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Kaitlin's car
The Troopers use Kaitlin's car as transportation to Professor Heart's lab and to wherever roads are not available or to avoid unneeded traffic. Alas, this sometimes renders them to be vulnerable to Grimlord's Virtual Fighters.
VR Land Assault Vehicle / VR Battlecruiser
This assault vehicle is used whenever Grimlord sends out tanks and heavy armored vehicles to break thought the reality barrier. This assault vehicle is very powerful when fighting of Grimlord's mutants.
VR Interceptor
The VR Interceptor is a fighter jet piloted by Ryan that enables Ryan to utilize slick maneuvers. It is armed with lasers.
Sky Base
Sky Base is mainly piloted by Ryan Steele, but sometimes by all three Troopers, whenever Virtual fighters try and break the reality barrier.
VR Base
A three-pieced station that moves constantly and stores the VR Turbo Cycle and other vehicles.
VR Fighter Bike
The Fighter Bike is J.B.'s virtual battle motorcycle, that can also has the ability of flight, in which it is sometimes referred to as the Sky Cycle. He added a prototype pollution-free engine created by Dr. Poindexter, which powered up the Sky Cycle. It also uses a energy conversion attack, the warrior and the vehicle become bathed in light and passes through the enemy to weaken it. It then makes an U-turn by becoming a ball of light.
VR Turbo Cycle
The VR Turbo Cycle is a gift from Tyler Steele to Ryan to improve his chances of defeating Grimlords army in all ways possible, the vehicle can fly as well as cruise on land. It is also equipped with a detachable side car.
VR Nitro Cycle
The VR Nitro Cycle is used to replace the VR Turbo cycle when Ryan gets new powers in Season 2. His father designs the Nitro Cycle for him as he doesn't want Grimlord to get the upper hand in any way in this battle. It can also fly, going from ground to air.
VR Combat Module
The VR Combat Module is an all-terrain cruiser made of two vehicles, the combination of the VR Drill Tank and Blue Hawk, the jet fighter. He accesses them in Season Two.
VR Drill Tank
VR Drill Tank Command utilizes a huge Drill Turbine to dig through hard surfaces. It was part of the VR Combat Module.
VR Blue Hawk
VR Blue Hawk is a fast high-flying laser-shooting jet. Ryan would use it in air assaults. It was part of the VR Combat Module.
VR Troopertron
Sky Base becomes a formable fighting robot for extra fire power.

In Season two, Ryan is equipped with a large flying shuttle where the VR Nitro Cycle and VR Combat Module are stored