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Roland's grandmother, Aaron's mother, and Abbie's mother-in-law. Nano defeats the stereotype of a fragile old lady, she is a trained martial artist and rides her motorcycle around the town. She practices her moves in Zoom Comics, as she runs it as well. Nano often helps out the kids when they're in a jam. If nothing else, she enjoys teasing her son Aaron.
Aaron Williams
He is Roland's father, who ran Zoom Comics full time and is often embarrassed by his mother's antics. Aaron was soon called away on business, leaving the shop in the hands of his wife.
The girl of Drew's dreams. No matter what happen, Drew could never tell Heather how he really felt. She not only helped out at the comic shop from time to time, she also enjoyed reading comics. She developed a crush on Josh, much to Drew's detest.
Trip and Van
Trip and Van are very spoiled and believe that they can have anything because their father owns the building that occupies Zoom Comics and most of the other buildings in town. They were the ones who dared Drew, Roland, and Jo to enter Hillhurst mansion. They often include their driver, Dudley, into their schemes. Nukus told Van and Trip how to defeat Borgslayer which would send the Magnavores back into the comic if it was defeated. After the incident with the Borgslayer, they returned to their father's mansion and never seen or heard of ever again.
Trip and Van's unwitting chauffeur who is dragged into their schemes.
Arthur Fortunes
Arthur "Art" Fortunes is the creator of the Beetleborgs comics. When the Beetleborgs were in a jam, they went to him at a Comics Book convention for his help. From then on, he shows up time and time again with new ways to help the kids.
Abbie Williams
Roland's mother, who primarily works as a real estate agent. When her husband went away on business, she assumed responsibility over Zoom Comics. She and her mother in-law don't usually see eye to eye but she didn't really know how to run a comic book shop. With a little help from Flabber's magic, Abbie's heart opened up and rekindled fond childhood memories of a comics she once loved reading.
Bunny Bodell
She is the newscaster for Charterville's Channel 17 local news, who always finds her self in the thick of Magnavor attacks.