Shift Into Turbo, Part 1
Episode 1

Shift Into Turbo, Part 2
Episode 2

Shift Into Turbo, Part 3
Episode 3

Divatox plans vengeance against the Rangers for ruining her plans at Muranthias as the Rangers finally graduate from high school. Zordon and Alpha leave the Rangers to go back home, and are replaced by Dimitria and Alpha 6.

Shadow Rangers
Episode 4

The Chromite makes evil Rangers made of light, and abducts them all except Tommy, who defeats the posers and frees his friends.

Transmission Impossible
Episode 5

Visceron, a friend of Dimitria's, travels to Earth from Inquiries to tell her that she has a sibling. However, he is abducted by Divatox and turned against the Rangers.

Rally Ranger
Episode 6

Justin competes in a soapbox derby, and Porto attacks the Rangers, against Divatox's orders.

Built For Speed
Episode 7

Divatox plants a detonator in the car of a young drag racer and sends down the Demon Racer to keep the Rangers from finding it.

Bicycle Built For The Blues
Episode 8

Justin is given a bike for his birthday by Divatox, which has a detonator in it while the other Rangers battle Big Burpa.

The Whole Lie
Episode 9

The Rangers are put under a spell in which they can't stop lying. With each lie, a Piranhatron appears, and it's up to Justin to find a way to break the spell.

Glyph Hanger
Episode 10

The Pharoah's staff , carried by Adam, is turning written words everywhere into hieroglyphics.

Weight And See
Episode 11

Kat is made to believe she is overweight, and begins a dangerous anorexic habit. Numbor makes her light as air, and she can't keep her feet on the ground.

Alarmed And Dangerous
Episode 12

A couple of thugs bully around Justin, who escapes them by teleporting away. A living fire engine terrorizes Angel Grove, and the Rangers must defeat it.

The Millennium Message
Episode 13

Blue Senturion arrives from another galaxy to tell the Rangers that their enemies will join forces and conquer Earth. He is captured by Divatox and reprogrammed to arrest the Rangers.

A Drive To Win
Episode 14

Adam coaches a soccer team, inspiring them to play with teamwork. Divatox plants a detonator under the scoreboard, which is set to explode after four points are scored.

Cars Attacks
Episode 15

Griller manipulates the automobiles of Angel Grove to fly around and destroy the city.

Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part 1
Episode 16

Shrinkasect shrinks the Blue Senturion and four Turbo Rangers. Now it's up to Justin and a five and a half inch Blue Senturion to get back the captured Rangers.

Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers, Part 2
Episode 17

The shrunken Rangers escape Divatox's clutches and lead her on a chase through the sub craft. They find the torpedo room and launch two torpedoes, riding them to Earth, where they explode and restore the Rangers to normal.

Passing The Torch, Part 1
Episode 18

Passing The Torch, Part 2
Episode 19

Tommy and Kat are assaulted by Piranhatrons on the road, and Tommy is captured. Two strangers who happened to be nearby, TJ and Cassie, come to Katherine's aid and rescue Tommy. With Angel Grove under attack by Flamite, Adam, Justin and Tanya do their best to keep the situation under control, with some assistance from Carlos and Ashley, who help them evacuate the city. After defeating the monster, the Rangers return to the Power Chamber, and Tommy, Kat, Adam, Tanya pass on their powers to a new generation - TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley.

Stitch Witchery
Episode 20

Ashley's jacket becomes Angel Grove's latest fashion trend, and thanks to Divatox, they make the wearer evil. Blue Senturion and four Rangers put on jackets and start causing trouble.

The Wheel Of Fate
Episode 21

Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, two legendary sentient cars, are set free from an asteroid by one of Divatox's monsters, and travel to Earth, where Divatox tries to capture them. She succeeds in getting the Mountain Blaster, which befriends Justin. Meanwhile, TJ tames Lightning Cruiser, and with its help frees Justin and Mountain Blaster.

Trouble By The Slice
Episode 22

Divatox's experimental weapon causes her to lose her memory and appear in Angel Grove, where she becomes a waitress at a pizza parlor. To distract the Rangers and get her back, Porto creates a monster out of the pizza parlor's mascot, who tries to make pizza out of the heroes.

The Phantom Phenomenon
Episode 23

Justin's friend discovers a spacecraft in the woods, and coincidentally, a mysterious new crime fighting Phantom appears, who uses his power of invisibility to foil one of Divatox's schemes.

Vanishing Act
Episode 24

Everything and everyone in Angel Grove is transported to another dimension of invisibility, and the Rangers can't figure it out.

When Time Freezes Over
Episode 25

Divatox turns back time when one of her plans is foiled, so that she can try it again. She fails a second time, and her monster inadvertently freezes time.

The Darkest Day
Episode 26

Divatox's brother, General Havoc, arrives from the depths of space, bringing with him a massive orbital battle station, the Space Base, his army of robot soldiers, and his Zord, the Metallosaurus. Havoc succeeds in defeating and capturing the Turbo Megazord.

One Last Hope
Episode 27

To defeat the Metallosaurus, the Phantom Ranger gives the Rangers a fleet of new Rescue Zords, transported into action by the Phantom's own Zord, Artillatron.

The Fall Of The Phantom
Episode 28

Phantom Ranger is captured by Divatox, and his ruby is taken away. Using parts from the Turbo Megazord, Havoc upgrades Metallosaurus and takes it back down to Earth for round two, where the Rangers form the Rescue Megazord to defeat it.

Clash Of The Megazords
Episode 29

The Phantom Ranger is dying, as his ruby powers the Turbo Megazord, which Divatox had repaired and sent to Earth to destroy the Rangers.

The Robot Ranger
Episode 30

Zordon and Alpha 5's Robot Rangers are sent to Earth to be tested, and see if they could endure a fight against Divatox. The robot Justin, programmed to think he is the real Justin, uncovers the others secret.

Beware The Third Wish
Episode 31

Divatox creates a monster who gives her three wishing coins. The first one is used by Elgar to give himself hair. The second one is used to make Blue Senturion evil, and the third one falls to Earth and is found by Bulk and Skull. The Rangers battle Blue Senturion but can't manage to defeat him without hurting him.

The Gardener Of Evil
Episode 32

Divatox's new monster begins a search for the third wishing coin, while the Rangers battle an evil Blue Senturion.

Fire In Your Tank
Episode 33

One of Divatox's reject monsters, the Torch Tiger, gets a hold of the Rangers' new super fuel, and becomes able to breathe fire.

The Turn Of The Wretched Wrench
Episode 34

Ashley is having trouble in auto shop class, and spends a lot of extra time practicing. Divatox sends down a monster disguised as a new student, who steals Ashley's wrench and mutates it into a weapon.

Spirit Of The Woods
Episode 35

When TJ tries to protect the forest from Divatox's forces, he gets some help from Erutan, a little boy who is actually the spirit of nature.

The Song Of Confusion
Episode 36

Cassie and her friend try to start a band, and end up accepting an army of Divatox's monsters in disguise at the auditions. After the band performs their song, it becomes etched into the minds of everyone who's heard it.

The Accident
Episode 37

Carlos is made to believe he accidentally caused the injury of a teammate who also happens to be up for captain. Divatox sends down some Piranhatrons in the form of his angry teammates.

Cassie's Best Friend
Episode 38

Divatox's latest monster can turn any animal into another. He tries to transform the Rangers, but ends up transforming Cassie's dog Jetson into a human.

The Curve Ball
Episode 39

A new player's nasty pitch has TJ baffled. He can't figure out how to hit it, just like he can't hit the curve balls of Divatox's new monster, only the monster's pitches are deadly.

Carlos And The Count
Episode 40

Carlos turns into a vampire after being bit by a lunar bat turned into a monster by Divatox.

Little Strong Man
Episode 41

Justin is bitten by a radioactive ant, and gains its proportionate strength, using it to join the track team and attain popularity.

The Rival Rangers
Episode 42

A new guy at school, Bobby, has Cassie and Ashley competing for his affection.

Parts And Parcel
Episode 43

At their new job as delivery men, Bulk and Skull are accused of stealing the contents of packages. TJ and the others help them out, and discover that Piranhatrons have been stealing electronic devices for parts to build a remote control that will get back the Sharkzord, which joins the other two evil Zords to fight the Rangers.

Chase Into Space, Part 1
Episode 44

Chase Into Space, Part 2
Episode 45

Divatox sends down the most fearsome and destructive monster yet, the Goldgoyle, which destroys both Megazords. TJ destroys him by sending the RAM into his mouth and blowing it up. The Rangers return to the Power Chamber to find out that Eltare is under attack. Dimitria and Blue Senturion leave at once to help Zordon. Meanwhile, Divatox has gathered all of her forces outside the Power Chamber in preparation for a raid.


Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie