Millions of years ago, the Morphing Masters sealed away the legendary Power Eggs.

Since believed to be the beginning of time, Flurious and Moltor tried to capture the Corona Aurora and were imprisoned. To protect the power from falling into the wrong hands, the Sentinel Knight scatters the crown and its five jewels on Earth.

In prehistoric times, the Q-Rex appears, accidentally sent from the future by Time Force, using a still experimental Time Gate. A time travelling mutant also arrives, followed by the Red Time Force Ranger and the Quantum Ranger. The mutant gains control of the Q-Rex, and brings it back to the year 2001.

Several powerful beings participated in the battle between good and evil, including Zordon, Ninjor, Magna Defender, Lord Zedd, Master Vile, Rita Repulsa, Scorpius.

Sometime well before present day, Ranger powers are developed, which grant normal beings extraordinary powers, including enhanced strength, speed, and agility, as well as the ability to summon and pilot war machines known as Zords. The powers would be made attainable through either coins, wrist mounted devices, or swords.

Over 10,000 years ago, Dai Shi was locked away and safely guarded by the Pai Zhuq, "Order of the Claw."

Around 10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was defeated by Zordon and imprisoned in a space dumpster.

Around 6,000 years ago, four demons are entombed underground by a powerful sorcerer - Diabolico, Vypra, Loki, and Impus. The demons were subjects of Queen Bansheera, and sought to destroy man.

Around 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender releases the Lights of Orion, a legendary power source, to drift into space. Soon after he is defeated by Treacheron and thrown into a chasm, where he lay until present day.

Around 3,000 years ago, the Quasar Sabers are placed into a stone on the planet Mirinoi, to await the chosen ones to harness their powers.

Around 3,000 years ago, an ancient Earth civilization called Animaria comes under attack by creatures called Orgs. To protect the land, Animaria is lifted up into the sky, with a slumbering Princess Shayla and five Power Animals. Five Ancient Warriors defeat most of the Orgs and imprison them within the Earth, except for Master Org, who destroys the Animus Megazord. The sixth warrior, Merrick, uses the power of a cursed wolf mask, and destroys Master Org with the Predazord. When the power makes him evil, the Ancient Warriors have no choice but to imprison him in suspended animation.

Billy, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam appear in Colonial Angel Grove, transported there from the future by the Wizard of Deception. Tommy and his clone soon follow, and save the town from rat creatures as the White and Green Rangers, respectively. The Green Ranger decides to stay in this time, and the others return to the future.

Kimberly appears in the Wild West period of Angel Grove, transported there by a rift in time created by Lord Zedd. Goldar appears through the same means, bringing with him a monster and the Putty Patrol. Kimberly retrieves the Power Coins of the past, and enlists local teens to become Power Rangers and defeat the villains. After the battle, she is transported back to her time by the Rangers from the future.

In 1982, scientists Richard and Elizabeth Evans, their infant son Cole, and colleague Viktor Adler embarked on an expedition into the Amazon, where they hoped to find evidence of the existance of Animaria. They found the 3000 year old remnants of Master Org - three seeds. Jealous of Richard for marrying Elizabeth, Viktor swallowed the seeds and transformed into Master Org. He hunted down Richard and Elizabeth and killed them. Cole was put in a safe place, and was eventually found by a tribe who raised him as their own. When no one returned from the expedition, they were all presumed dead.

Sometime in the early 1980s, a time travelling Cam arrives at the Wind Ninja Academy, in search of a great power to save his teammates in the future. He meets his father Kanoi, mother Miko, and uncle Kiya. Cam foils Kiya's plot to steal Miko's Samurai Amulet, leading to Kiya's complete turn to evil, his banishment from Earth, and his change of name to Lothor. Cam receives the Samurai Amulet from Miko, and returns to the future.

In the late 1980s, there is a war within a magical dimension and great wizards seal evil away for almost two decades.

Sometime after Zedd and Rita's marriage, likely after being chased off by the Machine Empire, they have a son named Thrax. Some point later, Thrax is imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight.

Sometime after being purified by Zordon's energy wave, Rita becomes the Mystic Mother; the empress of all good magic.

RJ and Dominick were students together. Dominick was given the Control Dagger by Master Mao.
RJ establishes Jungle Karma Pizza and had the morphers made.

Approximately in the nineties, a little girl genius was taken in by the government organization Alphabet Soup and named Doctor K.
Doctor K develops the Ranger program and meets Gem and Gema, test pilots.

Rita Repulsa escapes from the space dumpster, along with her army. They move into Alien Palace on Earth's moon, and begin an assault on Earth.

Zordon recruits five teenagers from Angel Grove to use Power Coins to transform into Power Rangers and defend Earth against Rita's forces. They are given the Dinozords, which form into the Megazord.

A new student at Angel Grove High is captured by Rita and turned into the evil Green Ranger, who almost defeats the Power Rangers. He is broken out of the spell and becomes the sixth member. His Zord is the Dragonzord, which can combine with the Dinozords.

Jason and Tommy find Titanus, the Carrier Zord. Titanus links to Mega Dragonzord to form Ultrazord.

Lord Zedd arrives on Earth's moon and replaces Rita Repulsa. His attacks on Earth force the Rangers to upgrade their Dinozords into Thunderzords, which combine to form the Thunder Megazord.

Tommy loses his powers as the Green Ranger, but gains new powers given to him by Zordon, and becomes the White Ranger, and new team leader.

Jason, Zack and Trini are chosen to attend a peace conference in Switzerland. They are replaced by three friends of the Rangers - Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. The Rangers are given Tor, the Shuttlezord, which could join with the Tigerzord and Thunderzords as Thunder Ultrazord.

Rita returns to the moon and marries Lord Zedd, with the help of a love potion. The two join forces to take over Earth.

Rito Revolto, Rita's brother, arrives on the moon. He brings with him an army of Tengas. Rito launches an assault on the Rangers and successfully destroys their Zords and powers. The Rangers find a legendary being named Ninjor, who gives them new Ninja powers and Ninja Zords, which combine into the Ninja Megazord.

A new student named Kat is captured by Rita and given the ability to transform into a cat, which she uses to spy on the Rangers. She is eventually broken free, becoming an ally of the Rangers.

Lord Zedd recovers the lost Shogunzords, but they are stolen by the Rangers for their own use. The Shogunzords can combine into the Shogun Megazord.

A trainer comes to Angel Grove looking for Kim and offers her a chance the go to the Pan Global Games, which she eventually excepts, giving her coin to Katherine.

Master Vile, Rita's father, arrives on the moon to assist his daughter. He tries to steal the Zeo Crystal buried in the moon, but the Rangers get it, break it into pieces, and scatter it through time so Vile won't find it.

Master Vile alters time on Earth, reverting the Rangers into powerless children. Zordon contacts the Alien Rangers of Aquitar to defend Earth while the Rangers find a way to turn things back to normal.

The Rangers travel to different points in time retrieve the shards of the Zeo Crystal. Once Aisha obtains her piece, she gives it to a girl named Tanya to return with it, while she stays behind. Once assembled, they use the crystal to restore the state of time on Earth. Soon after they do so, the Command Center is destroyed by Rito and Goldar, and the Rangers retreat to their new headquarters, the Power Chamber, which is underneath the Command Center. They use the Zeo Crystal to gain new powers as Zeo Rangers.

The Machine Empire attacks the Moon Palace, forcing Zedd and Rita to retreat. The Machine Empire establishes a base of oprations on the moon, and begins to attack Earth.

Billy, now only an advisor to the team, assists in creating the Zeo Zords, which can combine into the Zeo Megazord, as well as the Red Battlezord, which can combine with the Zeo Megazord.

A mysterious new Ranger, the Gold Ranger, appears from nowhere and helps the Rangers battle the Machine Empire's forces. Gold Ranger's Zord, Pyramidas, combines with other Zeo Zords to form Zeo Ultrazord.

The Gold Ranger reveals himself to be Trey, from the planet Triforia. An injury forces him to pass his powers on to someone else, so the Rangers bring in Jason, who becomes the new Gold Ranger. Trey also gives the team the Super Zeo Zords, which combine into the Super Zeo Megazord.

Trey sends Warrior Wheel to Earth for Jason to control while Pyramidas was being repaired.

The lost tiki of Auric is recovered by Tanya's parents. Auric the Conqueror joins the team.

Recovered from his injuries, Trey reclaims the Golden powers and returns to Triforia.

Zedd and Rita destroy the Machine Empire, then go on "vacation".

Divatox, an intergalactic pirate, brings her forces to Earth. To battle her, the Rangers give up their Zeo powers in favor of stronger Turbo powers. They also receive new Turbo Zords, which combine into the Turbo Megazord.

Zordon and Alpha 5 leave for Eltare, and are replaced in the Power Chamber by Dimitria and Alpha 6.

The Blue Senturion, an intergalactic police officer, comes to Earth with a warning for Dimitria, called the Millenium Message. Divatox tricks the Senturion into giving the message to her. The message states that in the future, the evilest villains in the galaxy will join forces to conquer the universe.

Dimitria decides the time has come for Adam, Tommy, Kat, and Tanya to leave the Rangers because they have become old enough to become adults and learn new things about life. They are replaced by Carlos, TJ, Cassie, and Ashley.

A mysterious being, the Phantom Ranger appears on Earth and gives the Rangers the Rescue Zords, which combine into the Rescue Megazord. He also gives them Artillatron, his own carrier zord.

Dimitria and the Blue Senturion find out that Eltare is under attack, and leave immediately to assist. Divatox takes the opportunity to raid the Power Chamber, destroying it, and the Turbo powers as well. The Rangers find out that before Divatox could destroy them, she was called away to space to work with Dark Specter. The Rangers obtain a shuttle and travel into space with it to follow Divatox. Justin stays behind.

Villains from all over the universe attend a meeting in which Dark Specter is revealed to have captured Zordon. Astronema is assigned to destroy the Red Ranger and the Astro Megaship.

The former Turbo Rangers board the Astro Megaship, and team up with its captain, Andros, who gives them powers to join him as Space Rangers. The Astro Megaship can transform into the Astro Megazord.

The Phantom Ranger, also trying to save Zordon, contacts the Rangers and tells Andros the location of the Delta Megaship, and Andros finds it and its control device, the Battlizer, which also acts as an Energy weapon. The Delta Megaship can transform into the Delta Megazord. The Delta Megazord and Astro Megazord can combine to form the Delta Astro Megazord.

The Rangers discover the Mega Vehicles- five zords which combine to form the Mega Voyager, and defeat Darkonda.

The Rangers meet Andros's best friend, Zhane, the Silver Ranger who had been cryogenically frozen for two years. He discovers that his morphing powers are extremely limited, and recharges them by letting himself be zapped by lightning.

In a battle with Astronema, Andros discovers that she is his long lost sister, Karone. She thinks twice about being evil, and eventually joins the Rangers.

Darkonda gets ahold of Karone and reprograms her into Astronema while the Rangers save Earth from an asteroid.

Zhane returns to the team with his new Zord, the Mega Winger, but they are too late to help Karone.

During two subsequent battles, the Rangers lose the Delta Megazord and the Mega Voyager. Soon after, Dark Specter launches a full scale attack on the universe. Darkonda betrays Dark Specter and both are destroyed, making Astronema the Queen of Evil. Andros sneaks aboard the Dark Fortress and shatters Zordon's tube, releasing a wave of energy which destroys the evil forces attacking, and reverts Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and Astronema to good.

A space station named Terra Venture begins its journey to find a new world. A young man named Leo sneaks on board, and accidentally winds up on a training mission on the moon, where he is discovered by his brother Mike. Along with Kendrix, the brothers follow an alien named Maya back to her home planet Mirinoi, which is under attack. They are later joined by Kai and Damon, who brought the Astro Megaship. Mike is lost when he fals into a chasm, and the remaining five use the Quasar Sabers to become Galaxy Rangers. They escape just as Mirinoi is turned to stone.

Scorpius follows the Rangers back to Terra Venture in his ship, the Scorpion Stinger, through a rift in space. He brings with him his daughter Trakeena and Furio.

The Rangers free the Galactabeasts, who return the favor on Terra Venture by helping the Rangers defeat monsters sent by Scorpius, first as beasts, and later as the Galactazords, which combine into the Galaxy Megazord.

The Magna Defender arrives on Terra Venture, searching for the Lights of Orion so that he can have his revenge on Scorpius for the death of his son. Scorpius and the Rangers are also searching for the Lights. The Rangers finally obtain the Lights of Orion and are granted new armor.

When a volcano threatens Terra Venture's safety, Magna Defender sacrifices his life to save it, redeeming all of the atrocities he has commited in his quest for vengeance. He also frees Mike, who's spirit he had absorbed to be able to escape the chasm.

Mike receives the powers of Magna Defender. He also gains control of Torozord, which can transform from a bull to a warrior.

Trakeena leaves her father to avoid being transformed by a coccoon. Deviot becomes Scorpius' new general by bringing him the Stratoforce Megazord, Centaurus Megazord, and Zenith, which are turned good by the Rangers, and join their side.

Trakeena becomes a expert warrior after training with her new ally Villamax. Scorpius is killed in combat by the Rangers, after being set up by Deviot. Trakeena returns and assumes command of the Scorpion Stinger.

The Psycho Rangers return. The Space Rangers travel from Earth to help the Galaxy Rangers. Kendrix is destroyed in battle against Psycho Pink. Karone retrives her Saber and becomes the new Pink Ranger.

A spell recited by Deviot transports Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy, where the Rangers protect the colony from enslavement by Captain Mutiny.

Kai opens the rift in space again, and Terra Venture returns to normal space, thanks to Torozord's sacrifice in holding open the rift long enough. Mutiny follows, but is destroyed by Trakeena.

Deviot and Trakeena merge in the coccoon, and launch an all out assault on Terra Venture, forcing it to crash land on a moon. In the final battle, Stratoforce and Centaurus are lost, but the Rangers destroy Trakeena. Everyone evacuates to a nearby planet. which is revealed to be Mirinoi. The Rangers place their Sabers back into the stone, restoring Maya's tribe, and resurrecting Kendrix.

Back on Earth, four demons are accidentally released from their prison. They plot to destroy the city of Mariner Bay and restore their empire. A defense organization known as Lightspeed recruits five young heroes to become Lightspeed Power Rangers and defend the city.

The Rangers receive Rail Rescues, which transport their Lightspeed Zords, which combine into the Lightspeed Megazord. The Rail Rescues are later configured to combine into the Supertrain Megazord.

An experimental Titanium morpher is stolen from the Aquabase. Captain Mitchell's long lost son Ryan utiltizes its power to transform into the Titanium Ranger and help the demons destroy Mariner Bay, all to spite his father, who he blames for his "death" years ago. Ryan eventually lets go of his vengeance and joins the Rangers.

Ryan receives the Max Solarzord, which can carry the Supertrain airborne, and combine with the Lightspeed Megazord to form the Lightspeed Solarzord.

Diabolico is destroyed. His star power is transferred to Impus, who becomes Olympius.

Queen Bansheera is partially restored to her bodily form, prompting the Rangers to unleash the Omega Zords, five spacecraft which can combine into the Omega Megazord.

Trakeena's return to Earth brings around the Lost Galaxy Rangers, who team up with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers to defeat her in her form.

Diabolico returns from the dead. Queen Bansheera regains her full bodily form by absorbing Vypra.

Diabolico and Olympius destroy the Lightspeed and Supertrain Megazords. They are then destroyed by the Lifeforce Megazord.

The Omega and Lifeforce Megazords are destroyed by the Rangers after they are taken under the Queen's control. The Rangers storm the Skull Cavern and imprison Queen Bansheera.

Ransik does not arrive in 2001

Ransik arrives in 2001

Ransik arrives in 2001

Ransik arrives in 2001

Ransik arrives in 2001

Ransik arrives in 2001

Time Force Rangers do not arrive in 2001

Time Force Rangers arrive in 2001

Time Force Rangers arrive in 2001

Time Force Rangers arrive in 2001

Time Force Rangers arrive in 2001

Time Force Rangers arrive in 2001

Wes does not become Red Ranger, future unknown

Wes becomes Red Ranger

Wes becomes Red Ranger

Wes becomes Red Ranger

Wes becomes Red Ranger

Wes becomes Red Ranger

Rangers battle Dragontron unaided, future unknown

Rangers battle Dragontron with Alex's help

Rangers battle Dragontron with Alex's help

Rangers battle Dragontron with Alex's help

Rangers battle Dragontron with Alex's help

Mr. Collins dies

Mr. Collins is saved by Alex

Mr. Collins is saved by Alex

Mr. Collins is saved by Alex

Wes inherits Bio-Lab, future unknown

Wes returns as Red Ranger

Wes returns as Red Ranger

Wes returns as Red Ranger

Rangers battle Doomtron

Rangers battle Doomtron

Rangers battle Doomtron

Rangers killed in battle, future unknown

Rangers sent back to 3000

Rangers sent back to 3000

Wes dies battling Doomtron, future unknown

Wes helped by Rangers, defeats Doomtron

Rangers return to 3000

Wes joins the Silver Guardians

In the year 2001, Ransik and his gang arrive from the future, with four Time Force officers in pursuit. The Time Force officers recruit local youth Wes to form the Time Force Rangers and go after Ransik.

Eric, a Silver Guardian, steals the Quantum Morpher, which was found on an archeological dig, and uses it to become the Quantum Ranger. He later gains control of the Q-Rex.

Alex arrives from the future to help the Rangers destroy Frax's creation, Dragontron. He temporarily takes over as Red Ranger, but gives the position back to Wes when needed. He also saves the life of Mr. Collins, who was attacked by Ransik.

Vypra returns from the dead. The Lightspeed Rescue Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers to defeat her.

The Rangers battle Doomtron, Frax's robot. Time vortexes threaten the world. Wes forcibly sends the other Rangers back to the year 3000, but they return to help him. Doomtron is destroyed.

The Rangers leave back to 3000. Wes and Eric team up to lead the Silver Guardians.

As pollution weakens the Earth, ancient imprisoned creatures called Orgs being to resurface. Princess Shayla of the Animarium awakens from a 3,000 year slumber, and five Power Animals choose their champions to defend the planet as Wild Force Power Rangers.

Master Org returns and begins to rebuild his army, starting with the Duke and Dutchess of Orgs - Jindrax and Toxica.

The Lion, Shark, Eagle, Tiger, and Bison Power Animals descend from the Animarium. They can combine into the Wild Force Megazord.

Alyssa finds a new Power Animal - the Elephant. The Elephant Zord transforms into a sword and shield for the Megazord.

Max is chosen as protector of the Giraffe Animal Crystal. The Giraffe Zord transforms into an arm for the Megazord, giving it a spear attack.

Taylor helps two strange boys regain their forms as the Black Bear and Polar Bear Zords, which form powerful arms for the Megazord.

While searching for the Soul Bird, Cole is joined by the Green Gorilla Zord, who joins with the other Zords to form Kongazord.

A Soul Bird egg found by the Rangers hatches, and the baby Soul Bird joins the team. The Soul Bird can merge with a Megazord to form a control console.

Zen-Aku is released after 3,000 years of captivity, and seeks revenge by destroying the Rangers. He summons the Hammerhead Shark, Wolf, and Alligator Zords. Zen-Aku is discovered to be the ancient warrior Merrick. The curse of the wolf mask is broken, with the help of the spirit of the Animus Megazord, and Merrick returns to normal. He is later given power by his Zords to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

The Rhino and Armadillo Zords partner up with Danny to help defeat the Predazord.

Shayla and Merrick sing to the Deer Zord to bring him back to the team.

The Rangers go on a spiritual quest to give Cole the Falcon Zord, Falcon Summoner, and Animarium Armor.

The ancient Megazord known as Animus is reborn as a young boy named Kite.

The Wild Force Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers to defeat the Mutorgs from the future.

Master Org is defeated by the Rangers. Mandilok takes over the Org empire.

Ten Red Rangers team up and travel to the moon to stop the Machine Empire from taking Serpentera to Earth to destroy it.

Master Org returns. He destroys Mandilok and takes control of the Org empire once again. He creates an Org heart which gives him great power. Animus is killed by Master Org. Master Org is destroyed by all of the Wild Zords on Earth.

Earth's secret Ninja Academies are attacked by Lothor, a banished evil ninja. He destroys all schools, and captures everyone in them. From the Wind Ninja Academy, the Sensei, his son Cam, and three students - Shane, Dustin, and Tori, escape and flee to the underground Ninja Ops. The students become the Wind Rangers, and successfully drive off Lothor's forces.

From the Thunder Ninja Academy, students Blake and Hunter are freed and told by Lothor that their parents were killed by the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy. Using morphers given to them by their Sensei during the attack, they become the Thunder Rangers.

Cam give the Rangers their Ninja Zords, which can combine to form the Storm Megazord.

The Thunder Rangers battle the Wind Rangers. They use the Thunder Zords, which can combine into the Thunder Megazord. After learning the truth about the evils of Lothor, they join the Wind Rangers.

After the Rangers have been stripped of their powers, Cam goes back in time to retrieve a power source which can save them. He returns with the Samurai Amulet, and uses it to become the Green Samurai Ranger, who pilots the Samurai Star.

Shane assists an alien traveller who gives him Battlizer armor.

In the final battle against Lothor's army, the Thunder and Ninja Zords are destroyed. Sensei is turned back into a human, and Lothor steals all the Ranger powers. The Wind Rangers defeat Lothor with their ninja powers and send him into the Abyss of Evil.

Marah and Kapri join the Wind Ninja Academy. Tori, Shane, and Dustin become instructors.

Dr. Tommy Oliver becomes a science teacher at Reefside High School. He works for the newly hired Principal Randall.

An evil scientist named Mesogog sends three Bio Zords too attack the city. Tommy gives Dino Gems to three high school students to become Dino Thunder Rangers and stop the rampaging beasts - Conner, Kira, and Ethan. The Bio Zords become the Rangers' Dino Zords, which can combine into the Thundersaurus Megazord.

Tommy is captured by Mesogog to release the Black Dino Gem. The Rangers rescue Tommy, and he uses the Black Dino Gem to become the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. He is joined by the Brachio Zord and the Cephala Zord.

The Triptoids join Mesogog's army after coming to life from a computer game that Ethan and Kira were trapped in.

Elsa as Principal Randall set up an archeology dig where she placed a fake Dimetrozord egg that the Rangers found. She used the real hatched Dimetrozord for evil purposes and attack Little Tokyo. Tommy eventually gained control of Dimetrozord and Thundersaurus Megazord uses its Dimetro Blade attack.

Stego Zord hatched and the Thundersaurus Megazord used it as a surfboard in its Hanging Ten attack.

Trent, son of Anton Mercer, is bonded to the White Dino Gem, which transforms him into the evil White Ranger. The White Ranger hatches the Drago Zord and steals the Stego Zord.

The Parasaur Zord is hatched and joins the Rangers.

The Rangers discover their Super Dino Powers, which can be summoned in times of stress.

Tommy discovers Trent's true identity but he ends up being encased in amber by Trent and remains so for a while.

While the White Dino Gem's hold softens on Trent, he confides in Kira and her to him. She tells him to wait at their meeting spot but when she returns with Conner, Ethan, and Hayley, Trent was already kidnapped by the Tyrannadrones. Ankylo Zord hatches and joins the Rangers.

A meteorite crash lands on Earth and temporarly loosens the White Dino Gem's control over Trent making him good. The meteorite's energy was used to release Tommy from the amber but he remains permanently morphed.

Trent as the White Ranger traps Dimetro and Cephala Zords in Containment Fields.

Trent makes a deal with Mesogog made two ATVs. Trent pretended he was good again and offered them a Black ATV that the Black Ranger rode and was out of control. Hayley was able to reprogram the ATV for him to use. Trent betrays both Mesogog and the rangers.

While Dr. Oliver is under 'sick leave', Dr. Anton Mercer takes his place as the science teacher at Reefside High School.

While helping catalog some files, Kira stumbles upon a picture of Tommy, Dr. Mercer and a young man known as Terence "Smitty" Smith. Tommy explained Smitty lost the job Mercer gave Tommy. Zeltrax then revealed he was indeed Smitty and blamed Tommy for the accident that led him to be turned into a cyborg by Mesogog.

Mesogog uses the Lifeforce Extractor on Trent for his supposed betrayal, which in fact was Zeltrax framed him in destroying the lab. Mesogog changes into Anton and tries to free Trent. A wandering laser hit the White Dino Gem releasing go its control over Trent. Trent in turn discovers Mesogog is his father Anton Mercer and promised he wouldn't tell the Rangers. Trent saves Tommy from Zeltrax and he joins the Rangers. He uses his Super Dino Mode.

Zetrax creates an evil White Ranger clone, who is control of the Drago Zord and Stego Zord.

The Black Ranger and Trent use the White Dino Gem's power to uncover the Shield of Triumph from a waterfall. Tommy, Kira, and Ethan also surrender their powers temporarly to Conner to become the Triassic Ranger.

Conner and Ethan fetch the Titanium Servo Mechanism from Anton Mercer Industries. Zeltrax unleashed his new and improvedAerial Assault Craft which Conner combated as the Triassic Ranger in the new Triassic Mega-Rover. Tommy entered the craft and seemingly defeats Zeltrax.

Ethan begins a relationship with Cassidy Cornell.

Hayley creates the Blue Hovercraft Cycle for Ethan but it doesn't have the flying option until Tommy reminds her it needs it.

Hayley is able to demorph Tommy using a special slime but he is stuck in invisible mode due to the power of the Black Dino Gem overloaded.

Hayley uses the Black Dino Gem to make him visible again but it knocks him into a coma. The Black Dino Gem was cracked. His former ranger forms test him in his coma to see if he was strong enough. He proved to have a strong will and the gem was reformed. He shows off his Super Dino Mode.

Zetrax comes out of hiding and threatens the Rangers.

Conner gained his most powerful form yet, his Battelizer. He was able to tap into his potential and morph into the Triassic Ranger without the help of Kira and Ethan.

The evil White Ranger clone slowly looses his power and is because two White Rangers cannot exist at the same time. Trent faces off with him, turns the victor and regains control of the Drago Zord and Stego Zord.

The Dino Thunder Rangers fight the Wind Rangers briefly when they are under the recently escaped Lothor's evil spell. The Thunder Rangers and Green Samurai Ranger went into the Abyss of Evil to fetch their powers. They joined forces to fight Mesogog and Lothor. Mesogog later trapped Lothor in a jar in his lab.

Tommy witnesses Principal Randall turning into Elsa and fights with her on campus, revealing her identity to everyone at school. A monster created by the card Elsa confiscated from Ethan was defeated by the Rangers. Elsa later placed the card in Anton Mercer's pocket and it fell out in front of Kira, Conner, Ethan, Tommy, and Trent. Inadvertently, Mercer turned into Mesogog in front of them and Mesogog accussed Trent of betraying him. The Rangers in turn felt just as betrayed.

The Rangers forgive Trent except for Conner who later does after Trent saves him.

Mesogog splits from Dr. Mercer and he takes Elsa's lifeforce to power his transmogrifacation beam rendering her to an amensiac human. The Rangers face Zeltrax again, and free his captive, stunned to learn who she is, just as much as she is to learn it as well.

Trent convinces the Rangers to surrender their Dino Gems to use them as leverage to save his father from Mesogog.

Tommy, Conner, Ethan, Kira, Trent, and Hayley ride in the Triceramax Command Center Truck to Mesogog's lab.

Trent saves the Dino Gems and his father and enter a digiportal before the lab explodes.

Zeltrax recaptures Elsa from Tommy's lab while they were away and holds her captive in his newly built Zelzord.

Conner and Ethan pilot the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords against the Zelzord, while Trent takes care of Triptoids, and Tommy and Kira rescue Elsa and face Zeltrax. The Megazords are sacrified and destroyed.

Tommy and Kira are able to defeat Zeltrax for the final time.

Mesogog becomes a mutated form and the five Rangers fight him. Only fulling utilizing the full extent of their Dino Gems is able to finally defeat Mesogog.

Devin and Cassidy witness and tape the final battle but turn in the tape admitting they couldn't exploit their friendship for personal gain after all they've done.

Devin and his date Cassidy, Conner and his date Krista, Ethan and his date Angela, Tommy, Mercer, Trent, and the former Elsa attend the 2004 Reefside Senior Prom while Kira and her band performs marking the end of a year.

S.P.D. begins experimenting on Morphing technology. The humans that are involved in the experiment are left with genetic enhancements due to a side effect which will be passed down to their children.

Emperor Gruumm arrives through a wormhole and attacks Reefside. The S.P.D. Rangers travel back in time to stop him. They join forces with the Dino Rangers.

Aliens begin arriving on Earth and currently reside in hiding.

A gateway to a magical dimension exists in the forest of Briarwood. The magical creatures won't leave the forest and those in the city won't enter it.

The seal to the Underworld is broken; releasing the Undead from their imprisonment - Morticon, Koragg, and Necrolai. They launch an attack on the world above.

A sorceress named Udonna - the White Ranger recruits five teenagers to harness the power of the Xenotome and become Power Rangers - Nick, Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida.

Koragg steals Udonna's Snow Staff, leaving her without her Ranger powers.

The Power Rangers and the Undead enagage on a quest to find the legendary Fire Heart.

Udonna's apprentince - Clare is revealed as the Gatekeeper.

Udonna temporarily accesses her Snow Staff to help as the White Ranger to destroy Morticon.

In Morticon's absense, Necrolai seeks out an evil known as Imperious and the Power Rangers find a magic lamp releasing Jenji.

Thought to be an old friend by Udonna, Calindor returns, but turns out to be Imperious. Meanwhile, Daggeron appears as the Solaris Knight.

Imperious recruits the Barbarian Beasts to capture Jenji and then uses him to grant a wish that the Mystic Force Power Rangers never existed.

The Power Rangers are stripped of their powers and must seek out the Tribunal of Magic to get their powers back and unlock their Legend Warrior powers.

Koragg is revealed to be Leanbow; Udonna's husband, and Nick is revealed to be Bowen; Udonna's son. In the midst of these revelations, Daggeron finally brings down Imperious.

With the death of Imperious, the Ten Terrors are awaken and they seek after the Light, which is revealed to be Nick.

Nick accepts his destiny as the Light and merges with Fire Heart to become Red Dragon Fire Ranger.

Udonna reclaims her Snow Staff and becomes the White Ranger while Leanbow is reawakened as the Wolf Warrior.

One by one, the Ten Terrors are defeated, but not before releasing their ultimate master - Octomus.

With the help of the Mystic Mother and the town of Briarwood, the Mystic Force finally defeats the Master.

The citizens of Briarwood and the magical creatures of the forest come together in peace.

Toby sells a scale from Fire Heart to a billionare named Andrew Hartford.

Andrew Hartford uncovers the Corona Aurora: the legendary Crown of the Gods. This awakens Flurious and Moltor from their imprisonments.

The Sentinel Knight warns Andrew of the upcoming danger to the planet and he gathers all of his resources together to create Operation Overdrive.

Andrew recruits a team of elite teenagers to become the next generation of Power Rangers - Mack, Will, Dax, Ronny, and Rose.

Moltor steals the crown to the Corona Aurora.

Miratrix arrives on Earth and releases her master Kamdor. Together they join the hunt for the jewels to the crown.

With the help of Brownbeard the pirate, the Rangers secure the black jewel of the Corona Aurora; the prize possession of King Neptune.

Tyzonn; an alien from the planet Mercuria arrives on Earth trying to stop the renegade Fearcats. He is stopped by Moltor and turned into a monster.

Mack reaches out to Tyzonn and the two of them find the yellow jewel of the Corona Aurora. The Sentinel Knight uses them to restore Tyzonn to his human form.

The Fearcats arrive on the scene and are looking for the jewels as well. After some encouragement, Tyzonn joins Operation Overdrive as the Mercury Ranger.

Seeking out weapons from gods; the Rangers encounter Thor - god of thunder and Loki - god of mischief. Eventually they are able to aquire the blue jewel of the Corona Aurora, but it is stolen by Kamdor and Miratrix.

Trax escapes his imprisonment and recruits Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor and Miratrix, and the Fearcats to bring down the Overdrive Rangers.

The Sentinel Knight recruits five former Power Rangers - Adam, Xander, Bridge, Kira, and Tori to stop the new evil alliance.

Mack and the others seek out the legendary Excelsior to restore the Sentinel Knight to his physical form.

Adam brings back Alpha 6 to repair the damages done to the Morphing Grid.

Both teams of Power Rangers and the Sentinel Knight defeat Thrax and bring down the evil alliance.

After experiencing a computer virus, Andrew must tell Mack the truth that he is indeed an android.

Using the Sentinel Sword with a new Battlizer that Rose created to enhance robotic parts, Mack merges with Sentinel Knight to becomes the Red Sentinel Ranger.

With the unintentional help of Kamdor and Miratrix, the Rangers manage to nab the red jewel to the Corona Aurora.

Tyzonn meets someone from his past - Crazar a third Fearcat who brings up some memories of his girlfriend who was thought lost on Mercuria.

Jarrod, Theo, and Lily were picked, but Jarrod turned out to be a bad choice. Casey, a cub was to take his place.

Jarrod tried taking the container holding Dai Shi. It accidentally opened, Dai Shi killed Master Mao and took over Jarrod's body.

Casey, Theo, and Lily meet RJ and work for the Jungle Karma Pizza as they become Power Rangers.

Lily was trained by Master Phant in the ways of the Elephant, Theo was trained by the visually impaired Master Swoop in the techniques of the Bat, and Casey was taught by RJ's father Master Finn in the tradition of the Shark.

Dai Shi and Camille revived the deadly Overloads Carnisoar and Jellica to train them in the ways of fear, deceit and terror, stripping Jarrod of his humanity.

When Dai Shi fought the Rangers with his training, he defeated them and took RJ prisoner. To save RJ, the Rangers went to the Spirit World by Master Mao to be trained by three fallen Masters and upgraded to Master mode.

RJ's Wolf Spirit was tampered with by Dai Shi and transformed RJ into a werewolf. RJ did not rely on his friends but ultimately learned to lean on his friends and became the Wolf Ranger.

RJ saved Flit the fly and he repaid him by helping him tame his werewolf side.

The last Overlord, Grizzaka was revived but he took over Dai Shi's place, as he hates humans and resents Dai Shi possessing a human. Dai Shi wanted to possess Grizzaka's powerful Zocato power.

Dominick, a wanderer who hadn't yet found his path, decided being the Rhino Ranger was his path.

Everyone went running to the Rhino Nexus to get the Rhino Zord and stole the Control Dagger from Dominick. Ultimately, Dominick took control of the Rhino Zord and destroyed Carnisoar and Grizzaka.

The forces of evil went in search of the Crystal Eyes, the Rangers were able to save some but Jellica revived three Phantom Beast Generals and they destroyed her.

Dai Shi had the three living masters kidnapped and put them under control to manifest three Spirit Rangers to go against the five Power Rangers.

Soon Dai Shi was loosing control over Jarrod and the remaining Phantom Beast Generals blamed Camille and sent warriors against her.

Jarrod saved Camille. Casey witnessed this and went to Dai Shi's temple to save Jarrod. Jarrod and Dai Shi were then seperated.

Dai Shi opens up a portal to the Spirit World and resurrects all his fallen warriors, including the four fallen masters.

Jarrod finally decides to join them as well and helps weaken Dai Shi and the three protectors finally destroy Dai Shi forever.

Once the war was finished, Camille and Jarrod trained as beginners in the Pai Zhaq academy. Flit was made human and Dominick went with Fran to back-pack through Europe.

Doctor K sends out the computer Venjix Virus in order to be able to escape the government lab she was trapped in but it leaked out to the world.

Gem and Gema run off to get the Series Gold and Silver equipment but after an incident, are believed to be dead by Doctor K.

Venjix infected all the computer systems and had taken over the world's communication, power and defense systems. Venjix built the Grinders and attacked the world.

When Venjix hits, a rich spoiled girl Summer runs out of her mansion with her friends from her birthday party to safety.

In Scotland, Flynn is distressing over his failure at being a hero when Venjix hits.

Summer is abandoned by her friends and saved by her butler Andrews, who raised her, but he dies in the line of fire.

Summer reunites with her parents in Corinth and hears a distress call and goes out into the wasteland.

Pilot Marcus Truman doesn't let his brother Scott fight with him and dies in war.

Scott is ejected from his jet and saved by Summer and taken back to Corinth when the shields go up.

At some point, the man now known as Dillon is taken prisoner with his sister and is upgraded with technology and his memory is wiped.

Gem and Gema are held prisoner in a cell and communicate with a blind girl in the next cell.

Doctor K recruits Scott, Summer and Flynn to be Power Rangers.

Ziggy, part of the Scorpion Cartel, steals medical supplies but gives it to a orphanage of sick children.

Ziggy runs away from Corinth when the Cartel went after him.

Dillon, wandering through the desert wondering who he is, is found by Ziggy and they enter Corinth.

Venjix creates Tenaya 7, a human-like robot.

Dillon and Ziggy are imprisoned for infiltrating and possibly being spies.

Dillon joins the Power Rangers as Ranger Black and gets Ziggy out as well.

Tenaya 7 tries becoming the new Ranger Green but is found out to be evil, Ziggy bonds with the morpher in order to protect the powers from evil.

Scott goes out to the wasteland to get an over-thruster to make the Croc Carrier work and be able to create the ValveMax Megazord.

Dillon encounters the Sat Bot that has his memories and tries to convince the team not to destroy it and his suit is shut down by Doctor K. He later agrees to destroy the bot.

Dillon has a virus that is slowly making him into a robot and it is increased by an Attack bot and Scott helps him by cuffing them together. By using a chip from the bot that increased it, they slow it down again.

The team goes on a road trip to find answers to Dillon's past but Venjix has downloaded himself into a new robot to fight the Rangers himself. They arrive to the abandoned Omega City and are saved by the two new Rangers.

Doctor K reunites with Gem and Gema, the Gold and Silver Rangers.

Gem and Gema want to destroy a factory they were once in and has humans held prisoner, Dillon wanted to go because he may have a sister there.

They destroy the factory but not before a Doom Bot was deployed. The geniuses implant it with the DNA of a whale and makes it into a zord that helps form the Mach Megazord.

In the not too distant future, Earth has become a haven for all aliens races who come from the farest reaches of the galaxy to live in peace, ninety-nine percent of the new comers live in harmony but for the one percent who can't there is space patrol delta, the new breed of police to bring them in.

For Earth's ultimate survival Three B Squad Cadets (Sky, Z and Bridge) are promoted to active status and given SPD Morphers, which allow them to become Power Rangers.

Soon joined by Jack and Z, they combine to form the B Squad Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers encounter a child named Sam with the same type of genetic abilities as themselves. After convincing him to use his powers for good, he joins the S.P.D. academy.

Benaag, a mercenary of Gruumm's responsible for the attack on Sirius shows up on Earth and kidnaps Kat; challenging Doggie. Kat has created the Patrol Morpher for Doggie, which he uses to become the Shadow ranger and rescue her.

An alien named Katana arrives from the distant past claiming to be the protector of Japan. The B-Squad power Rangers must confront the issue and send Katana back to the past. This opens a time portal, which also allows for an energy source to come from the future.

Gruumm sends Morgana and her two friends Devastation and Shortie to stop the Power Rangers. The energy source from the future appears as the Omega Ranger to stop them. He reveals himself to be an old friend; Sam.

S.P.D. integrates future technology from the Omega Ranger to create more powerful weapons; including the S.P.D. Battlizer.

Mirloc escapes from prison and Sky temporarily steps in as the Red Ranger to take him down.

The B-Squad Power Rangers go to the planet Zentor to undergo training for the new S.W.A.T. upgrade.

The A-Squad Power Rangers are found after months of being MIA only to be working for Emperor Gruumm and capture Commander Cruger. The A-Squad is arrested for their crimes.

Broodwing leads an assault on the Delta Base and Emperor Gruumm leads an assault on Earth for his master Omni. Emperor Gruumm is arrested for his transactions.

Jack leaves S.P.D. and Sky is promoted to Red Ranger and Bridge is promoted to Blue Ranger.

Supreme Commander Birdie retires and Commander Cruger takes his place. Sky moves up as the new commander of S.P.D. Bridge is promoted to the Red Ranger position.

Earth is attacked and conquered by Morgana and her two friends Devastation and Shortie. Emperor Gruumm gains control of Earth.

Earth has been overtaken by Emperor Gruumm and the Troobian Empire.

What little remains of S.P.D. attempt to defend the universe against the increasing presence of the Troobian Empire.

Sam becomes the Omega Ranger and Nova becomes the Nova Ranger.

Sam stumbles through a time portal leading back to the year 2025 and is turned into crystalized energy.

Nova launches a rescue through time to find Sam and bring him home.

Using an experimental Time Gate, the Q-Rex and its Quantum Controller Box are hurled through a time portal, and lost in time.

Ransik is born in an accident at a genetic lab. He wanders the streets, shunned by society.

Ransik frees three Org spirits, who pay him back by giving him the power to pull weapons from his body. They use Ransik's DNA to become Mutorgs.

Ransik is bitten by Venomark. he is taken in and cured by Dr. Fericks. Ransik betrays Fericks and blows his lab up, resulting in Ferick's transformation into Frax.

Jen joins Time Force, and meets Alex, who grooms her into an exceptional officer.

In the year 3000, Ransik evades the Time Force and travels into the past, along with Nadira, Frax, Gluto, and an army of cryogenically frozen mutant criminals. Time Force officers Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip follow him in a time ship, along with Circuit.

Captain Logan sends the Time Jets into the past as needed by the Rangers.

Former Red Time Force Ranger Alex monitors the Rangers actions in 2001. He sends them the Time Shadow as needed, and pays them a visit when he sees Frax unleash a powerful Zord.

The Rangers return from their mission with Ransik in captivity.

Jen is dispatched to track down three fugitives - the Mutorgs which were freed by Ransik. The Mutorgs travel back in time to team up with Master Org. Jen follows.

Lucas, Trip, Katie and Nadira take Ransik out of captivity and travel back in time to help Wes, Eric, Jen, and the Wild Force Rangers battle the Mutorgs.