Full Name: J.B. Reese
Designation: VR J.B.
Weapons: Laser Lance Command, VR Saber, Laser Pistol, VR Techno Bazooka
Vehicles: VR Battlecruiser, Sky Base Command, VR Fighter Bike/Sky Cycle
Gear: Virtualizer, Battle Grid Mode, Vortex Command
J.B. is Ryan's best friend, they both trained since they were children in Tao's Dojo's karate group. J.B is a whiz at computers and thinks very technically, always helping the Troopers in fixing equipment and figuring out solutions. Besides that, he is an amazing fighter which gives him good attributes to become a Trooper. He likes to contribute back to Tao for helping him become an amazing karate black belt by helping him run the Dojo. Although sometimes he can't, because Grimlord is always sending down mutants to take over reality and J.B must help defend it. J.B. also fixed Tao's computer so they could communicate with the lab and get printed information from the Professor. He also uses the computer to calculate data, along with the lab's computers. J.B.'s main weapon is the Laser Lance, that can take down an enemy by running electric current thought out it. His arsenal also includes the firearm Laser Pistol and the powerful VR Techno Bazooka. When he and Kaitlin saw Grimlord's castle blow up with Ryan in it, he admitted that he never thought anything was going to happen to them. When entering a virtual reality dimension, the Troopers would utilize Battle Grid Mode, a lightweight mode to fight the Skugs. The Fighter Bike is J.B.'s virtual battle motorcycle, that can also has the ability of flight, in which it is sometimes referred to as the Sky Cycle. J.B. added a prototype pollution-free engine, which powered up the Sky Cycle. J.B. also has an ability called Supercharge Command, that creates a thermo-effect to melt ice from his armor.