These Virtualizers are the main power source of the VR Troopers and is what they use to transform by saying "Trooper Transform! We are VR!" Each Virtualizer contains a bio-electronic conducting crystal that needs to be perfect enable to work. "Retroform" is the command used to change back from armor. One time Ryan used a virtualizer that Professor Hart gave him. In season two, Ryan's Virtualizer was destroyed when saving his father so Tyler designed him a new more powerful Virtualizer containing a crystal given to them by Tao. It accessed all new armor weapons and vehicles for Ryan.

VR Visors
The VR Visors are able to be used for training simulations they also separate the real world from the virtual world when they are worn
The Video Transmitters are hand-held devices with a video screen used for communication when they are far apart. J.B. can also analyze samples from his VT.
Laser Fist Command
The Laser Fist Command is used by Ryan Steele in times of emergency when he needs to deliver the villain a harsh blow to the enemy to finish him of he charges up all his power into his hand.
Lighting Laser Command
Lighting Hand Command
The Lighting Hand Command is used to Ryan Steele which powers his arm with lighting that slices through the enemy and serves to destroy the foe.
Internal Gyro Command
Internal Gyro Command enhances Ryan Steele's kick with powerful energy to give a deadly blow to his opponents.
VR Saber
Sword like wepaon used by J.B
Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol is the common firearm both J.B. and Kaitlin are equipped with. They use it for long-range attack or as a last resort. When J.B. and Kaitlin combine their lasers for extra firepower, it is referred to as the Unifocus Firepower attack, more commonly called the VR Double Team.
Laser Lance Command
This very powerful laser used by J.B. to penetrate right through enemies destroying them by running electric current thought out the inside and out of their bodies. When not energized, the one-blade mode is called the VR Saber.
Vortex Command
Vortex Command is used by J.B to bring any monsters that have crossed into reality back into the virtual world. The button to activate vortex command is found on the right side of J.B's armour.
VR Scanner
The VR Scanner is built into the helmets of the Troopers. It detects body heat to find any of Grimlords warriors which are in hiding, it can also be used to find explosives.
VR Techno Bazooka
The VR Techno Bazooka is a very powerful laser gun which J.B. be used to shoot down Virtual Fighters..
Kaitlin is also equipped with a dual-bladed sickle-like weapon.
Laser Saber
Sword like weapon used by Ryan Steele, that came along with his new powers he later acquired.
Laser Pistol
Ryan Steele is also equipped with a laser pistol for long-range attacks or unplanned strategies.
VR Laser Ray
The VR Laser Ray is used by Ryan Steele in his new armor, like J.B's laser lance it is very powerful when striking down enemies. When the weapon is not energized, it is referred to as the Laser Saber.
VR Shoulder Cannon
The VR Shoulder Cannon is used by Ryan Steele in season two to stop all evil villains trying to conquer reality. It shoots a very powerful beam which can stop any monster in its tracks.
VR Kaitlin Double Team
Grimlord created a clone called Kaitlin Two using her reflection with a Virtual Mirror Replicator. She changed sides from serving Grimlord to helping the Troopers. Professor Hart uses the device to put the two Kaitlins back together, but Jeb accidentally breaks the mirror transmitter. As a result, Kaitlin is given a new ability when she to split into two by calling "VR Kaitlin Double Team!" for extra help. When she retroforms, she automatically returns as her reflection.