King Conchobar
King Conchobar is the loved monarch of Kells. He is appreciated throughout the land for his wisdom, courage, and the truth and honest devotion in which he serves his kingdom. He rules with a fair hand, and his goal is for the people of Kells to live in peace and prosperity. He fights the war against Temra, only because Meave refuses to back down. He is determined that virtue and justice will overcome.
Cathbad is King Conchobar's right-hand druid, and trusted advisor. For an unknown amount of time, this aged sage served the throne of Kells, offering wise advice, powerful potions, commanding visions, and magical solutions to solve whichever problems may arise. Cathbad is the individual who possessed a portion of the ancient scroll, and sent Rohan on the mission that ended with the assembly of the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.
Aideen is a young fairy from the mystical land of Tir Na Nog. When the Mystic Knights first came to the Land of Youth in search of the remainder of the scroll, Aideen instantly took interest in them. Her curiosity regarding humanity, as well as her thirst for adventure, led her to cast her loyalties with humans, and leave Tir Na Nog to join the Mystic Knights in their duty to protect Kells.
King Fin Varra
Fin Varra is the powerful and respected ruler of the magical kingdom of Tir Na Nog. Throughout his long life, Fin Varra has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about magic and legend, and about life in general. The Mystic Knights regularly seeking his guidance when faced with a seemingly impossible situation because of Fin Varra's vast intelligence, power, and wisdom. Most often, Fin Varra answers with riddles, forcing the heroes to discern the answers for themselves, and thereby become more independent. Despite the fact that his riddles often vex them, they value all his aid.
An ancient dragon associated with the Mystic Knight of Fire. At first unwilling to tolerate any human presence, he soon comes to admire Rohan, and later recognises the Knight as Draganta, the legendary hero. Fiercely the rival of Tyrune the Hydra. Pyre wears a gemmed cuirass, through which he presumably makes contact with his rider's Dragon's Breath Dagger. His likeness is worked into the Mystic Knights' armor.