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Emperor Gorganus
Ruler of the planet Moleculon is intent on conquering Earth because it is the focal point for a network of "Power Portals" that would facilitate his conquest of the galaxy. He has conquered many planets before and has defeat Nimbar's Galactic Sentinels. He sends monsters to conquer the Earth that are in small toy-like form and he had 're-program' them and re-create them. He often calls the monster back before it is destroyed and later sends it back. He often uses the device with many buttons on his wrist to call his monsters or send them away. He uses a microscope like device to watch the battles.
Emperor Gorganus' pet bird and henchman. He often irritates Gorganus with his questions and inquiries. When Gorganus threatens him, he grovels and retracts his statements. Goranus often uses Lechner as a scapegoat when he fails. One time Gorganus goes on vacation and Lechner sends a monster. It was about to be destroyed, he recalled it and sent another moments later. The heroes were nearly defeated until Gorganus returned and re-implemented the "monster of the day" formula.