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Designation: Shadowborg
Shadowborg is Vexor's own Black evil Beetleborg created from ionic DNA and insectite material stolen from the Blue Stinger Beetleborg. Not only is Shadowborg created from the basic materials as Blue Stinger, but he is enhanced with powers that mimicked the powers of the other Beetleborgs. Shadowborg can run faster than the Green Hunter, jump higher than Red Striker, and remain underwater for 51 minutes. Shadowborg's armor design is modeled after a longicorn beetle. With his Shadow Claw, Shadowborg can cut through any substance know to the planet. Shadowborg was successful in stopping the Beetleborgs ,if only for a short while by stealing their powers. This led to the kids finding the Beetleborgs comic writer Art Fortunes who would then create the White Blaster Beetleborg. He was finally destroyed by the combined efforts of the White Blaster Beetleborg and Blue Stinger Beetleborg in his Mega Blue Form.