Sector Cycles
The Beetleborgs received bikes needed to get to another part of the city.
Mega Spectra Sector Cycles
When Roboborg arrived, he changed the Beetleborg's Sector Cycles into the new Mega Spectra Sector Cycles by combining their old powers with their Metallix powers.
Beetle Battle Station
Battle Vehicles
The Neo Beet Machines are the B-Fighters' super machines that they use to fight the Melzard airborne and ground vehicles. They emerge from the Beetle Base and can join together in the Joint Formation, with the Kabutron and Kuwaga Tank attaching to the underside of the Stealth Gyro's wings.
Chromium Gold B.V.
Drew's new A.V. is a six-wheeled gold and black vehicle with a kabutomushi horn on the front. From this horn it can fire a powerful energy blast. It can tip earthbound so to scoop up underground enemies. It can also reveal jets from its wings that let it fly.
Titanium Silver B.V.
Roland's new A.V. is tank with two pincerlike horns on the front. It can seize foes with the horns and toss them around. It has a double-barreled gun on its top part. It can fire off the horns to hit the opponent from long-range.
Platinum Purple B.V.
Jo's new A.V. small plane with two large turbines on its tail. It has two large wings with hover turbines on them. It can fire a blast of energy.