• Episodes
    • Ep 1
      A young man named Cole leaves his home in the wilderness to find his real parents. His journey leads him to the Wild Force Rangers, where he joins them in battling the evil Org as the Red Ranger.
    • Ep 2
      Darkness Awakening
      Master Org resurfaces, and begins plotting the destruction of mankind. The Rangers discover that they can combine their Wild Zords into the Wild Force Megazord.
    • Ep 3
      Click, Click, Zoom
      The Camera Org makes Taylor invisible, and Cole races to defeat the monster to restore his teammate, as well as other citizens who have been zapped.
    • Ep 4
      Never Give Up!
      To prove himself to the Rangers, Max stakes out a haunted temple, where he finds Bell Org. When he is captured, Danny overcomes his fear of heights to rescue him.
    • Ep 5
      Ancient Awakening
      A mysterious emblem found in a cave has the Rangers and the Org fighting for it. Alyssa is able to reveal the emblem's secret, and discovers a new Wild Zord - the Elephant, which helps the Rangers defeat the newest Org.
    • Ep 6
      Wishes On The Water
      Following an old fairy tale, Max tosses a message in a bottle into Turtle Cove lake to make a wish. When Ship Org rises from the lake with the bottle, Max personally makes sure this Org goes down. He gets help from his new Wild Zord - the Giraffe.
    • Ep 7
      The Bear Necessities
      Cell Phone Org disrupts the Rangers' ability to morph. Taylor's encounter with two strange boys leads to the discovery of two new Bear Wild Zords, which help the Rangers defeat Cell Phone Org.
    • Ep 8
      Soul Searching
      Cole searches for the Soul Bird to heal the Red Lion, but he is stopped by Master Org. When Master Org finds Cole's family picture, he remembers a past encounter with Cole's parents. The Soul Bird escapes, but the Rangers find a Soul Bird egg.
    • Ep 9
      Soul Bird Salvation
      A wandering Duke Org called Retinaxe battles the Rangers to prove his worth. With Freezer Org's help, the Zords are frozen and the Rangers are rendered powerless. The Soul Bird hatches, restores the Zords and powers, and helps the Rangers defeat Retinaxe.
    • Ep 10
      Curse Of The Wolf
      Master Org releases the Duke Org Nayzor, who finds and releases another Duke Org - Zen-Aku. Zen-Aku utterly defeats the Rangers in battle, and steals the Elephant power orb.
    • Ep 11
      Battle Of The Zords
      An injured Alyssa is tended to by Zen-Aku, after she is attacked by Toxica and Jindrax. Zen-Aku summons his own Dark Wild Zords to battle the Rangers' Wild Zords.
    • Ep 12
      Predazord, Awaken
      After defeating the runaway Bus org, the Rangers face Zen-Aku, who combines his Dark Wild Zords into the Predazord, and steals the Giraffe Power Animal from them.
    • Ep 13
      Revenge Of Zen-Aku
      Zen-Aku frees Motorcycle Org, and kidnaps Princess Shayla. Shayla's necklace brings back vague memories for Zen-Aku. The Rangers battle Motorcycle Org and Zen-Aku, and get back the Princess.
    • Ep 14
      Identity Crisis
      As Zen-Aku begins to remember his true past, Nayzor plants a bug in his head, which convinces him that he is pure evil, making him an even more dangerous threat to the Rangers.
    • Ep 15
      The Ancient Warrior
      The ancient Animus intervenes to reveal Zen-Aku's true identity - Merrick, the ancient warrior who defeated Master Org by using the cursed wolf mask. By defeating Predazord, the Rangers break the curse, returning Merrick back to normal.
    • Ep 16
      The Lone Wolf
      After a failed attempt to retrieve the stolen Animal Crystals, Merrick must fight the Quadra Org, who was created with the power of the crystals. With the Rangers tied up, Merrick battles on his own, until his Wild Zords return to him and give him the power to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger.
    • Ep 17
      Power Play
      Toxica powers herself up into the newest General Org - Necronomica. Merrick helps the Rangers defeat her with his newest vehicle - the Wolf Savage Cycle.
    • Ep 18
      Secrets And Lies
      Signal Org makes Cole lose his memory. He ends up on a farm, and is eventually found by the Rangers and returned to normal just in time to defeat Signal Org. Also, Alyssa discovers that Cole's parents have been presumed dead.
    • Ep 19
      The Tornado Spin
      Bowling Org makes Max learn a new bowling technique - the tornado spin - to defeat him. To learn the move, he must convince his old bowling coach to regain his will to bowl.
    • Ep 20
      Three's a Crowd
      Danny competes for Kendall's affection while the Rangers try to find Wedding Dress Org and his captives. Kendall discovers that Danny is the Black Ranger, and inspires him to single handedly turn the tide against the Org. In the end, Danny's life doesn't allow them to be together.
    • Ep 21
      A Father's Footsteps
      Alyssa's father is in town, and calls Alyssa for lunch. Samurai Org stirs up trouble, and Alyssa must recall her father's training to defeat him.
    • Ep 22
      Sing Song
      To defeat Tombstone Org, who is powered by six Org spirits, the Rangers need the help of the Deer Zord. To get the Deer to help them, Shayla and Merrick must sing for him to make him happy again.
    • Ep 23
      The Wings Of Animaria
      Nayzor is resurrected, stronger than ever, but he is defeated by Cole's new weapon, the Falcon Summoner, and destroyed as a giant by the Rangers' new Megazord - the Isis Megazord.
    • Ep 24
      Reinforcements from the Future, Part 1
    • Ep 25
      Reinforcements from the Future, Part 2
      Wes and Eric track down three Mutorgs from the future to Turtle Cove, where they team up with Wild Force to battle them. The Rangers are greatly overpowered, and only with the intervention of Jen are they able to escape. The other Time Force Rangers arrive from the future, bringing Ransik and Nadira with them. They track down the Mutorgs, and Ransik manages to destroy their mutant halves. This allows the 12 Rangers to destroy the trio.
    • Ep 26
      The Master's Last Stand
      Master Org kidnaps four of the Rangers, and reveals his true origin to Cole. In a heated battle, Cole destroys Master Org's Org half, reverting him back to a normal human. Meanwhile, Toxica and Jindrax have found a replacement to lead them - General Org Mandilok.
    • Ep 27
      Unfinished Business
      Zen-Aku returns to rejoin with Merrick, and only by learning to accept help from his friends does Merrick defeat this evil from his past.
    • Ep 28
      Cole befriends a mysterious young boy named Kite, who helps them defeat Mandilok's two new Duke Orgs - Artilla and Helicos.
    • Ep 29
      The Flute
      A flute playing Org controls the citizens of Turtle Cove, and the Rangers, which his music. A surprising ally comes to their rescue - Animus.
    • Ep 30
      Team Carnival
      Jindrax teams up with his brother to prove his worth by destroying the Rangers. After his brother is killed, Jindrax narrowly escapes.
    • Ep 31
      Taming Of The Zords
      The Rangers battle for control of the Wild Zords against Lion Tamer Org. The Zords are broken free of the Org's spell by Kite, who displays some mysterious powers.
    • Ep 32
      Monitoring Earth
      Mandilok convinces Kite that humans are no good, and unleashes Monitor Org on them. Just as the Rangers defeat the Org, Kite reveals himself as Animus. He determines that humans do not deserve the Wild Zords' help, and takes them all away.
    • Ep 33
      The Soul Of Humanity
      The Rangers struggle to defeat Toy Org without their Zords. When Animus truly believes in the soul of humanity, and the Rangers' commitment to protecting Earth, he returns the Zords to the Rangers.
    • Ep 34
      Forever Red
      Tommy recruits nine other Red Rangers to raid the Machine Empire's stronghold on the moon, where they are digging up Serpentera. They defeat everyone except for General Venjix, who boards Serpentera and heads for Earth, but is destroyed by Cole and the Wild Rider.
    • Ep 35
      The Master's Herald, Part 1
    • Ep 36
      The Master's Herald, Part 2
      To prepare for his return, Master Org sends the ninja Duke Org Onikage to take care of business. Onikage succeeds in kidnapping Shayla, destroying Toxica, and creating Shadow Rangers to battle the Rangers. Onikage is eventually destroyed by the Pegasus Megazord, but Master Org does manage to walk off with the Princess.
    • Ep 37
      Fishing For A Friend
      Jindrax sets up both the Rangers and the new Locomotive Org to re-energize Toxica's horn, which he uses to fish her out of the spirit world.
    • Ep 38
      Sealing The Nexus
      The Rangers battle resurrected Org generals to disable the Nexus' force field, so that their new allies Toxica and Jindrax may sneak in and rescue Princess Shayla.
    • Ep 39
      The End of the Power Rangers, Part 1
    • Ep 40
      The End of the Power Rangers, Part 2
      Master Org attacks the Rangers with his new form. He destroys all the Wild Zords, and the Rangers' powers. The Wild Zords return from the dead, along with other Wild Zords of the world, and destroy Master Org with an Ultra Roar.
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