Data Bonders
The Data Bonders are voice-activated henshin devices that Drew, Jo, and Roland use to transform into their new Beetleborg forms. Unlike the Beetle Bonders, the kids had to insert the Input Cards into the Data Bonders after they were summoned. The kids transformed into the Metallix Beetleborgs by shouting "Beetle Blast!".
Metallix Lancer
Gold Chromium Borg's personal weapon, which can blast a horizontal gold energy slash. When on his Sector Cycle, Drew can spear his enemy through the chest and being able to tossing them to the ground.
Metallix Grappler
Titanium Silver Borg's personal weapon that can perform a lethal downward attack.
Metallix Baton
Platinum Purple Borg's Metallix Baton has four-pointed tips at each end of the weapon that can perform a X-shaped double diagonal slash.
Data Lasers
Data Lasers are the sidearms for the Metallix Beetleborgs. Activated with the Input Cards.
Input Cards
IC-01. A standard energy blast.
IC-02. Fire Beam
IC-03. Blast sends out a disrupting wave that stuns enemies.
IC-04. Blast of small needle-like darts.
IC-05. Blast of cement that hardens when it hits its target.
IC-06. Blast of freezing cold.
IC-07. Blast of forceful gust of wind at high speeds.
Astral Sword
The Astral Saber is a short sword with a crystal ball in its hilt. Within this ball is a small mechanical kabutomushi beetle. When all eight Astral Coins reunited with the Astral Sword, Roboborg could be summoned. Drew is able to call Roboborg forth from the saber and join with the giant robot. The Astral Saber now stays within the Roboborg.
Astral Ax
The Astral Axe is a green axe with a crystal ball with a stag beetle within it. It becomes the giant Boron. Initially, Mega Nukus summoned Boron, the evil counterpart to Roboborg. In the battle against Repgillian, the Beetleborgs tricked the Crustaceans into giving up the Astral Ax so it could fall into the hands of Titanium Silver Beetleborg.
Astral Bonders
The Astralborgs use this version of the Data Bonder to give the Beetleborgs new weapons to use in battle.
Astral Blaster
Combination of Data Laser, Astral Laser, Astral Datadex & Astral Pulsar, usually held by Chromium Gold Beetleborg.
Astral Sabers
Lightningborg's long swords that vibrate at high speeds to cut through objects.
Astral Datadex
A device that Titanium Silver Beetleborg can attach to the back of the Data Laser and give them elemental powers including flame and lightning.
Astral Laser
Dragonborg's dragonfly energy-blasting gun. It is also used by Chromium Gold Beetleborg.
Astral Pulsar
Platinum Purple's small handheld device can use to either ruin or restore.
Astral Launcher
Fireborg's large cannon that fits over his forearm.
Astral Bazooka
Ladyborg's large cannon that opens up like a flower to fire a powerful beam.
Astral Sonic Cannon
Weapon on Lightningborg's chest used to give his enemy ear aches, later involving a laser blast afterwards.
Mega Sector Armour
Nukus and Vilor get an upgrade and to even the playing field, the Beetleborgs are given a power-boost by Roboborg, fusing their old powers with their Metallix ones, creating the Mega Spectra Beetleborgs, special armor.