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Nimbar is an intelligent gelatinous blob that has arms that come out of the blob. He is the master protector the Power Portals and counselor to the Galactic Sentinels. He summons the teenagers through a power portal that usually appears right in front of them, in the kitchen of the cafe Drew works at, inside a bathroom or under a table. He grants his soldiers tattoos with his arm, that alerts them to a portal opening near them. He has failed in the past to protect a world from Gorganus and will stop at nothing to insure Earth does not meet the same fate.
Roland Sawyer
Swinton's successful father, he is the one who suggested he socialize with Laurie, Gordon and Drew. He once planned to transfer Swinton to Billwood Academy when he felt he didn't fit in with his classmates and would had benefit more with classmates he could relate to. Swinton feared the future of the Sentinels if he moved so he tried to show he was fitting in.
Diane Henley
Gordon's mother and the Mayor of Beverly Hills. The Sorcerer disguised himself as an 'All-American Teenager' and he said he was Taurus in a Television commercial. She wanted to award the faux Taurus an award and was pushing Gordon to be like him. Gordon became jealous and wished to tell everyone the truth. When Nimbar opened a portal, Gordon's mom chased Gordon inside and discovered his secret. She swore she would keep the secret but once on Earth, she was going to reveal the truth so Gordon used the Memory Fader on her. Another time she was led to believe Gordon and Drew were an item when she caught Drew with her tennis bracelet, they needed the diamonds for Nimbar.
Nicole Nash
Drew's aunt that she lives with and the Sentinels regularly hang out at her house. Nicole is an actress, suggestively working at a soap opera and once won some awards. She is often clueless of Drew's activities but she does notice she hangs out with the others a lot. When Drew's aunt confronted her about her mysterious disappearances and Drew revealed her secret, she brought her to a psychiatrist to help with her "delusions."
Janessa Francks
Laurie's friend and Swinton's love interest. She finds out early on that they ar the Galactic Sentinels, but doesn't tell she knows and figures ways to cover them when they go on a misson.
The manager of the Coffee House that Nicole owns.
An alien from Hunab Ku that appeared in "The Opiate from the Future." Her kind has the ability to predict the future and must be in a light source in order to communicate with anyone. Emperor Gorganus had captured her in order to predict his future until Pixel tricked Lechner into letting her out. The Galactic Sentinels rescue her from Slaygar as she tells them to form Knightron. When asked by the Galactic Sentinels if they will be able to defeat Emperor Gorganus, her predictions come up as yes and no. After Slaygar is defeated, Nimbar uses his technology to warp the rock that Pixel is in back to Hunab Ku.
Dr. Bradford Clamtin
A psychiatrist who appeared in the two-part episode "The Psychiatrist." He was called in by Nicole Nash to do some therapy on Drew when it is claimed that Drew has compulsive lying syndrome. He does discover the truth about the Galactic Sentinels during their fight with Snake Trooper. Before he can start his new book about his encounters, Drew subjects him to the Memory Fader causing Dr. Bradford Clamtin to forget what he has seen and being called in by Nicole Nash.