Full Name: Kaitlin Star
Designation: VR Kaitlin
Weapons: Laser Pistol, dual-sickle
Vehicles: VR Skybase
Gear: Virtualizer, Battle Grid Mode
Kaitlin is one of Ryan's very trustworthy friends and because of that reason, she was chosen to become a Trooper. She works writing stories and taking pictures for the Underground Voice Daily, where she aims to head photographer. Her boss Woody stresses her to get the job done but he also cares about her. She likes to give back to the community a lot by organizing things for the kids to do such as taking them out on trips to the museum and other activities. When entering a virtual reality dimension, the Troopers would utilize Battle Grid Mode, a lightweight mode to fight the Skugs. As a Trooper, Kaitlin is equipped a laser pistol and an unnamed dual-bladed sickle-like weapon.

Later during Season Two, Woody decided to expand the paper and make Kaitlin the editor of Cross World Style, a section covering fashion and sports. With it, she got her own office and still covered the regular news stories. This doesn't exactly thrill Percy, her bumbling coworker. When she and J.B. saw Grimlord's castle blow up with Ryan in it, she was distressed and wanted to search for him. She admitted to J.B. that she knew there were risks when they became Troopers but never expected that to happen. Grimlord created a clone using her reflection with a Virtual Mirror Replicator, but they couldn't exist at the same time, they would both disappear. She was called Kaitlin 2, she switched sides from severing Grimlord to helping the Troopers and she could also transform. Professor Hart uses the device to put the two Kaitlins back together, but Jeb accidentally breaks the mirror transmitter. As a result, Kaitlin is given a new ability when she is a VR Trooper to split into two when a dire situation when calling "VR Kaitlin Double Team!" for extra help. When she retroforms, she automatically returns as her reflection.