Sword of Kells
The Sword of Kells is one of the weapons Rohan possesses. This strong and powerful sword has the ability to attack with the element of fire, throwing out either hot streaks of fire or fireballs. Unlike the other Knights, Rohan did not win his sword, but always carried it with him since before he went on his quest. In close-quarter combat the weapon can be used like any other sword.
Terra Mace
With the ability to attack using Earth elements, the Terra Mace has the ability to heave massive rocks and boulders through the air and cause powerful earthquakes. The weapon also serves to bludgeon opponents in close hand to hand combat. In order to obtain this weapon, as well as the armor, Angus had to defeat the Rock Wolf of Temra.
Whirlwind Crossbow
This weapon belongs to the Mystic Knight of Air and utilize the element of Air. With the ability to cause whirlwinds, this weapon will blow the opponent out of the water. Even though it is not very useful in close contact combat, the impact it can make from a distance makes up for it. In order for Deirdre to obtain the crossbow she had to defeat the Lightning Bat of Temra.
Barbed Trident
After defeating the Sea Serpent of Temra, Ivar was granted the powers of the barbed trident. This weapon is in affiliation with the element of water, however, it also is capable of producing an electrifying attack of blue thunderbolts and lightning. While fighting, this weapon can also be used to stab or bludgeon opponents with.
Twin Timber Axes
These two small axes have the capability to send out bursts of green energy as they are affiliated with the element Forest. In close-quarter combat, they can be used like normal axes.
Garrett used these after he learned that trust and friendship can go a long way, he was granted the axes to call upon his armor with.
The Dragon Bow
During the journey, Garrett separated from the Knights for several months. He was selected to bring Princess Lynette back to her home land that laid across the seas from Kells. After they returned safely, Lynette's father granted Garrett a powerful new weapon, the Dragon Bow, to express gratitude for his daughter's safe return.
Battle Fury
Rohan was granted an supplementary expansion of power known as the Battle Fury. By calling it forth with the cry "Battle Fury!" Rohan's armor turns crimson, and increases in protective power as well as firepower.