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Beetle Battle Base
The A.V.'s are stored in the base. Beetleborgs' heavy artillery is use when the city is attacked by Magnavor Jet Fighters.
Blue Stinger A.V.
Drew's six-wheeled A.V. can fire the blue laser from the two tips of its horn. It can attach a magnet attachment concealed within the Red Striker A.V. onto its horn. With the magnet in place, the Blue Stinger A.V. can fire a magnetic beam.
Green Hunter A.V.
Roland's A.V. has a double-barreled cannon that can fire green laser bolts. The Green Hunter A.V. can also grab enemies or fighter planes with its pincers and as it spins around, it tosses them away. It can also attach a drill attachment stored in Drew's A.V. onto its grabbers and be used to burrow underground.
Red Striker A.V.
Jo's A.V. has two gyro wings and its primary weapon is two cannon laser. By directing its engines downward, the A.V. can create strong winds to blow enemies around. It can also use this technique to put out fires. It contains a magnet-cable that can be used with a magnet attachment and use it to attract and carry metallic objects. The back of the Red Striker A.V. can open to unfurl booster engines. From its belly, it can lower a wire with a claw that can be used to pick up objects and carry them.
Gargantis the Attack Mobile Carrier
Gargantisis a giant joint-legged walking vehicle based upon a Hercules Beetle. It can run on autopilot, although it initially requires the Pulsabers to be adjusted in it. Gargantis as two compartments: a jet-like vehicle that become its horn and makes up the torso. It can serve as the carriage for the three main A.V.s, when they are docked. The back of Gargantis opens up to reveal a landing pad where the A.V.s can land and be locked in place by docking clamps. In this mode, it collects all the energy to shoot out a massive energy cannon for the Beetleborg's ultimate finisher.
Gargantis Mega Cannon
It is a combination of all of the A.V.s, including Gargantis.