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Swinton Sawyer (Apollo)

>Name: Swinton Sawyer
>Sentinel Designation: Apollo
>Weapon: Sickle
Swinton is very intelligent and creates devices, some that help the Sentinels. Nimblar chose him because he makes new rules. He made a device and tea was accidently poured on it, making a portal open to Nimbar. He like Gordon and Laurie, follows the rules and excels for good grades. He is African-American and his dad suggested he make a study group in order to socialize more, formed of Laurie, Gordon and Drew, which incidentally were chosen to form the Galactic Sentinels. Once he had a crush on a girl, he asked for help from the other sentinels but he got contrary information and confused the girl. In the end, he realized to be himself was the better thing to do and she liked that. When he was doing a maze with a rat in order for it to turn on a recorder to play a tape, Gordon made fun of him. Swinton dissed Gordon and Gordon got so mad, he stole his rat and became the rat by going through the portal. Swinton enjoyed teasing Gordon but ultimately learned to work together. His parents decide to send him to an academy fearing he isn't happy or getting along with his fellow classmates so he changes his outward appearance. He fears the destruction of the Sentinels and decides to put on the facade of fitting in. The others say it is important to be himself and they are willing to show that he is fitting in, because they wouldn't fight alongside anyone else. The Sorcerer took over Nimbar's mind and kicked the Sentinels out. Swinton used the device he first used to open the portal to open one once again to get to Nimbar. He often tutors the other Sentinels. Swinton is younger than the other Sentintels and he yet can drive yet, so he depends on rides from the others. As the yellow suited Apollo, he wields a sickle. He becomes the torso and arms of Knighttron.