Mechanical Monkey
Kongbot is the first robot that JB and Kaitlin faced as VR Troopers. This member of General Ivar's Machine Men army is a gorilla robot with large, spiked, mace-like fists that vaguely resembles the Nintendo character Donkey Kong, but is not based on him at all. Kongbot could launch his fists that exploded upon impact, which he did with his left fist. Unlike most mutants with projectile explosives, his fists did not regenerate. Kongbot had the upper hand in the fight against the VR Troopers, until Professor Hart informed JB that he has a Laser Lance weapon. JB then used the Laser Lance command to destroy Kongbot, he had a hard time aiming it at first while testing it out, but finally impaled Kongbot, who immediately surrendered (which would become a common theme for mutants that faced JB), but JB finished him off anyway.
"The Battle Begins Part 1"
Grimlord creates a computer virus to infect all computer systems, including Professor Hart. This allows Grimlord impersonate the Professor and send the Troopers into danger, and on decoy missions. Specifically, JB alone fights Metaborg, while Ryan and Kaitlin are on a wild goose chase in virtual reality. Metaborg belongs to General Ivar's Machine Men army. He first assumes the form of a small tank-like robot, and later transforms into a humanoid. Not only is Metaborg himself strong, but he outnumbers JB with the help of Grimlord's Quantum Cruisers. When the rest of the team caught up to JB, they weakened Metaborg with the VR Double Team, and Kaitlin recharged JB, who then destroyed Metaborg with his Laser Lance command. Then, JB used the Battle Cruiser to locate the virtual underwater base causing the virus and then destroyed it, returning the Professor to normal.
"Error in the System"
The samurai themed robot of General Ivar's Machine Men army attacked the Earth during the same time period when Ryan lost his memory. Laserbot fires lasers from the concealed machine gun-blasters on his arms. In battle, JB blasted the gem in the center of Laserbot's head, causing him to lose some of his power. He then meets his demise courtesy of JB's Laser Lance command after JB ignores the angry robot's threats.
Laserbot appears again in "Dream Battle" where he fights JB. JB once again defeats him, this time only by breaking the gem-like apparatus. Laserbot is a member of General Ivar's Machine Men army.
"Lost Memories"
Slice and Dice : Swordbot Brothers
The Swordbot Brothers are recurring villains who are robotic swordsmen. Slice wields a sword while Dice uses a naginata. After Ryan defeats them the first time, they give a clue that his father Tyler Steele still survives. The brothers return throughout the first season. In "Searching for Tyler Steele," Ryan faces Slice after Air Stryker and Fighterbot destroy Tyler Steele's mountain lab. In "Who's King of the Mountain?", Slice later when he assists Rollbot, only to be defeated when Ryan tosses him on a landmine. In "The Couch Potato Kid," Dice participates in Grimlord's obstacle course. In "Virtually Powerless", Dice later went one on one with Ryan to prevent him from saving Dr. Poindexter while he repaired the Virtualizers, but Ryan defeats him with the Internal Gyro Command. After the self-destruction of Grimlord's dungeon, Slice and Dice survive as mere heads. They attack Ryan but are soon destroyed, managing to inflict some pain on the weakened Ryan as well. The brothers fit the category of Decimator's army.
"Oh Brother"
This hammer-wielding robot works for Grimlord. He is referred to as unbeatable, and destroys Zelton's The "Invincible" Blade to prove the strength of Decimator's army. Hammerbot is defeated, but not destroyed, when Ryan breaks off his helmet. Ryan almost destroys him with his own hammer while Hammerbot is defenseless, but decides to spare his life since the VR Troopers fight fair. Hammerbot fits the category of Decimator's army.
"Grimlords Challenge"
"Computer Captive"
"The Virtual Spy"
"Searching for Tyler Steele"
Name Unknown
"Kaitlin's Front Page"
"The Dojo Plot"
Dark Heart
Dark Heart is actually Ryan's father in the form of one of Grimlords henchmen. In defending Dark Heart Part 2 Dark Heart realises he is Ryan's father but at the end of part four Dark heart is taken away from Ryan by Grimlord again.
"Defending Dark Heart Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4"
Rapid Spore
"A Quest for Power Part 2"
"A Quest for Power Parts 1 & 2"