Full Name: Ryan Steele
Designation: VR Ryan
Weapons: Laser Ray, Laser Saber, VR Shoulder Cannon
Vehicles: VR Nitro Cycle, VR Combat Module
Gear: Virtualizer
Ryan's ten-year search for his father increased when he became a VR Trooper, but when he discovered his father and his dog were imprisoned in Grimlord's castle, Ryan risked being detected by the DNA censor to rescue them. He managed to reunite with Jeb but when he faced Grimlord, the villain blew up his own castle. Ryan and Jeb managed to survive the blast. Even though he knew his powers were severely diminished, he went against Professor Hart's counsel to rescue Kaitlin and J.B., who were held hostage in a cave along with Tyler. Despite the fact that his powers were recharged by Professor Hart, he was still weak and was bested by Grimlord to eventually lose his original powers forever. He rescued his friends and father, but his Virtualizer melted. When Tyler was revived, he asked Ryan if he wanted to continue to be a VR Trooper. Ryan, J.B., and Tyler worked on forging a new armor for Ryan. When it was finished, Ryan still couldn't transform without a crystal and Virtualizer. They tried a new crystal but it didn't work, a Virtualizing crystal needs to be perfectly structured to accept the powers. When the father and son were distressed over not having a crystal, Tao gave Ryan and Tyler a small crystal for Ryan's new Virtualizer. With this, he was able to don his new powers.