Xenon Program
Xenon a powerful humanoid robot created when Vitor, Tracto, and Borr combine.
Vitor is another ground based helper program. It is piloted by Amp and later Lucky. It is part of the Synchro and Zenon combinations.
Tracto is a tank like helper program. It has powerful weapons and a strong defense system. Tanker pilots Tracto, which is part of the Synchro combination. As well as part of the Zenon combo.
Borr is an air based helper program that Sydney pilots. It can combine with Vitor, Tracto and Servo to form the Super Human Synchro. It can also combine with Tracto and Vitor to form Zenon.
Samurai Synchro
Synchro is formed by Servo, Tracto, Borr, and Vitor. It can deliver very hard and powerful punches. Synchro has very strong electric attacks.
Drago Program
Drago is a dragon like helper program that Syber Squad uses to assist Servo. It is usually piloted by Tanker or Sydney. It breaths out electrical fire for one of its attacks .
A giant jet with various weaponry. Its main pilot is Tanker.
A dragon head mini-jet which also acts as a bazooka type flame thrower, known as the Dragon Cannon. It is one of Servo's weapons.. It's main pilot is Sydney.
Samurai Phormo
Phormo is created by the combination of Servor and Drago. Phormo can use long attack punches and kicks to defeat evil monsters.