Return of the Prism
Episode 1

Ninja Master Dane Romero finds the Ninja Nexus Star. Galavanx and his worriers try to steal it. Dane is able to stop them by breaking up the Star into Six Power Stars locked within the Prism. Dane disappears while Galavanx takes Dane's son Brody hostage until he can free the Crystals from the Prism. Brody remains his prisoner for ten years where he meets Redbot and Mick. Galavanx orders his ship back to Earth to find the Ninja Steel so he can make his own Power Crystals. Brody, Redbot , and Mick escape to Earth with the Prism. Summer Cove students Sarah and Preston arrive to help Brody against a monster. The teens pull three of the Power Stars to become Ninja Steel Rangers. After the monster is defeated, Brody makes plans to return to his childhood home to reunite with his brother, Aiden. Sarah and Preston agree to help him as the Prism takes off on its own, with three more Crystals still trapped inside.

Forged in Steel
Episode 2

Live and Learn
Episode 3

Presto Chango-O
Episode 4

Drive to Survive
Episode 5

My Friend, Redbot
Episode 6

Hack Attack
Episode 7

Gold Rush
Episode 8