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Sydney is Sam's extremely intelligent friend. When Sam confides in her about his transformation into Servo, she becomes amazed. She studies Sam's computer and learns that it has become a Super Computer. She is able to unlock various helper programs to help Sam. Some of which allows the band to help Sam in cyberspace. Sydney winds up piloting Borr. Her attack phrase is "Pump up the Power". She has affection for Tanker, who quickly becomes her boyfriend. Sydney is an extreme perfectionist. She creates a program that Kilokhan corrupts into a virus. She becomes obsessed with restoring the program to normal. Tanker convinces her to accept she is not perfect. Sydney uses Drago to help same destroy the virus.
Tanker controls the machine known as Tracto. Tanker is a high school athlete that is also good at playing the drums. Tanker is the first friend to help Sam with the Drago helper program. In which he continues pilot on occasion. His main vehicule becomes Tracto. Tanker's transformation phrase is, "Lets kick some giga but!" He is attracted to the intelligent Sydney, who winds up becoming his girlfriend. Although he can't match Sydney's intelligence he is smarter then he looks. He often times is able to encourage Sydney when she makes a mistake of feels insecure. Sydney returns the favor when Sam is away. She encourages Tanker to become Servo, to save the day.
Amp is the "Kramer" of Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Amp joins the band to play the bass. When Sydney unlocks three helper programs to help Servo in battle, Amp becomes the pilot for Vitor. His transformation phrase usually varies between a few silly riddles. Amp is very eccentric. And often times exhibits behavior that appears abnormal to his team. He is often referred to as a "Space Cadet". Which proves too when he disappears and leaves a note for his friends. Which seems to indicate that he returned to his home planet with his family.
Lucky is a surfer that takes Amps place in the band. He quickly becomes the new pilot for Vitor. Lucky is very laid back and loves surfing more than anything.
Elizabeth Collins
Sam's little sister (Elizabeth Collins) she often communicates to him through the laundry shoot telling him things their mom wants done. We only hear Elizabeth's vioce. She never makes a physical appearance on the show. Elizabeth usually serves as an annoyance for Sam.
Jennifer is Sam's bueatiful girlfriend. She is often isolated from Sam, as he has to take care of his duties within Syber Squad. Malcom has an affection for her, which makes him jealous of Sam. Malcom tried to use a virus to control Jennifer's mind. But the effects were reversed when Syber Squad defeated the monster.
Rimba Starky
The school lunch lady (Rimba Starky), often gives our heroes advice on their daily problems. Which sometimes include; problems at school or problems related to their job as superheros. She is also the moral compass for some of the supporting cast. She once accidently journeys to the digital world. Where she piolets Drago. She however, is oblivous to the fact that Sam and his friends are Syber Squad. Starky is kind at heart. But is also a tough lady, who could probably take Mike Tyson.
Principal Pratchert
The principal of the school. He scans the hall's day in and day out. He is very by the book and likes to make sure the school is run fairly. He often times can be very stern. But at the same time cares about his students and just wants to do a good job. His daughter ( Loli) is also one of his students. Which at times creates a conflict for Pratchert. As he loves her but has to treat her like any other student. This causes him trouble during a Student Presidential Election. When Malcom riggs the election to take the position from Loli. Loli wants a recount, but Pratchert feels it is not fair from him to just give her one. But after realizing that she is still his daughter, he decides do "the right thing". The recount reveals that Loli is actually the winner.
Loli Pratchert
Loli Pratchert is the daugher of Principal Pratchert. She is also one of his students. She is very bright and a good friend of Sam's band. Often times she is conflicted by being the principal's daughter. Which comes to a head when she loses the election to be Student Body President ( due to a virus Malcom creates). At first her dad refuses a recount. But his love for Loli wins out and allows for one. Loli is declared the winner and remains Student Body President.