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The teenagers stand atop platforms called "Transo Discs" and transform into Galactic Sentinels, super-muscular warriors. Scorpio's disc has a teal light, Taurus' disc has a white light, Centaur's disc has a purple light and Apollo's disc has a yellow light.
Crystal Staff
Taurus wields a staff with a crystal on it, it sends out a white circle laser.
Mid-Horned Lance
Scorpio fights with a crow-bar-like lance with two horns in the center that she can call upon by putting her hand in the air. It emits a teal crescent moon-shaped laser.
Apollo wields twin sickles that emit a yellow laser.
Eagle Wing Axe
Centaur emits three purple lasers out of her axe with a eagle wing tip.
When they put their arms together in an interlocking square they form the ultimate sentinel called Knighttron. However Knighttron's power is "finite," and they are only to form him as a last resort. Apollo becomes the torso and arms, Taurus becomes the head, Scorpio creates the left leg and Centaurus becomes the right leg of Knighttron. When Scorpio was incapable for fighting, Orion formed the left leg of Knighttron. Knighttron wields a sword and shield.