of Scorpius' monsters holding five beasts captive.
4 Rookie In Red 02/27/1999 Leo joins Terra Venture's military, with Kai as his trainer. While on duty securing the weapons room, Leo accidentally leaves the door unlocked, which leads to the entire arsenal being stolen by one of Scorpius' monsters.
5 Homesick 03/06/1999 A young stowaway hacks into Terra Venture's navigational systems, in hopes of turning it around to go back home. He does not succeed, and is caught by security. Furio brings in an army to take over the station.
6 The Lights Of Orion 03/13/1999 Furio and Trakeena plot to take the Lights of Orion, a legendary source of power, from a well barricaded cave. He sends a monster to impersonate Mike, and lure Leo into opening the cave.
7 Double Duty 03/20/1999 Kendrix meets an actress who looks exactly like her. When the actress feigns injury, Kendrix accepts an offer to take her place filming a movie. A monster appears, looking for the Lights of Orion in a movie camera.
8 The Blue Crush 03/27/1999 While taking Commander Stanton's daughter rollerblading, Kai becomes infatuated with a girl at the rink, Hannah.
9 The Magna Defender 04/03/1999 Furio believes to have found the Lights of Orion in a cave, but Leo intervenes once again. The two do battle, and instead of being defeated, Furio self-destructs. Leo is saved, as the mysterious Magna Defender walks out of the cave holding him.
10 The Sunflower Search 04/10/1999 A monster believes that the Lights of Orion are hidden in a sunflower statue somewhere on Terra Venture. Also, Magna Defender reveals the reason for his anger.
11 Silent Sleep 04/17/1999 A monster is sent to freeze the whole colony including the Rangers to enable him to find the Lights of Orion. However, animals were left unfrozen. Leo was wearing shielded from a freezing spike by Mike's dog tags, and left unfrozen as well as Magna Defender.
12 Orion Rising 05/01/1999 The Pink and Yellow Rangers get into an argument. As they go to do the weekly grocery shopping, they run into a force field which has trapped part of the main city on Terra Venture. The monster behind the force field wants to keep the Rangers out so he can find the Lights of Orion.
13 Orion Returns 05/08/1999 The Lights of Orion are spotted by Maya and the Rangers go after them in the Astro Megaship. Treacheron also discovers it and Scorpius too goes after it. The Scorpius Stinger damages the Megaship and the Rangers use the Jet Jammers to go after the Lights.
14 Shark Attack 05/15/1999 Treacheron is accused of being a traitor. The Shark brothers free him and they go down to Terra Venture to capture Trakeena for revenge.
15 Redemption Day 05/22/1999 The Scorpion Stinger is damaged and is losing fuel. It goes to Terra Venture to get fuel from it. Magna Defender sees this as an opportunity for his revenge and causes a volcano to become unstable.
16 Destined For Greatness 09/25/1999 The Skelecron monster captures four Rangers, and uses them to power up his warriors. It is up to Leo and Mike to rescue them. Leo tries to pass on the Red Quasar Saber to Mike, but he convinces him that he has earned it. The brothers defeat the warriors and free their teammates, but Skelecron grows and captures the Galaxy Megazord. Mike discovers that he has the power to transform into Magna Defender, and uses it to summon Torozord and defeat Skelecron.
17 Stolen Beauty 10/02/1999 Trakeena wants to be the most beautiful in the universe or at least in the nearby vicinity), and sends the Crumummy monster to steal the beauty from every woman on Terra Venture, including Maya and Kendrix. She disguises herself as a civilian, and tries to poison Mike, but he is wise to her plan, and turns the tables, stealing back the beauty, and restoring it to the women of the station.
18 The Rescue Mission 10/09/1999 A rescue team led by Mike follows a distress call to an abandoned space ship. There they find a spider monster who captures most of the crew. Mike and Leo free the team, and retrieve a mysterious book, just before the ship explodes.
20 The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2 10/22/1999 A new villain named Deviot appears, with an army of three powerful Zords to battle the Rangers - Stratoforce, Centaurus, and Zenith. The only problem is, the Rangers' Galactabeasts refuse to fight them. As Deviot prepares for the final battle, the Rangers race to translate the Galaxy book, and find clues to help them defeat the new Zords.
21 Heir To The Throne 10/23/1999 Trakeena escapes the planet Onyx, where she is trained by Villamax. Meanwhile, Deviot sets Scorpius up to be killed by the Power Rangers. When Trakeena hears of this, she races back to the Scorpion Stinger to assume command, just in time to prevent Deviot from using her cocoon.
22 An Evil Game 10/25/1999 Trakeena captures Leo to make him pay for killing her father. The two fight one on one, until Deviot's hit men try to kill Trakeena. She turns the tables on the assassins, and Leo escapes while the villains are distracted.
23 Memories Of Mirinoi 10/26/1999 One of Maya's old friend Shondra appears on Terra Venture. Kendrix's suspicions of her are proven to be true, when Maya finds Shondra stealing the Galaxy Book. Shondra reveals herself to be one of Trakeena's monster, and the Rangers destroy her and retrieve the book.
24 Green Courage 10/27/1999 Holding High Commander Renier hostage, Trakeena demands that Terra Venture send her a mechanic to fix the Scorpion Stinger. Damon volunteers, and while he works on the engine, Leo sneaks in and frees the Commander.
25 Blue To The Test 10/28/1999 One of Trakeena's monster takes control of Commander Stanton's mind, and has him set Terra Venture on a course towards a star. Only by disregarding the rules and following his instincts is Kai able to discover this plot, free Stanton, and save Terra Venture.
26 Mean Wheels Mantis 10/29/1999 A motorcycle riding Mantis captures Maya and Kendrix. The other Rangers must defeat him in a race to get them back, but the Astro Cycles aren't fast enough. By communicating with the Lion Galactabeast, Leo is able to transform his cycle into the Capsular Cycle, defeat the Mantis, and save the girls.
27 Loyax' Last Battle 11/01/1999 An ancient hero turned villain named Loyax asks Trakeena to give him a last battle with a worthy opponent, and she sends him to Terra Venture to fight the Rangers. He ends up fighting only Maya, who convinces him to be good again, but Deviot uses his backup plan to destroy him.
28 A Red Romance 11/02/1999 Leo meets a girl named Hannah, who has an overprotective older brother. A monster appears and abducts Hannah, among others, and her brother tries to battle the monster himself. The Rangers destroy the monster, and get back all of the victims.
29 The Chameliac Warrior 11/03/1999 Trakeena enlists the services of Chameliac, who can analyze and copy any maneuver and weapon he sees. He defeats the Rangers by using their own moves against them, but they defeat him by switching fighting styles.
30 To The Tenth Power 11/04/1999 When Deviot brings the Psycho Rangers back, the Space Rangers come to Terra Venture to help our heroes defeat these maniacal menaces.
31 The Power Of Pink 11/05/1999 When Cassie and Kendrix battle Psycho Pink, she uses the Savage Sword to destroy Cassie's morpher, causing a pink energy storm. Kendrix walks through the storm, and destroys the Savage Sword at the center, but loses her life in the process.
32 Protect The Quasar Saber 11/08/1999 The Pink Quasar Saber makes it way to Onyx, where it is put up for auction. It is stolen by Karone, posing as Astronema. She narrowly escapes Trakeena and her goons, and makes it to the Rangers, who she ends up joining as the new Pink Ranger.
33 Facing The Past 11/09/1999 Karone and Leo travel to a planet to restore Leo's powers after the Magnetox monster destroys them. A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, but she overcomes her demons, and obtains the magical key which gives Leo his powers back, in addition to giving him super armor.
34 Turn Up The Volume 11/10/1999 Damon competes for the position of chief mechanic. He is beaten by Baxter, who steals his plans to win. Baxter and Damon must then team up to defeat the Decibat monster, by using the machine Damon invented.
35 Enter The Lost Galaxy 11/11/1999 The Guardian arrives on Terra Venture, to get the Galaxy Book back. Deviot interferes, and the Guardian is killed, passing on the role of guardian to Kai. Deviot gets the book, and transports Terra Venture into the lost galaxy.
36 Beware The Mutiny 11/12/1999 Terra Venture is greeted in the Lost Galaxy by Captain Mutiny, who the Rangers discover runs a slave camp, and is looking to add the colony's citizens to his work force. Mutiny unleashes the Grunchor monster on Terra Venture, which burrows underground.
37 Grunchor On The Loose 11/15/1999 The Rangers race to find the Grunchor monster, who is causing massive earthquakes and destruction on the station. He surfaces at the command of Barbarax, and attacks the Rangers, who destroy him with fire.
38 Until Sunset 11/16/1999 Leo and Damon are captured by Captain Mutiny and hung out to bake in the sun. As they roast, they remember their past adventure as Rangers. The others find them and set them free.
39 Dream Battle 11/17/1999 Mutiny's latest crewmember, Hexuba, casts a dream spell on the Rangers, making them fight battles in their mind as they sleep. Mike fights off the spell long enough to find Hexuba's hideout and break the spell.
40 Hexuba's Graveyard 11/18/1999 Hexuba resurrects past monsters, and sends them down to Terra Venture. The Rangers wear themselves out battling monster after monster, but Kai travels to the source, a graveyard, and puts an end to Hexuba's voodoo.
41 Raise The Titanisaur 11/19/1999 Captain Mutiny decides to unleash his most fearsome monster against the Rangers - the Titanisaur. The Rangers and their Megazords must combine all of their
42 Escape The Lost Galaxy 12/03/1999
43 Journey's End, Part 1 12/16/1999
44 Journey's End, Part 2 12/17/1999
45 Journey's End, Part 3 12/18/1999
The Lost Episode 05/22/1999