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Power Rangers Mystic Force

1 Broken Spell, Part 1 02/20/2006
2 Broken Spell, Part 2 02/20/2006 Years after a great battle in a magical dimension, evil resurfaces and the sorceress Udonna must find a way to stop it. She calls upon the help of five teenagers who must learn to use magic and fulfill their destinies by becoming Power Rangers.
3 Code Busters 02/27/2006 Chip and Vida try to unlock all of their Ranger powers from the Xenotome by performing odd jobs as heroic deeds. Meanwhile, the other Rangers are captured by Necrolai, leaving Chip and Vida to face a giant monster to rescue them.
4 Rock Solid 03/06/2006 When a monster begins turning people to stone, the Rangers must find a way to stop them. After Nick confronts Madison about being too shy, she wanders off and is turned to stone herself. Can the other Rangers save her and foil Necrolai's latest scheme?
5 Whispering Voices 03/13/2006 Koragg uses Udonna's Snow Staff to whisper lies into Nick's head which causes him to doubt his friends. Meanwhile, Leelee convinces Xander that Nick stole $1, 000 from the store. Without the support of his friends, Nick must battle Koragg who is determined to defeat him.
6 Legendary Catastros 03/20/2006 The Rangers learn the story of Koragg's magical horse - Catastros and how he was thought to be untamable. In a battle with Koragg, Nick gets lost in another dimension. Can he find a way to heal an injured Catastros and can his friends find a way to save him?
7 Fire Heart 03/27/2006 Necrolai uses a map to search for the Fire Heart. Meanwhile, the Rangers are forced to go on a quest through the dangerous Cimmarian Forest to obtain it first. Xander however is more concerned with being the team's leader. Can Xander put aside his pride to lead the Rangers out of the forest or will Necrolai obtain the Fire Heart first?
8 Stranger Within, Part 1 04/03/2006
9 Stranger Within, Part 2 04/17/2006 Vida skips a meeting with the Rangers to go see a new DJ perform with Leelee. Vida seems to act strangely the next day. She has super strength and a strange aversion to sunlight. Chip thinks he has the answer to her plight. Vida has become a vampire, but can Chip save her from Necrolai before it's too late?
10 Petrified Xander 04/24/2006 Xander becomes depressed when he gets a pimple and everyone laughs at him. Xander uses some of Clare's magical potion to make it go away. Later as the Rangers race to obtain the Fire Heart, Xander starts to experience some strange side effects from the potion. Can the Rangers find a way to reverse the effects and unlock the mystery of the Fire Heart in time?
11 The Gatekeeper, Part 1 05/08/2006
12 The Gatekeeper, Part 2 05/15/2006 Morticon sends Necrolai to find him the child of the Gatekeeper. The child of this powerful sorcerer holds the key to freeing Morticon and the unlocking the Underworld. The Gatekeeper is revealed to be Clare. But with Udonna captured and the Rangers in jeopardy, Clare must unlock her destiny to save everyone.
13 Scaredy Cat 06/05/2006 The Rangers are lured into a cave by Leelee. There they find a magic lamp with a genie named Jenji. But what good is a genie who doesn't grant wishes? Thanks to the Rangers breaking the seal protecting the cave, Necrolai brings back a dark wizard named Imperious. Have the Rangers met their match?
14 Long Ago 06/12/2006 An old friend of Udonna's returns, but Clare doesn't seem to trust him. A mysterious frog saves Madison in battle, but there is more to him than meets the eye and a new warrior appears. Can Udonna really trust Calindor?
15 Inner Strength 06/12/2006 Udonna has asked Daggeron to train the Rangers, but Xander doesn't like him at all. Daggeron pushes Xander extra hard due to his lack of effort and Xander becomes more irritated with Daggeron. When Daggeron sends the Rangers to another dimension, Xander must put his training to the test.
16 Soul Specter 06/19/2006 When Necrolai's latest monster begins stealing the souls of innocent citizens, Chip becomes furious and in an act of desperation releases a Soul Specter. Daggeron must take Chip to retrieve the Staff of Topez in order to free him from the Soul Specter. On the journey, Daggeron promises to train Chip to become a knight.
17 Ranger Down 06/26/2006 Jenji becomes jealous of Fire Heart and tries to hide him in the woods. When Fire Heart disappears, Jenji runs away. The problem is that if he doesn't return to his lamp soon, he will fade away. If Madison can't convince Jenji to return to his lamp, he will disappear forever.
18 Dark Wish, Part 1 07/10/2006
19 Dark Wish, Part 2 07/10/2006
20 Dark Wish, Part 3 07/10/2006 Lately the Rangers have become lazy and begin to use magic for everything. When Imperious releases the Barbarian Beasts, the Rangers rely on Jenji and he is captured. When Imperious makes a wish that the Power Rangers never existed, the Rangers find themselves in a world taken over by the darkness and without their magic. Now their only hope is Koragg who sends them on a quest to find the Tribunal of Magic and ask them to reverse the wish. Can the Rangers make the journey without their powers?
21 Koragg's Trial 07/22/2006 The Rangers spend the day painting as the Undead plot to destroy them. Imperious accuses Koragg of being a traitor when he refuses to destroy the Rangers due to his code of honor. Imperius puts him on trial for his failures in front of the Master. It all comes down to a battle with Daggeron. Whoever destroys the Ranger wins their case.
22 Heir Apparent, Part 1 07/29/2006
23 Heir Apparent, Part 2 08/11/2006 Imperious plots to use the Ranger's Legend Mode to raise the Master. Koragg begins to have flashbacks to another life. Udonna sacrifices the Rangers to save them in the Underworld. Koragg is revealed to be Leanbow and ultimate saves the team. But can his power be enough to defeat the Master? A shocking secret about Nick is revealed. Daggeron and Imperius fight to the finish.
24 The Light 08/14/2006 Udonna leaves to search for Leanbow as Nick copes with his new Destiny. He learns that he is the Light. Meanwhile the Ten Terrors arise from the Underworld, intent on freeing the Master.
25 The Hunter 08/19/2006 The Rangers battle a powerful Hunter, who is intent on capturing Nick for the other Terrors. Nick watches on as his friends are slowly captured. To save the day he must learn about his connection to Fireheart.
26 Hard Heads 09/18/2006 Nick and Vida have a fallen out as the Rangers must deal with one of the Terrors. The two find themselves powerless as their friends fight on. Forcing them to overcome their differences.
27 The Snow Prince 09/25/2006 Snow Prince forces Nick and Daggeron to switch places for a day. With Nick as the teacher. Snow Prince tells Daggeron that he has much to learn. Daggeron feels this to be a waste of time as the Rangers battle the latest Terror. Snow Prince comes down hard on Daggeron and refuses to let him fight until he learns his lesson. Daggeron must understand the ancient Mystic's wisdom and help the team defeat Megahorn. When Black Lance gets involved Leanbow finally resurfaces.
28 Light Source, Part 1 10/09/2006
29 Light Source, Part 2 10/09/2006 Clare, Phineas, and Leelee races to rescue Udonna as the Rangers battle Hekatoid. Sculpin finally finds Leanbow and leads his allies against the worrier. In an attempt to reclaim the Master. The Rangers lose their powers and must find a way to get them back or risk losing everything.
30 The Return 11/03/2006 Udonna frantically searches for a wounded Leanbow as the Rangers try to help a reformed Terror escape the others. Matoombo must escape or become the unwilling vessel to the Master.
31 Mystic Fate, Part 1 11/13/2006
32 Mystic Fate, Part 2 11/13/2006 The Master threatens to destroy the all good magic. Even destroying Mystic Mother herself. Nick and the team must find a way to defeat the Master or watch him turn the world into a desolate place. They get help from some likely allies as the Mystic Force saga ends.