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Jeb is Ryan Steele's dog, Jeb is your all around average dog, until an incident in the Lab. When the Troopers enter the lab for the first time, Jeb was accidentally shot with a beam that enabled him to communicate like a human. He is very sarcastic, often blowing a raspberry with his tongue and playing pranks on unsuspecting people, especially the Mayor's wife--who he has a rivalry with. The VR Troopers often have to cover up for him. Jeb also communicated to the Troopers from dojo using Tao's computer, thanks to J.B.'s formatting. He has a cousin Zeb that looks identical to him, he ran off with him which made Ryan believe he was missing and make missing flyers. Jeb is extremely brave, fighting off Skugs in Grimlord's portal to deactivate a human DNA censor, disobeying Ryan's concerns. He was caught and imprisoned along with Tyler. Ryan eventually rescued him and they both survived the destruction of Grimlord's castle.
Professor Hart
Professor Hotario Hart is a very good friend of Tyler Steele, together they developed the VR Trooper technology and gear. When the Professor contacted the Troopers to give them their powers, he seemed to be rendered to be intangible to the real world and fixed to the lab's computer, vulnerable to viruses. He communicates to the Troopers through any linked computer screen, when danger arises or is urgent. He gives the Troopers new upgrades and weapons when needed. When the Troopers scanned Dark Heart's memories and found one of Tyler's, a flashback is seen of the Professor being human. He had a storage vault in the basement of the Cross World University with Tyler's original documentation.
Tao is the owner of a Martial Arts dojo where the Troopers tune up on their fighting skills. He knows the Troopers since they were children and he was good friends with Ryan's father Tyler Steele. Whenever the Troopers seek advice or help Tao is always there for them. Ryan, Kaitlin, and J.B. are always willing to help him when he needs it, like he needed money to visit his family. Abiding by Jeb's suggestion, the Troopers went asking for Tao's aide in healing Tyler. When they bring Tyler to Tao, he reveals to them his sanctuary hidden behind a wall unit. He heals Ryan's father with a crystal and gives it to Ryan. Tao gave Ryan and Tyler a small round crystal for Ryan's new Virtualizer, that he hoped it one day become useful.
Woody is Kaitlin boss, in charge of a local newspaper called Underground Voice Daily. He is a funny guy who likes messing round the office but if he doesn't get stories he gets mad really quick. Woody has a fascination with hats.
Tyler Steele
Tyler Steele is not only Ryan's father, he is also a brilliant and wise scientist. Unfortunately, his experimentation with the Virtual World caused him to miss most of Ryan's childhood. Little did Ryan know what Grimlord had done to Tyler Steele, he became one of his henchmen known as Dark Heart. Ryan returned his father's memories to him but, he was determined to take care of Grimlord himself. Dark Heart was damaged by the mutants, but Ryan managed to save him and repair him in his secret lab in the mountains. Together, father and son faced Grimlord in his dungeon. They managed to escape but was severely hurt by one of Grimlord's goons. He became human again but was taken away from Ryan by Grimlord again. Between the time, Ryan fought for video message of Tyler trying to escape Grimlord's facility. In Season Two, Grimlord tortured Tyler by conducting a knowledge transfer with the Prism of Empowerment to extract secret information from his mind. Ryan managed to saved his friends and father from a cave but he lost his powers. The knowledge transfer completely exhausted Tyler, his subconscious and conscious memory were cut out of his body. He was revived with Tao's help using a crystal. Later, father and son created new armor and arsenal for Ryan. Tyler apologized to Ryan for not being there when he was little. Tyler's knowledge and wisdom assists the Troopers more than they ever had imagined. He later traveled with a fellow scientist to a research facility dedicated full time to the destruction of Grimlord.
Percival Rooney III or Percy for short, is the nephew of the Cross Worlds City's mayor Abner Rooney. He is stuck-up, haughty and annoying, he rivals Kaitlin works as a reporter at the local newspaper. He is very proud, sometimes refuses help for others. Jeb often plays pranks on him to expose his foolishness even more. Sometimes when Jeb makes an insult Percy can hear, he mistakes it for Ryan.
Dr. Ulysses T. Poindexter is an eccentric and ambitious yet clumsy young inventor, whom is also familiar with virtual technology. He first met the Troopers when he literally bumped into Kaitlin and told her about his pollution-free engine, which made him Grimlord's target. This engine was used to power up the Sky Cycle. He has a lab as well and there seemed to be a spark between him and Kaitlin. When the Troopers are rendered powerless due to their Virtualizers being fried, they were forced to tell him their secret and introduce him to Professor Hart. He helped fix the Virtualizers but unfortunately, he was kidnapped by Skugs. They saved him but unfortunately, he proved to be a blabber mouth so they used a memory wipe to erase his knowledge of them being Troopers. He is always there to help the Troopers with no questions asked.