Full Name: Ryan Steele
Designation: VR Ryan
Weapons: Lighting Hand Command, Laser Fist Command, Internal Gyro Command
Vehicles: VR Turbo Cycle, Sky Base Command, VR Interceptor
Gear: Virtualizer, Battle Grid Mode
Ryan was a little boy when his father mysteriously went missing. He often hangs at the temple where he and his father practiced marital arts, hoping for the day he would see his father again. The temple is said to be powerful, it always helped to deepen Tyler's thoughts and open his mind. Little did Ryan know he was closer than he thought. Ryan's father worked with the Professor Hart in a secret lab experimenting in virtual reality and developing powers and weapons for a new generation of heroes known as VR Troopers. When finding out this information, Ryan was determined in fighting Grimlord to reunite himself with his father. As a VR Trooper, he is armed with a Laser Fist Command that can deliver a harsh blow to his enemy and an arm slash called the Lighting Hand command. Internal Gyro Command is Ryan's enhanced kick attack to give a deadly blow to his foes. He gains the ability from an image multiplier, it allowed him to create multiple virtual doubles of himself to confuse the enemy. His armor is much like a robot's, full of circuits that if infiltrated, it could paralyze him. When entering a virtual reality dimension, the Troopers would utilize Battle Grid Mode, a lightweight mode to fight the Skugs.

Ryan loves karate and training at Tao's Dojo, he considers Tao as a father figure. His close furry four-legged friend Jeb talks due to an incident in the lab, but that doesn't mean communicating with him was made any easier. He likes hanging out with his friends and having a good time but he also takes fighting the Grimlord's mutant infantry seriously. When the Troopers detected one of Grimlord's warriors had human DNA, Ryan was sure he was his father. After Dark Heart lost to Ryan in a real battle, he ordered him to destroyed him but Ryan refused. Dark Heart was later seriously hurt by Grimlord's forces and Ryan brought him to the lab to discover he is indeed Ryan's father. Ryan gave his father his memories back but Dark Heart was determined to defeat Grimlord because he felt it is his responsibility. Together, they infiltrated Grimlord's dungeon and managed to escape when it turned out to be a trap. Dark Heart was severely hurt by one of Grimlord's goons and became human again but was taken away from Ryan by Grimlord again. Ryan was afraid his father was dead but found a ray of hope when he received a video proof that his dad was indeed alive, but in Grimlord's custody.