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Rick (Orion)

>Name: Rick
>Sentinel Designation: Orion
>Weapon: Axe
Rick is a humanoid alien from an unnamed planet and former Galactic Sentinel for Nimbar. After being the sole survivor of his destroyed planet, he was full of anger toward Nimbar. He and his teammates fought Predaraptor and they shot the light that appeared above the ridge of his nose, the power backfired and made their Knighttron disintegrated. The Pradaraptor defeated Orion's fellow Sentinels Leo, Draco and Ursa. Rick called for help from Nimbar but didn't get help. Nimbar swore he scanned the planet for him before it was destroyed by Gorganus. He held the power of Orion which he used on the fourth transo disc when Laurie was unable to fight. His name was too complicated for humans to speak so he insisted that everyone call him 'Rick.' His suit is dark grey and armed with an axe. When the Sentinels returned from Nimbar's through a portal to the cafe, Rick piggybacked a ride in their trip. They asked questions but he didn't answer until Drew answered what her name was. Laurie grabbed his arm and saw a blinking tattoo and deduced he was a Sentinel. Drew and Rick instantly hit it off and she let him sleepover in her aunt's back patio. Rick admitted he was bouncing from galaxy to galaxy to find a woman like her that was committed to being non-committed. He invited her to go with him and quit the sentinels, that Nimbar was taking them for chumps and wasn't to be trusted. When the other Sentinels were in danger, Drew chose to help them. When he saw her in danger, he demanded Nimbar bring them back. He suggested a way to help and offered to form Knighttron when Laurie was unable to fight, leading Drew to believe he indeed cared. He helped them fight Knighttron and defeated Predaraptor by taking Orion's advice by hitting the monster in the back. Rick told Nimbar it was a one time deal but Nimbar said he still cared and he would always be his sentinel. When he was on his way out, she suggested he stayed to see what great things Earth had to offer. Rick asked Drew to go with him again but Drew told him they could be just as uncommitted away from each other and to call her whenever he was around and he kissed her, leaving through a portal to an Ore Freighter on the portal on Torno E Sector.