This monster was first created by Malcolm, he wanted it to attack Sam's house. It destroys telephone circuits, it interrupted a call between Sam and Jennifer. It is ultimately destroyed by Servo.
"To Protect and Servo"
This cyclops-like monster fed on Police computers and altered and destroyed data. Malcolm wanted it to arrest someone and it caused Jennifer to be arrested during a date with Sam. Sam was the most wanted for a while. It wielded two spears and created a shield between those. It could teleport or blink from one place to another. It was destroyed by Phormo, a combination of Servo and Drago.
Malcolm wanted this one to stop Sam from making his gig. It was supposed to use government satellites to put an invisible wall around Sam's house but Kilokahn convinced Malcolm to change it to the whole Earth. It can emit lasers or shockwaves from all over its body and it trembles. It caused a satellite computer to go haywire. It sucked power from Servo. Syd, Tanker and Amp entered Borr, Tracto and Vitor to create Synchro armor for Servo. Team Samurai destroyed it with Synchro. It appears again in "The Cold Shoulder," with Servo and the other boys fighting it. It sucks its power again. Syd finds out and enters Borr. They form Servo and destroy it once again.
"Samuraize, Guys!" and "The Cold Shoulder"
Megavirus Monster
This monster was fighting Servo and Borr at the beginning. Tanker and Amp followed with Tracto and Vitor. They defeated it with Synchro.
"Amp Loves you, yeah yeah yeah"
Megavirus Monster
Malcolm said he wanted people to suffer. This monster released white waves from its mouth and also fireballs. It blocked all communications and allowed Kilokahn be on the television. He beat up Servo, overloading Sam and knocking him into the human world. The Team Samurai went back in and defeated it with Synchro.
"Amp Loves you, yeah yeah yeah"
Megaviruse Monster
This tick-like monster was fighting Servo in the beginning of this episode. It made waves appear everywhere. Tanker and Syd enters into Drago program to help him. Servo destroys this one and he restores to the tower.
"An Un-helping Hand"

Skorn enters Syd's digital watch to control her hand to stealing Sam's wallet, tying together Amp's shoe laces, pulling Tanker's ear after a massage and tripping him. She commits robberies and disrupting class. It tries killing her by choking her. The Team Samurai had to fight Syd's hand as Servo fought the real Skorn. He could throw ninja stars of light and was armed with two long swords. He could make the illusion of multiplying himself various time to surround Servo. Servo throws his sword into Skorn, destroying him. In "His Masters Voice," Skorn returns to enter Sydney's synthesizer keyboard to screw up the voices of Syd and Tanker. When Servo fought him he had a whip. He could teleport and launch red ninja stars from his body. He makes Servo loose his voice. Tanker is sent in Drago to help and Skorn was destroyed by Synchro. He is one of the rare Megavirus monsters that spoke. He had an action figure.
"An Un-helping Hand" and "His Masters Voice"
He is a scorch virus, meaning it can emit flames from its mouth. Malcolm ordered it to enter in the school cafeteria air conditioner Kilokahn found it petty and insignificant until Malcolm caused him harm. This happens when the kids do a sleep over at the cafeteria to save the Purposes. When it seemed like Servo was going to destroy it, Malcolm pleaded to Kilokahn to call it back and go into a backup disc. The air conditioner then started to cool down. In "The Cold Shoulder," Plexton was sent back into syberspace with his sister Ram to beat Servo. Servo's sword and shield are temporarily destroyed by Plexton's fire breath and Ram's ice breath. He makes them mad and have them fight each other. Servo calls his sword and Plexton comes after Servo first. Servo quickly destroys Plexton with his sword. He had an action figure.
"Some Like It Scalding" and "The Cold Shoulder"
Kilokahn made Malcolm send this design to the computer even though Malcolm didn't feel like wreaking havoc. Kilokahn tricks him into switching places. Kilokahn enter Malcolm's body and Malcolm's mind went into the Megavirus. When the Team Samurai discover Kilokahn is in Malcolm's body, they find out Malcolm is stuck in a Megavirus. Servo is sent to Malcolm's computer but is blocked by a field Kilokahn put in. Syd sends a code crack program that lets Sam in. A tower Malcolm creates causes a hole into the real world. Servo pulls Malcolm the virus out of the hole. Servo takes down the virus and Malcolm returns into his body and Kilokahn returns to where he was. The virus was destroyed and the hole repaired.
Malcolm creates Plexton's sister Ram who has power of ice. Her power is to invade air conditioners and make the heart of humans cold. It targets Tank, Amp and Syd, which makes them mean to each other. Kilokahn sends Plexton along with Ram. When Servo seems to be beating it, Malcolm adds ice particles that fly out of her hands. He is sent the Samurai Shield and sword which helps him until Plexton arrives. Servo causes them to fight each other. She headrams her brother. After destroying Plexton, Servo destroys Ram with his sword.
"The Cold Shoulder"
Megaviruse Monster
This horned beast hides in a fortune telling game and turns people into the opposite of who they are. He makes Tank into a nerd, Syd into a wild girl, Sam into a coward, Amp intelligent and classy, and Elizabeth more aggressive and into Malcolm. Sam is sent against his will as Servo to fight this unnamed monster. Servo was whimpy making Malcolm briefly thinking he might be Sam. Kilokahn makes Servo become evil and destroy things. The Team Samurai form Xenon and fight both the monster and Servo. Kilokahn sends Xenon away. Amp destroys the game, which makes Servo back to normal. The monster was destroyed by Servo..
"Que Sera Servo"
It is armed with knives on its arms and has a large horn on its head. Malcolm made it to cut the food supply off from the world. It would shut down warehouses and close food transport. Food trucks appear at Malcolm's back door. Kilokahn informs Malcolm that he would cut off the food truck from him. It overpowered Servo and caused Tank to have food starvation. Tank sends Servo his Samurai Shield and sword to fight Hock. Kilokahn retrieves Hock before Servo can destroy it. Malcolm wanted to use Hock in "Sweet and Sour Kilokahn" before Kilokahn was made sweet by Sydney. Malcolm tricks Kilokahn to bring it back to life and it breaks down Kilokahn's prison. Servo almost destroys it but Kilokahn takes Hock away. It had an action figure.
"A Break in the Food Chain" and "Sweet and Sour Kilokahn"
This winged beast Malcolm sends to Jennifer's electronic pom-poms as revenge to spurning her advances. It digitized whoever used the pom-poms, making it appear that they disappeared. Jennifer is captured and Malcolm causes her to pose. Malcolm ends up with floppy disks full of people who used the pom-poms. It can become invisible and send shockwaves. Sam uses his sister's finger paint game to stop Troid's invisibility. Malcolm recalls Troid to retreat. It returned in "My Virus Ate My Homework" to beat up Servo in the beginning of that episode. It was destroyed by Servo. This monster had an action figure.
"Ashes to Ashes Disk to Disk" and "My Virus Ate My Homework"
Megavirus Monster
This megavirus created by Malcolm is sent into camcorder by Kilokahn. Malcolm takes video of Sam and zaps him into the camera. The virus is related to a Quart program. When Sam transforms into Servo, he finds the virus monster and fights it. It can generate heat and burns Servo's hands. It zaps the tower to wrap Servo in a chain and zap him. The others form Xenon to fight the monster. Servo destroys it with Grid power.
"Lights, Camera, Action"
Chrono Virus
This beast looked brown under silver crystals that covered its back, head, arms, and tail. It had a horn and tail. It is fighting Servo and Syd came inside Borr. The others came in and formed Synchro. It was destroyed by Synchro. It might have all been just a dream. It is more featured in "Out of Sight, Out of Time" In order to hinder Sam from going out on his date with Jennifer, Malcolm creates a Chrono Virus to screw up the Greenwich clock to screw up time all around the world. It is destroyed by Sycnhro.
"To Sleep, Perchance to Scream" and "Out of Sight, Out of Time"
Megavirus Monster
Kilokahn and Malcolm sends this Megavirus monster into Sam's digital alarm clock to give him nightmares. It had two long tentacles. It blinded Servo temporarily. Syd and Tank entered Drago to fight this one. It was destroyed by Servo. It might have all been just a dream.
"To Sleep, Perchance to Scream"
Megavirus Monster
This one emitted blue lasers from its more. It resembled a star fruit or a bunch of leaves in a star formation. Tank fought this one with Drago. Servo sliced it twice, destroying it in the beginning of "Out of Sight, Out of Time" In "My Virus Ate My Homework," it has a formal introduction. Kilokahn wanted to design a monster to mess with nuclear missiles, Malcolm was against the idea and tried deleting it. He couldn't and Kilokahn brought it to life and sent it to missile command central. Servo had to enter by himself since he entered through Syd's laptop. Using a floppy disk from Amp, Tanker was able to help with the Drago program. Servo destroyed this monster and the missiles were averted.
"Out of Sight, Out of Time"and "My Virus Ate My Homework"
Malcolm wanted Kilokahn to guess what this one did and he guessed correctly that it digested money numbers. It entered an ATM and entered Sam's bank account and everyone else's. Malcolm hands out money at school. It is made out of chromium alloy (a metal) so hard to fight. With its red jewel, it reflects any attack from Servo. Tank goes in and helps the monster unpin Servo and destroy his red jewel. Servo destroyed it after the red jewel was.
"Money for Nothin' & Bits for Free"
This Beetle-like creature with pincher horns was to destroy the water treatment plant. They aimed to change water into hydrochloric acid. The monster breaks the ground underneath Servo, sending him to a lower level of the digital world. Servo flies out and gets chained down by the feet. Nexor sends acid fog on Servo. Amp and Syd help out in the Borr and Vitor. Borr went underground, Syd blasts Nexor on its butt to pull it out so Servo can fight it. Vitor closes the mouth of Nexor with the Endless Loop clamp. Servo destroys the monster.
"Water You Doing?"
Megavirus Monster
It went into every car engines, it was destroyed by Servo. It is a bipedal creature that look like a turtle with a volcano on its back.
"Just Brown & Servo"
Sybo Virus (armored)
In "Just Brown & Servo," Malcolm wanted Kilokahn to make it come to life as payback for having putting his mind in it. It had added armor and what seem to have steel punching gloves and tail end. It went into Ms. Starkey's cooking timer to alter her mood while she cooked for a romantic date between Sam and Elizabeth. Because Sam seem to disappear and Elizabetrh threaten to break up with him, Tanker revealed the truth of Sam's identity. Team Samurai went in the Synchro vehicles to help. They formed Synchro. Malcolm was going to retrieve the monster but he was blocked from interfering. The monster was destroyed by Synchro. Elizabeth was later told it was a dream.
"Just Brown & Servo"