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Power Rangers Zeo

1 A Zeo Beginning, Part 1 04/20/1996 The teens can hardly believe what they've seen-the Command Center, for years their sanctuary from the devious Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, lies in ruins before them, the fate of their friends Alpha and their mentor Zordon uncertain. It looks like this is truly the end of the Power Rangers. But the end is always a new beginning...
2 A Zeo Beginning, Part 2 04/23/1996 Zordon tells the Rangers that they no longer need fear the menace of Zedd and Rita-even they have fled before the terrifying power of the Rangers' new foe: The Machine Empire has arrived, and is intent on making the planet Earth their next conquest. Meanwhile, Rito and Goldar have lost their memories, and are running loose in the streets of Angel Grove!
3 The Shooting Star 04/24/1996 Tanya's new boyfriend, Shawn, has to pass his exams, or else he won't be captain of the baseball team anymore, but she's shocked when she finds out that he plans to cheat! Meanwhile, Mondo plans to sabotage the new zords Billy and Alpha are constructing, so that his new monster-machine, the Staroid, can demolish the city!
4 Target Rangers 04/25/1996 Rocky's computer science project is challenging, but not half as challenging as his beautiful lab partner, Jennifer. While Rocky is trying to figure out a way to ask the intimidating computer whiz to the dance, Mondo and Machina plan on stealing the project for use in their latest diabolical creation, a ballistic baddie called Silo.
5 For Cryin' Out Loud 04/27/1996 As a school project, Tommy and Kat must pretend to be married. And to make the exercise even more realistic, Kat brings along Joey, whom she's offered to baby-sit for the duration of the experiment. Joey's crying is driving the teens nuts, but when King Mondo sends Boo Hoo the Clown to amplify the baby's wail, the effects are devastating. If the Power Rangers can't get the child to stop crying, he'll lay waste to Angel Grove!
6 Rangers In The Outfield 04/29/1996 When Tanya exhibits a natural talent for pitching, it makes Shawn kind of jealous. And when she strikes Shawn out, he gets downright hostile. Shawn decides to get in a little batting practice, and Rocky and Adam join him. This plays right into Prince Sprocket's plans: his fiendish People Pitcher sucks Rocky in, and it's up to Adam to get him out before it's too late!
7 Every Dog Has His Day 04/30/1996 Katherine trains a dog, Smokey, to help the fire department locate trouble. However, when Smokey's nose sniffs out Mondo's latest scheme, Katherine's the one who finds trouble: she has to single-handedly fend off the Machine King's minions-without her Zeonizer!
8 The Puppet Blaster 05/01/1996 King Mondo brainwashes Puppetman, the robot sidekick in a local children's show, and turns him into a mind-controlling menace.
9 Invasion Of The Ranger Snatchers 05/02/1996 Rocky is star-struck when he, Katherine, and Tanya become extras in a sci-fi film shooting in Angel Grove. The movie-making bug also bites Prince Sprocket, but he decides that what he really wants to do is direct-direct the end of the Power Rangers, that is!
10 Graduation Blues 05/04/1996 Billy finds out that because of all his extracurricular extra credit, he's graduating from Angel Grove High early. There's just one problem-Billy has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. It seems like that question is answered for him when Cestro of the Alien Rangers crash-lands on Earth to seek his help-he wants Billy to come to Aquitar with him!
11 A Few Bad Seeds 05/06/1996 Rocky's botany class project gets a little out of hand-the wacky weed eats metal, and grows like-well-a weed. King Mondo sees the potential in the seedling, and turns it into two plant cousins, Yukon and the Pollinator.
12 Instrument Of Destruction 05/07/1996 The guidance counselor wants Adam and Skull to broaden their studies, so they find themselves in music class-Skull against his will.
13 Mean Screen 05/08/1996 In Angel Grove High's new computer lab, Adam and Tanya are getting a guided tour of cyberspace from resident computer whiz Raymond, when strange things begin to happen all over town. It seems King Mondo's latest machine-monster has crafted the ultimate computer virus, and it's messing up every piece of electronic equipment in Angel Grove-including the Zords!
14 Mr. Billy's Wild Ride 05/11/1996 At long last, Billy is returning from Aquitar, where the Aquitians have found a peaceful solution to their problems. Unfortunately, King Mondo is out to make Billy's life much less peaceful, by throwing his spaceship way off course.
15 There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 1 05/13/1996 Tommy, Kat, and Billy take some much-needed rest and relaxation on a snowboarding weekend. King Mondo, however, can neither rest nor relax until he has conquered the Earth. To that end, he creates the Robocupid, a fiendish machine who makes the humans of Angel Grove fall madly in love with their household appliances!
16 There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 2 05/14/1996 As the teens are still trying to have a fun snowboarding weekend, they are called away yet again. While they were chillin' in the mountains, things were heating up in Angel Grove. Mondo's Defoliator monster is stepping up the greenhouse effect in Angel Grove.
17 There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 3 05/15/1996 Defoiliator really heats things up for the teens, including a depressed Tommy. But, this guy appears to be undefeatable. Things get even worse when the attack interrupts Tommy's last chance with Heather.
18 Inner Spirit 05/16/1996 Tommy finds himself having a recurring dream about True of Heart, the man who guided him on his quest for the Zeo Crystal. When Tommy meets Sam Trueheart, a Native American artist who looks just like the old mystic, he's even more confused. There's no time to ponder this mystery, however, because another, more pressing mystery needs to be solved: who or what is sucking all the energy out of Angel Grove? And where is all that energy going?
19 Challenges 05/18/1996 Tommy sees a young man in the desert who could be his double, but before Tommy can find out who the young man is, Sam Trueheart appears, and tells Tommy that another quest lies before him, and only the end of that quest can reveal the identity of the young man. Meanwhile, Ernie's new boxing ring sparks an interest in pugilism in Prince Sprocket. Not being the athletic type, Sprocket creates his own Great Metallic Hope: Punchabunch!
20 Found And Lost 05/20/1996 The identity of the young man in Tommy's quest is revealed, and Tommy himself can scarcely believe it. Meanwhile, Mondo has his own plans for the mysterious stranger-plans that will be carried out by his latest creation, Mace Face!
21 Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead? 09/09/1996 Tommy must find a way to rescue his brother from a cave of evil spirits while the other Rangers battle the Mace Face monster.
22 Trust In Me 09/10/1996 Rocky tries to befriend a blind martial artist, but her mistrust keeps him at arms' length. All of the Rangers learn an important lesson about trust when King Mondo sends down the Defector monster to trick them.
23 It Came From Angel Grove 09/11/1996 Adam finds himself in a fearsome situation when the other Rangers are transformed into classic monster-movie characters.
24 Bulk Fiction 09/12/1996 Bulk gets a crush on the Police Captain's daughter, and asks the teens' advice on how to impress her. Meanwhile, the Rangers must face Prince Sprocket's newest toy, the Googleheimer monster.
25 Song Sung Yellow 09/13/1996 Tanya is offered a chance at a singing career, but it looks like the Machine Empire might "wreck" her chances. Tommy, in the Red Battlezord, squares off against the Wrecking Ball monster.
26 Game Of Honor 09/16/1996 Adam and Shawn are both training hard for a Kung Fu tournament. But Shawn has a secret weapon.
27 The Power Of Gold 09/17/1996 King Mondo's plan to conquer the Power Rangers with the Wolfbane monster is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious stranger--who also seems to wield the power of the Zeo Crystal.
28 A Small Problem 09/19/1996 The other Rangers must find a way to help their friends when Prince Sprocket shrinks Tommy and Katherine and places them in a terrarium with a hungry spider.
29 Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise 09/20/1996 Katherine competes in a surfing competition, but faces danger when the Leaky Faucet monster puts toxic Cog oil in all the water in Angel Grove.
30 Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers 09/23/1996 The Rangers find themselves sleeping on the job when they encounter King Mondo's Somnibot monster.
31 Do I Know You? 09/27/1996 King Mondo and Queen Machina are intent on getting the Golden powers, but they face some stiff competition for their prize: a bounty hunter from a distant galaxy!
32 Revelations Of Gold 10/03/1996 The extraterrestrial bounty hunters attack the Gold Ranger, and he must seek refuge on Earth, asking the Power Rangers for help.
33 A Golden Homecoming 10/04/1996 The Machine Empire tries to stop Tommy from bringing a new recipient for the Golden powers to the Power Chamber. The Rangers must use the Super Zeo Zords to battle King Mondo's new ultra-armored machine monsters.
34 Mondo's Last Stand 10/09/1996 Rocky feels like a fifth wheel, insecure about his place in the Power Rangers. He tries to prove his worth by taking on King Mondo--by himself!
35 Bomber In The Summer 10/11/1996 Ernie's plans to open a new Beach Club are spoiled by a group of tough teens, while Rita and Lord Zedd conspire to overthrow the Machine Empire.
36 Scent Of A Weasel 10/23/1996 The gang participates in a charity fashion show, where Skull plays bodyguard to a supermodel. Not to be upstaged, Queen Machina sends a Skunk monster to raise a big stink.
37 The Lore Of Auric 10/25/1996 A mysterious package provides Tanya with a clue to find her missing parents, as well as the key to an ancient artifact: the Lost Tiki of Auric. Prince Sprocket seeks to turn the Tiki's power to his own evil ends.
38 The Ranger Who Came In From The Gold 10/31/1996 When Katherine talks the guys into staging a ballet based on King Midas, Louie Kaboom gets inspired. He creates the Midas Hound--a tacky refugee from a garage sale which starts to turn everything in Angel Grove into gold-- including the Super Zeo Zords!
39 The Joke's On Blue 11/05/1996 A practical joker wreaks havoc on Angel Grove High. While Bulk and Skull try to track down the trickster, Prince Spocket's brother, Prince Gasket and sister-in-law, Archerina, arrive with a few new tricks of their own!
40 Where In The World Is Zeo Ranger 5? 11/06/1996 The teens are stunned when Tommy mysteriously disappears. When their search for the missing Ranger proves fruitless, they must battle the noxious Cruel Chrome monster without him.
41 King For A Day, Part 1 11/07/1996 The Rangers are summoned to an arena filled with Prince Gasket's vile creations to meet the new King of the Machine Empire--Tommy!
42 King For A Day, Part 2 11/08/1996 The other Rangers are forced to defend themselves from the onslaught of Zeo Ranger Five as they try to convince him that he is not the true King of the Machine Empire.
43 A Brief Mystery Of Time 11/11/1996 Tommy can't shake the feeling that he's re-living the same events over and over, but the other Rangers don't seem to notice anything wrong.
44 A Mystery To Me 11/14/1996 The gang takes part in a "Mystery Party" for charity, thrown by Detective Stone. It all seems like fun and games, until the Rangers start disappearing--for real!
45 Another Song And Dance 11/15/1996 Tommy has to perform a musical number for class, but he's afraid he's a little off-key. With Tanya's help, and plenty of practice, Tommy hits all the right notes. But after Gasket's spell, things aren't going so well for our budding Enrico Caruso. It's a terrible thing--they can't talk; they must sing, even when they don't want to do so!
46 Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part 1 11/20/1996 Billy's regenerator has a disturbing side effect and turns him into an old man. Rita tries to change Katherine into a monster, but gets her purse instead.
47 Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part 2 11/21/1996 Billy becomes trapped in the Zeo Megazord while still aging as Mondo and Rita's monsters take control! To even up the score, the Alien Rangers travel to Earth and help defeat the monsters.
48 Hawaii Zeo 11/22/1996 Tommy asks Kat out on a date when Ernie puts on a luau at the Beach Club. Gasket and Archerina send Cogs to spoil the party.
49 A Season To Remember 11/27/1996 As the Rangers prepare a holiday celebration, Mondo plots to use the Rangers' ethnic diversity against them.
50 Good As Gold 11/23/1996 Jason continues to lose his golden powers and is confronted by Rita and Zedd. When the Machine Empire appears, he is caught in between, but manages to escape.