When billionaire scientist-explorer Andrew Hartford uncovers the Corona Aurora, the Sentinel Knight warns him of an impending danger. Andrew uses all of his resources to create Operation Overdrive - an organization dedicated to unearthing the jewels of the crown. Hartford recruits four of the world's most elite teenagers from around the world to become the newest team of Power Rangers. Although Andrew originally opposes, his son Mack takes on the role of the Red Ranger.


Will becomes frustrated with working on a team and tries to be the star of the team. When Hartford detects a jewel signature in a structure connected to Atlantis, the Rangers must retrieve it. Will's ego endangers the lives and mission of team and Flurious intervenes. He is finally able to put his ego aside and help the team uncover a cocoon which holds a scroll.

Heart of Blue
Episode 4

Dax becomes enamored by a beautiful girl named Mira. She ultimately becomes a distraction and when it's revealed that she is really a beautiful foe named Miratrix, Dax feels that he let his team down. After realizing his priorities, he helps the Rangers defeat Miratrix's monster and acquire two more scrolls; unlocking the legendary Sword of Neptune.

Weather or Not
Episode 5

The Rangers' mission to St. Lucia is put on hold when Moltor creates a weather device that goes haywire. Mack puts a civilian in danger and begins to doubt himself. When the other Rangers are trapped beneath an avalanche, Mack must put aside his doubts and take control of the experimental Drill Driver and come to their rescue.

Pirate in Pink
Episode 6

In St. Lucia, the Rangers encounter a ghostly pirate named Brownbeard. Although Rose is skeptical of Brownbeard's intentions, the Rangers agree to let him help them. When he betrays them, Miratrix appears and takes possession of the Eye of the Sea; creating havoc in San Angelas. Rose uses the new Shovel Driver to thwart Miratrix's plans and convinces Brownbeard to have a change of heart. He gives them the first jewel to the Corona Aurora.

At All Cost
Episode 7

Ronny's competitive streak is in full swing when Hartford introduces the experimental Drill Blaster. To power the new Defender Vest, the Rangers must secure a dragon scale, but Moltor won't make that easy as he wants the scale for his new monster. Can the Rangers find the scale and tame the Drill Blaster or will Moltor win?

Both Sides Now
Episode 8

On their search for the next Hou-oh bird statue, the Rangers find that they've been beaten to the punch. Suspecting that Miratrix is behind the theft, Andrew sends Will undercover to retrieve the statue from Miratrix. Unfortunately, Will unknowingly helps Miratrix release her master Kamdor from imprisonment within her necklace.

Follow the Ranger
Episode 9

When Flurious and Moltor form an alliance and capture the Drivemax Megazord, Mack finds himself prisoner on an island. Meanwhile, the other Power Rangers must repair the remaining Zords in order to launch a rescue plan to save Mack. Can Mack escape Flurious and Moltor's bitter rivalry in time? Or will they get control of the Drivemax Megazord?

Lights, Camera, DAX
Episode 10

Dax gets the opportunity to try out for a movie called "Ninja Rumba", but Hartford insists that their mission is too important. Rose convinces Dax to defy Hartford and audition for the role just to see if he's good enough, but Dax finds himself accepting the role. Can Dax figure out his true priorities in time to test a new weapon?



Moltor uses an alien named Tyzonn for his twisted purposes. However, Mack sees the good in him and convinces him to help the Rangers find the second jewel to the Corona Aurora. Meanwhile, Hartford applies the finishing touches on the new Sonic Streaker.



A new threat known as the Fearcats appear on Earth and capture Ronny in order to release their army. Tyzonn returns in search of vanquishing the Fearcats. The Rangers extend a hand for Tyzonn to join the team, but he refuses at first. After explaining his past, Tyzonn is finally convinced to join Operation Overdrive as the new Mercury Ranger.

Behind the Scenes
Episode 15

The Power Rangers are invited by Jessica Jeffries to be on her talk show Good Morning San Angelas. When the Rangers are presented with medals from the mayor, Tyzonn becomes sick. Meanwhile, the Fearcats try to retrieve a legendary cannon.

Just Like Me
Episode 16

Tyzonn becomes impressed with Will's style and charm with the ladies and begins to mimic him. Will becomes annoyed by this and doesn't seem to be able to avoid him. When the two of them are paired up on a mission, they must find a way to work together.

It's Hammer Time
Episode 17

In the search for another jewel, the Rangers encounter Thor, the god of thunder. Thor agrees to save them, but takes the hammer. When the real Thor appears, he exposes the impostor as Loki, the god of mischief. Ronny feels guilty for losing the hammer and devises a plan to get it back.

Out of Luck
Episode 18

When Mack is cursed with bad luck by an ancient compass, he must find a way to overcome it. The other Rangers offer their support by providing him with charms they believe to be lucky. But will it be enough to reverse the effects of the curse and stop Moltor's latest scheme to get the jewels?

One Gets Away
Episode 19

Will loses the third jewel to Kamdor and is prepared to resign for it and Andrew Hartford surprisingly accepts. Meanwhile, the Fearcats attempt to retrieve a super armor. Spencer also must remind Andrew of his losing the crown.



Thrax, the son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa escapes imprisonment from the Sentinel Knight to form an evil alliance with other villains. Together they take down the Overdrive Rangers and sever their connection to the Universal Morphing Grid. The Sentinel Knight must recruit Rangers from the past to replace them.

One Fine Day
Episode 22

Tyzonn begins to pay a lot of attention to Rose, which makes her uncomfortable. When the Fearcats create a force field, the two of them become trapped inside. Even the Sentinel Knight is unable to penetrate the force field. Meanwhile, Tyzonn shows kindness to Norg.



Ronny throws a Halloween party and everyone helps out. All except for Will. When Moltor and the Fearcats work together at powering a new robot, they capture Ronny and Will. Now the two of them must escape while the others go to Egypt in order to find the next jewel.

Things Not Said
Episode 25

Mack makes a startling discovery when the Rangers receive a computer virus. Meanwhile, Kamdor and Miratrix are closing in on the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora. When the Power Rangers arrive on the scene, they're prepared with a fleet a monsters. In over their heads, the Rangers can only rely on Mack to save the day.


After finding out the truth, Mack begins to question everything about himself. Meanwhile, Tyzonn encounters an old foe known as Crazar, which triggers the memory of his girlfriend Vella who was lost in a cave in. Up against the odds, Tyzonn must face his past and Mack must face his future.



Tyzonn finds himself on his home planet with his fiancé Vella and that none of his adventures on Earth never really happened. Meanwhile, the Fearcats steal artifacts from the other villainous sects and mix them in the Octavian Chalice to create Agrios. Mack uses the Flash Point Megazord against the powerfully dangerous Agrios, willing to sacrifice himself.

Way Back When
Episode 29

The Ranger team accesses Mack's internal CPU to refresh their memories on who has the other jewels of the Corona Aurora. They watch clips of their adventures from the first day they became Power Rangers to the previous battle and destruction of the Fear Cats.

Two Fallen Foes
Episode 30

Using the Octavian Chalice gained from the Fear Cats, the Rangers travel to Greece on their quest to find the final jewel of the Corona Aurora. After having an argument with Kamdor, Miratrix soon arrives to defeat the Rangers and prove herself stronger than Kamdor. Kamdor eventually shows up to join the fight, and is led to his own demise by the Rangers.

Nothing to Lose
Episode 31

The Rangers travel to various parts of the world in their hopes to find the key that will lead them to the last jewel of the Corona Aurora. Meanwhile, Flurious offers Moltor a partnership to his brother, but what exactly are his true intentions?


The Pink Emerald is in the possession of the Rangers, but is soon lost to Flurious when he sends his Chiller army to attack their base. Now possessing all the jewels to the Corona Aurora, Flurious freezes all of San Angeles and upgrades himself to a new form. Now one Ranger must rise up and make the biggest sacrifice to destroy Flurious once and for all.


Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Behind the Scenes